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    Was uite popular in my jazz program at WOD 42511It was also uite well received at my lap time and story time at TPK I read the boardbook then play the Penguin Stomp off the CD One of the boys at the Story Time carried it around after the program Unfortunately his mother? wouldn't let him check it out She said they had too many at home They had to come upstairs and go play with the early learning center computer though so she could get it away from him41812I noticed that other kits in the series that I had on display in the back were checked out after I used this for my Lap Time 42413Used in Lap Time again and played the Penguin Stomp in Story Time

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    This book is a great tool to use to introduce jazz music to young readers It is also a great tool to use to introduce the piano as well as zoo animals It is a great tool to use to talk about the different types of animals that lives in the zoo you can talk where they live and why they live their You can let the children listen to the CD that feature jazzy music You can play it before and after reading the book

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    Not my favorite illustrations but they are visually interesting and pretty well rendered The rhyming story is pretty good and fun for kids And also it comes with a great CD of jazz music that is totally appropriate for kids songs that are short and authentically jazzy

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Duck Ellington Swings Through the Zoo Baby Loves Jazz

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Boogie along with Duck Ellington as he plays the piano The black and white keys he played them with easeAnd the rest of the animals asked for pleaseAndy Blackman Hurwitz is a 17 year music veteran with a specialty in jazz In addi.

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Graduated top portfolio from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia With a focus on illustrations and painting his artwork has been featured in East Coast galleries from Boston to New York Baby Loves Jazz is his first book seri.

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Tion to his own record label r o p e a d o p e Andy was the head of AR for Columbia Jazz the general manager of New York's fabled jazz club the Knitting Factory and the marketing consultant for Blue Note records Andrew Cunningham.