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Ated by his brutal sexual practices which eventually resulted in the torture and murder of four women. The first part of the book was very interesting and uite well written but the trial por

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Based on previously sealed testimony and interviews with key players in the case 'Body Parts' is a fr. As I was reading some of the cases in regards to Wayne’s victims some started to soun

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Ighteningly intimate examination of the life of Wayne Ford a man whose capacity for violence wasn't s. Good book I'd read another book about this killer but this one was much better

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New York Times bestselling author Caitlin Rother has written or co authored 14 books ranging from narrative non fiction crime to mystery and memoir Her newest book is DEATH ON OCEAN BOULEVARD Inside the Coronado Mansion Murder April 27 2021 Her backlist includes HUNTING CHARLES MANSON; SECRETS LIES AND SHOELACES; LOVE GONE WRONG; DEAD RECKONING; THEN NO ONE CAN HAVE HER; I'LL TAKE CARE OF

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