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    Rant review you've been warnedReally? That's how the horrific ordeal is dealt with? I'm crying my eyes out for Bran and Eyna and I don't get the raw emotions from Bran? Then a week later let's have a wedding celebration and miraculously she's okay and not really grieving and neither is he? He's okay with whatever happens? And let's just skip over her near death experience with a time jump What?????? No Like seriously that was a major deal why didn't we get to go through the motions too? How can it all be good a week later and a marriage happens? UghThis reader was ripped off with such a big thing like that not giving it the full emotions from all around and healing time and what not Pissed offAnd please she just has to shriek her love for Bran and finally they listen and that's that? Come on The whole point was to keep the couple apart and that's how it ends? Such a cop out Someone should have died Too many easy cop outs and what a horrible family she has And really she and Bran should have left the clan to heal over what happened to her and the betrayal they felt even if I get the reasoning it still cost a life

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    Wow This book deserves 100 stars if you ask me The Highland Henchman was just amazing It totally rocked as I just Love Love Loved it This book is just brilliant and I just couldn't put it down from page one to the very last word on the last page This book really knocked my socks off Yes it was that great a joy to read excellent perfect If you love Scotland like I do with a bit of history like I do plus adventure suspense at long last love You will love and adore this book as I did Amy Jarecki is a wonderful writer this is the second book in the series Highland Force Series as I also did a 5 star review for her first book Captured by The Pirate Laird As much as I loved her first book I think I loved this one The Highland Henchman even though some parts were a bit darker yet captivating as well You can read this book alone or in series order I recommend reading it in series order just because I think it's fun plus you will know the connections though it is briefly explained in this book too So it is a personal choiceThis book is about Bran MacLeod he goes to the unwelcome lowlands as he and his clan were invited to a tournament by Laird Ross although he and his laird already suspected it was for other reasons and since there is no love lost between highlander and lowlanders It turns out they want them for war to help free and fight the incarcerated Mary ueen of Scots His laird and all the highlander just left the best sword arm as they could not dessert their own lands as they had enough problems with The MacDonalds and of their own feuds so his best sword arm is Bran his henchman but also like a son or brother as well as Laird Callum MacLeod had raised his since Bran's parents death at ten and twoThis female heroine in this book is Lord Ross daughter who yearns for adventure and see the world or fight in battle As she is not like most ladies her age who learn embroidery and want a husband and nursery Hoping their fathers will pick a good match for them Enya Ross wants none of that but her freedom wishing at times she was boy for their freedom Enya's pursuits are she is the perfect archer and and love riding horses but no side saddle but astride like a man she fears her father will pick a peacock of man that would also stop these activities she loves so muchYet when Lady Enya sees the big handsome highlander and watches his impressive strength she starts falling for him and Bran is instantly attracted to Enya and her beauty but adorable spirit as well As to him she is forbidden fruit not that she is a Lowlander but a highborn lady as he has nothing to offer a beautiful lady as highborn as her Of course there are family member of hers that will oppose and betray this union feeling Bran is so beneath them and a barbarian highlander Of course Lady Enya could care less about wealth and title all she cares about is Bran and soon they can't resist the attraction no matter how forbidden it might be Yet there are repercussions because of the ones opposing their love which become rather deadly So how will they figure out to be together or will Enya's family force her to marry someone of her own station leaving Bran with a broken heart or worse You will just have read this amazing book to find outI definitely recommend The Highland Henchman by Amy Jarecki as she is a fabulous talented writer and I look forward to books by her in the future as her books are definitely wonderful reads and on my keeper shelf I look forward to Beauty and the Barbarian which is book three in The Highland Force Series due out June 1st I can't wait B

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    Please buy this book if you haven't already you definitely would not regret itIf you are looking for a romance this author weaves it with class What I really love about this book is that from page one I was hooked Amy Jarecki is an amazing author who writes amazing fiction that holds you hostage until you finish the book If you love historical romance you're going to love this book The story was interesting the characters were amazing The story was well organized I love Scottish historic romance stories this book left me wanting stories like this Who doesn't like a touch of romance mixed in with some historic characters?

