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    Bird Baylor speaks in the voice of several southwest desert animals pack rat jackrabbit spadefoot toad desert tortoise buzzard etc Each poem is written in free verse short non rhyming lines that give the reader a little information about the animal in a neat little word picture Peter Parnall's spare illustrative style are a perfect match Nice book for sharing free verse poetry with younger readers Share with 3rd and 4th graders then have them try their hand at free verse poetry about a pet Teach me something and paint a word picture at the same time

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    This thought provoking book of Byrd Baylor has to be read carefully and several times because each desert creature speaks in a poetic prose way that can't be assimilated rapidly Very nice and I like Peter Parnall's illustrations perhaps better in this book than in any of the others he has illustrated for the author

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    Each animal of the American southwest desert gets a page in which to tell of its life and place in the ecosystem Together their voices create a poetic way to learn about the food chains in the desert

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    I used this text of poems to demonstrate experiment with point of view in writing with my fourth grade students Each poem is written from the perspective of a different desert animal describing how they survive predators find food and exist in an arid environment This book would also be great to include in science lessons about biomes and animal adaptations that help them survive The illustrations were not as eye catching as I would have hoped but students enjoyed discussing putting themselves in a different creature's perspective

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    Beautiful pictures and beautiful words

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    cool artwork nice style makes even the most boring subject the desert seem enticing

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    each poem includes an animal Not really into poetry so this was kind of boring for me Pictures and colors were fun to look at though

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Desert Voices

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My loud ringing trill out to the sun So sings the Cactus Wren one of the ten desert creatures that speaks for itself in the evocative and lyrical verses of D. Each animal o

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On the hottest summer afternoons when desert creatures look for shade and stay close to the earth and keep their voices low I sit high on a cactus and fling. This thought

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Esert Voices In both text and illustration Desert Voices conveys a message of spirit and courage from the shy and uiet creatures of the beautiful desert land. cool artwork