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Ough the antics of animals The droll illustrations with tones blended to luminescent sha. Shades of Aesop don

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'Short original fables with fresh unexpected morals poke subtle fun at human foibles thr. Arnold Lobel has wr

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Ding are complete and humorous themselves' Association of Library Service to Children AL. “Fables” is a b An Excellent Choice: Panic and Joy on My Solo Path to Motherhood is a b

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    I just ♡ Arnold Lobel's books and this is a fav Anyone can enjoy it My favorite fable in this book is The Pig and the Candy Store 5

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    Arnold Lobel has written his own fables one page stories in this collection There is a lesson in each one and the lessons are written at the bottom of the page for each story This is a long book that is a lot to read in one setting but better spread over a few nights The artwork is lovely and focuses on the heart of the story I enjoyed many of theseThe kids thought some of these were funny and some of the stories were boring The nephew loved the pelican who is a mess at dinner My nephew is so messy He was the messiest eater as a child He still can make a mess but he is better now I don't think he got the point of the story No one would invite the pelican over because he was so messy I think the nephew missed that important point There were several stories he liked in here 3 frogs were eaten and he loved that This was a 4 star book for himThe niece enjoyed the story about a Rhinoceros out shopping for a new dress She is all gussied up and looks silly The lesson at the bottom says’Nothing is harder to resist than a bit of flattery’ She understood the story and she thought it was funny too She gave this collection 3 stars

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    35 stars Arnold Lobel most famous for his Frog and Toad series has also written a series of fables centered around lively animals whimsical moments and crazy situationsFor the most part I really enjoyed it There's only 48 pages but wow he certainly crammed a LOT of content in there Twenty stories and plenty of full color illustrations really make this book memorableI loved all of the animals from crocodiles to ducks to baboons to elephants so much varietyThe stories were fairly good I do wish there was in terms of content so many of them were so short that I was just left wishing for but I suppose that's a good thing in the endYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    This book was a uick read with a nice old writing style that is built up of a bunch of tiny little fables The book was okay but the book didn't pop out as the best book I have ever read Finished my genre graph

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    1981 Caldecott MedalThis has 20 written and illustrated fables Each fable contains a timeless moral that all children could benefit from I think reading a fable or two at a time would work best since the fables are sort of lengthy

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    Shades of Aesop done badly Some of the lessons I don't think were valid lessons at all But they weren't all that bad and I was willing to go along with this book up until The Pelican and the CraneCall me triggered as I probably am As a parent of autistic children I had a hard time with this Fable I understand the sentiment you don't have friends because you don't act right Fine But with an autistic child who doesn't understand how their behavior impacts others this kind of lesson seems harsh in a very you get what you deserve sort of way And I have to wonder if it teaches children to react to this kind of behavior in that wayPerhaps the better lesson would have been a teaching moment where someone with compassion can work with the offender to understand that they did something not acceptable Or to perhaps leave judgment of others to some higher authority I don't know I certainly didn't like this 'lesson' and while I understand that this isn't the most recent book compassion is something that's been around for centuries This book just didn't work for me

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    “Fables” is a book full of guess fables written by Arnold Lobel and is the winner of the prestigious Caldecott Medal This book is full of Aesop like fables about animals that are greedy naughty confident and lucky and this book is surely to be an instant favorite for children who want to learn useful lessons in life Arnold Lobel’s writing is witty and inventive as he narrates each fable with a wise and proper air indicating that the main characters are of high class which might explain why they are dress in Victorian era clothing yet they tried to learn the trials of life as explain by the moral at the end of each fable Arnold Lobel’s illustrations are also something to be desired as he makes each character colorful and rich and he also draws each animal in the story as realistically as he can The image that I really enjoyed was the image of Mr and Mrs Kangaroo and their son throwing spitballs at each other in “The Bad Kangaroo” since that shows the main point of the moral “A child’s conduct will reflect the ways of his parents” as it shows that even parents can be a bad influence on their child if they do not act properly around their children “Fables” is a wonderful book of fables that help teaches children about valuable lessons in life and how they must try to be wise in the decisions they make I would recommend this book to children ages six and up since it is longer than a regular children’s book would be and that there are some words that smaller children might need their parents help in defining themFrom my Epinions Review

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    Fables by Arnold Lobel consists of 20 one page original fables with fresh morals that slyly humorously poke human at human failings using animal charactersEach one page fable has a moral written in italics afterward My favorite fables in the collection with their morals areThe Lobster and the Crab Even the taking of small risks will add excitement to lifeThe Bear and the Crow Moral When the need is strong there are some who will believe anythingThe Pelican and the Crane Moral When one is a social failure the reasons are as clear as dayThe Elephant and his Son Moral Knowledge will not always take the place of simple observationThe Mouse at the Seashore Moral All the miles of a hard road are worth a moment of true happinessThe Frogs at the Rainbow's End Moral The highest hopes may lead to the greatest disappointmentsThe Cat and his Visions Moral All's well that ends with a good mealThe Ducks and the Fox Moral At times a change of routine can be most healthfulKing Lion and the Beetle Moral It is the high and mighty who have the longest distance to fallThe other fables which are all entertaining include The Crocodile in the Bedroom The Hen and the Apple Tree The Baboon's Umbrella The Ostrich in Love The Camel Dances The Poor Old Dog Madam Rhinocerus and her Dress The Bad Kangaroo The Pig at the Candy Store The Young Rooster and The Hippopotamus at DinnerAll of these fables can be sucessful as read alouds and a number of them work well for two voices or readers theater I have acted out The Bear and the Crow donning the Bear's outfit in storytimes and for storytelling Lobel's illustrations feature a full color one page image for each of the twenty fables Lobel captures a key element of each fable in his pictures which feature some animal character of each fable My favorite illustrations include the image oposite the title page the lion and beetle lobster and crab at sea the frogs chasing the rainbow bear scowling at crow elephant and son pelican eating and mouse at sunsetI love the sly dark humor of these fables They are not for the very young child but older preschoolers and up should find them both entertaining and educational This is a wonderful addition to classic fables and is highly recommeded for school and public library collectionsFor ages 4 to 9 fables humor animals morals manners conduct and fans of Arnold Lobel

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    SUMMARY 'Short original fables with fresh unexpected morals poke subtle fun at human foibles through the antics of animals The droll illustrations with tones blended to luminescent shading are complete and humorous themselves'REVIEW Most of Arnold Lobel's books are geared to young children Fables would be a great read aloud for older elementary students Each story in and of itself would be a great discussion prompt andor writing prompt His illustrations as always are wonderful and even they could be used as great writing prompts for students to develop their own fable The original fables held many great moralsFAVORITE UOTES The highest hopes may lead to the greatest disappointmentsLove can be its own reward

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    own 1981 Caldecott Medal Lovely pictures to illustrate each fable We read two or three fables each day during Morning Time The kids guessed at the moral for each fable which was fun for them and entertaining for me

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