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    All BranAmy Jarecki's name is uickly becoming synonymous in my mind with adorable Scottish heroes The lay down my life for you in a heartbeat kind of hero And this one is no different Except perhaps that we're going a bit younger this time Sweet young love dawww Our hero Bran I believe was only around 21 and the heroine Enya 18 19 Although the latter is nothing unusual in this genre since it would be unlikely any older would still be unmarriedThe couple face so many trials and obstacles in THE HIGHLAND HENCHMAN They are really up against it at every turn Some of the events are uite brutal as well and really made me gasp and the unfairness of it all It seems a simple henchman is not good enough to even look at a chief's daughter and anything further than that? Completely unthinkable But the thing about all star crossed lovers stories is that the forbidden nature of it only seems to add to the wantingBran was truly delicious as a leading man Fans of the series so far will remember him from book one as the 12 year old cabin boy who showed Anne her first bit of kindness He's all grown up now and has been an adopted son to the couple and Calum MacLeod's right hand man for half his life Still he is very young and not looking for love at all In fact he's interested in proving himself worthy of his new knightly title in the Highland games held by Enya's father But we all know love works on its own schedule and he is simply bowled over by Enya's beauty and spirit and it's not long before his heart follows suitEnya was a fairly sweet tempered heroine with a nice dollop of tomboyish tendencies that really added to her allure She's an excellent archer and loves to ride I enjoyed her character and how fiercely she tries to protect Bran at all costs even agaisnt her own kinAll together this was another wonderful instalment in this exciting series with twists and turns enough to keep any reader entertained throughout 4 Stars ★★★★A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Received an ARC from NetGalley for honest review Another great book by Ms Jarecki I loved Bran in the first book and was excited to read his and Enya's HEA Loved the twist and turns on the way to a wedding It was nice to see all the folks from the first book again Iona is full of a bunch of crazy people We never got the whole story of Heather or Malcom My only complaint is the ending It just stopped and I needed The next book is Ian Callum and Anne's son It sounds interestinghhhhmmmm

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    The Highland Henchman is the second book in the Highland Force by Amy JareckiAfter the death of Bran’s father Laird Calum MacLeod took Bran under his wing Bran is very grateful for everything Calum has done for him and has dedicated his life to protect Calum and their clan Now the opportunity to prove his worthiness has arisen they have been invited to a tournament in the Lowlands hosted by the Baron of Ross; a tournament Bran is intent on winning Before leaving their home in the isle of Raasay Calum officially named Bran as his henchman knightBran knew there were going to be many distractions during the tournament and he was prepared for all of them but one the sweet daughter of their host Enya He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since the moment he laid eyes on her He knows he’s wasting his time; a man of his station could never aspire to be with the daughter of a Baron but avoiding her seems impossible when she does her best to look for himTo her parents’ displeasure Enya has always been kind of wild and different and no the delicate lady a girl of her station is supposed to be For Enya riding her horse and practicing archery is satisfying than embroidery and wearing beautiful dresses Knowing her parents are planning to marry her as a commodity to gain riches is not easy to accept especially when all she wants in life is adventure and to live new experiencesEnya is very excited about the tournament her excitement only increases with the arrival of the highlanders especially Laird Calum MacLeod and his henchman BranBran is everything Enya has always dreamed in a man She knows their parents would never approve of a man like him for her but that doesn’t deter her Enya wants him and she’ll do anything in her power to be with him even going behind her parents’ backI loved Bran in Captured by the Pirate Laird first book and was really looking forward to reading his book Even though he was a child in that book I saw his hero potential and I was not wrong Bran is dedicated loyal and fierce a real swoon worthy hero He will do anything for his Laird his clan and the girl he loves and he shows us that time after time in this installmentEnya doesn’t care about riches or status; she just wants to live a happy and adventurous life She’s stubborn and strong and is not afraid of taking risks if the outcome is to be with the man she lovesBran and Enya romance is sweet and lovely There is an insta attraction but is not act immediately upon because of the forbidden factor to add to that they are both kind of innocent; it’s almost like they are discovering love together; that only makes their relationship sweeter and enjoyable to watchIn this installment we also see the characters we love from Captured by the Pirate Laird It was really nice to see where they are in their lives and everything they have accomplished in the years between that book and this oneOne of the things I like the most about Amy Jarecki’s books is their settings with her words she brings to live the Highlands and its surroundings Her descriptions are so vivid and realistic that I only needed to close my eyes to picture the different settingsThe Highland Henchman is a fast paced book with love secrets betrayals and so many twists and turns that is almost impossible to put it downI’m looking forward to June 1st to the release of next book in the series Beauty and the Barbarian Beauty and the Barbarian will be Ian’s story; Ian is Callum and Anne’s son

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    Now a man Bran sets sails with his Laird to the lowland’s to content in games arranged by a lowland Lord Now knighted Bran’s only focus is to protect Laird Calum and to win these games and walk out a champion for his clan But he’s plans are soon tested when a young lass shows up and stirs way too much in BranBefore he knows it he has started to fall in love with the young lass who is no other than the Lord Ross’s daughter Enya But a match between a highland henchman and a royal lowland lass cannot be As much as Bran tried to stay away from Enya she just had a nick for showing up and pushing Bran to the limit of control It isn’t long before the highlander cannot resist her any and all hell breaks loose around themWow just wow That was all I could utter when I finished this book The first book in the series was amazing and the second book was just epic I fell instantly in love with Bran He is a beautiful character filled with honor and a great heart Just utterly perfect Enya captured my heart as well Born in a time when women wasn’t allowed to venture about like a man she dreamed of just being free and seeing the world A strong fighter herself she doesn’t just stand down and take a beating Their love story edged close to Romeo and Juliet but with a huge difference I just loved it Once again Amy proved that is able to not only capture a reader’s attention but also a reader’s heart When the part came of Bran being tortured I had to hold back the tears and curses And when Enya had to endure her own torture the screen became unexplainable blurry Once again Amy had me experiencing all possible human emotion that one can experience in life Amy Jerecki knows how to build an exceptional plot filled with characters you will have no choice but to love An amazing talent indeed There is no doubt that this have easy became one of my favorite series and there is no way I am going to miss any books within it I will be the one constantly begging Amy for the next book it’s just that addictive If you haven’t picked up this series you are losing out on one hell of a series Well done Amy well done

