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The year is 1889 and Rachel Hollister hasn't set foot outside her house in five years Ever since a savage attack left her fam. A little historyIt looked to me like this was a transitional book as the author moves this series from western to modern romance This book begins in 2005 and introduces readers to Tucker Coulter when he discovers a journal written in 1889 that belonged to Rachel HollisterJoseph Paxton Joseph Paxton is the half brother to Ace Keegan Keegan's Lady and has brothers David and Esa Paxton and a step sister Eden O'Shannessy This one has a brief mention of Patrick O'Shannessy Caitlin's brother and his new wife Faith and their child They are in the anthology The True Love Wedding Dress which has story #2 of this seriesMy reviewI thought this book was a bit slow at parts and took me awhile to get into but once things got moving along it was enjoyable There is a mystery here that unravels nicely and a dose of suspense to boot I enjoyed the characters interactions and personalities They developed well throughout but I was frustrated with a couple of things in this book 1 For five years the town turned a blind eye on Rachel who after her family were all shot and she survived became an Agoraphobic with panic attacks inability to leave her home2 FIVE YEARS Someone should have helped her long before the phobia advanced IMO they aided the illness in lieu of trying to help her3 There sure were a lot of modern phrases and dialogue in the book for a western in 18894 Joseph enabled her in lieu of helping her If he put just as much effort into helping her as he did in reinforcing her self imposed prison I would have been a much happier readerOn the down side I thought a few things could have been edited out recaps of conversations that I just read about retelling to other characters That sort of thing gets on my nerves I loved the dog Buddy He really added to the story for me a dog lover ; The love letter at the end from Joseph to Rachel was a tear jerker so have a box of tissues handy for that This book ends back in 2005 with Tucker Coulter in Oregon deciding to try to locate some long lost relatives Paxtons and Keegans in Colorado but I don't see Tucker's story yet For me the stories aren't planned out that far in advance and why introduce Tucker here then not write about him in the next 3 4 books There just needs to be better organization with the characters IMO The switch from past to present relatives in a series can be done Linda Lael Miller's series starts out in western times and they succinctly follow the family tree and they are in modern times now I like that Going back to read David Esa and Edens stories after going into modern times I don't like that I can see me loosing interest in this series and this author writes wonderful romantic westerns

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Ily dead she's cordoned herself off from the outside world afraid to let anyone into her home or into her heart But now troub. I will probably do a better review later but this was a great read and one I really needed since reading hasn't come easy lately It was sweet and a nice little slow burn and loved the hero and heroine I sympathized with the heroine and her need to feel safe as we are dealing with it But I loved how she overcame The hero was awesome The dog Buddy just made me smile with his antics A nice read with no real angst Nestlé dessert, les meilleures recettes just made me smile with his antics A nice read with no real angst

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Le has appeared on her doorstep and suddenly she has no choice but to let a handsome rancher enter her well guarded existence. This book has a good premise but I didn't care for it that much After seeing her family massacred the Rachel has become agoraphobic the last five years and is unable to leave her house After Rachel's hired hand is shot Joseph comes to look after her against his will because he promises her hired hand he willThis is not a bad book but I never got very invested in the story Joseph is kind've a galoot He doesn't come off as especially witty or intelligent He also fights and denies his feelings almost the whole book which I don't really like The mystery of who killed Rachel's family took up a large portion of the book I don't like my mystery and romances mixed up I'm a fan of both genres and I like to choose one or the other not a watered down version of bothStill the heroine was a good one and it was a good premise

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