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    A passionate highland romance 6 starsThe Highland Henchman by Amy Jarecki is the second book in her new series Highland Force What an amazing adventure to follow Bran and Enya’s beautiful journey into the Highlands Ms Jarecki really captured the Scottish essence and again got me pulled into her story filled with romance passion and betrayal It was captivating from beginning to end Readers will love it With a hero like Bran who was a sexy knight and highlander and Enya a headstrong and confident young lady; what can go wrong It’s the story of Bran who has pledge his service to his laird in the fight to reinstate Mary ueen of Scots to the throne Enya is a headstrong young Lowlander who excels to bow hunting and who only wants to sail on the South Seas and live an adventure However her father wants her to marry a man she doesn’t love for him to gain wealth and power Bran and Enya meet during a tournament of skills that her father is giving in order to win her hand in marriage As soon as their eyes connect love is in the air Will Bran be a pawn in Enya’s father’s scheme? Can a highland henchman be a match for a lowland lass? We meet again Calum and Anne from her first book Truly an amazing and captivating Scottish romance to read and enjoy The storyline was very well written and fast paced Great characters a tight plot with it's twists and turns an atmospheric historical setting When you start this novel you won't be able to stop I am looking forward to read her third book to be release in June Beauty and the Barbarian which will be Ian and Merrin’s story I highly recommend this Scottish romance you won't be disappointed

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    Full of lovely romance surprising betrayals and tons of action The Highland Henchmen was a fantastic historical romance read I loved this book It was romantic thrilling and I really enjoyed reading itEnya was a lovely heroine She was vivacious strong and just wanted someone who didn't try to change her behavior And when she found it she wasn't afraid to fight for it She was a fun character that brought a lot of life to the pages and I really liked herBran was also wonderful He was very sweet intensely loyal and fastidiously honorable Nothing could stop him for fighting for what he believed in and what he wanted I could go on and on about how amazing he was but I'll just say that he was perfect and I adored himThe romance was lovely Enya and Bran were so sweet together I loved how they both implicitly understood each other especially with how Bran accepted Enya with all of her unladylike habits as she was And the chemistry between them was sizzling with plenty of steaminess going on I thought they were a perfect coupleThe plot was fast paced and I was hooked the entire way through There were tons of thrills secrets and betrayals that kept me on the edge of my seat I really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely Can't wait to read the next book in the seriesThe Highland Henchman was a fantastic historical romance I really loved this book From the sweet and hot romance to the surprises in store this book was wonderful Romance lovers this is a book you'll definitely want to readI received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Originally reviewed for Historical Romance Lover blogThis is book 2 in the Highland Force series Bran MacLeod Laird Callum's henchman travels to the lowlands to participate in a tournament He didn't count on the Lowlander's daughter catching his eye Knowing that she was way out of his league Bran is determined to finish the tournament and head home Unfortunately Bran's services are pledged to help reinstate Mary ueen of Scots to the throne and he must stay in the lowlandsEnya has wanted adventure and excitement her whole life She wants to travel the world and help her father and brothers when they go into battle When she sees Bran for the first time she can't fight the attraction she feels for him Her father has plans for her marriage but Enya has plans of her ownCan these two lovers from different classes fight against the odds and get their happily ever after?Having met Bran in the first novel I was anxiously awaiting his story Jarecki didn't disappoint I love that the Enya not the typical heroine we read in historical romances and that Bran was attracted to her because of this Jaricki has a way of telling a story that just sucks you in The story is fast paced with many plot twists and turns She is an author that keeps you on your toes Another wonderful novel by Amy Jarecki I can't wait for the next book in the seriesThanks go to Rapture Books via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review

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O Raasay until his laird pledges Bran’s services in the fight to reinstate Mary ueen of Scots to the throneEnya has no deference for the lines of nobility or for the Great Divide that separates Lowlanders from Highlanders The way Sir Bran’s eyes hunger for her igni. Received an

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Intent on winning a Lowlander’s tournament Bran MacLeod travels south with his laird All goes as planned except spirited Miss Enya Ross continually distracts him and in the oddest situations With no business lusting after a baron’s daughter Bran decides to return t. Wow This boo

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