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Alone held captive and left in the dark a woman’s worst fears come true in this gripping thriller by the award winning author of ExposeSan Francisco medical examiner Annabelle Schwartzman has spent eight years looking over her shoulder Stalked by her vengeful ex husband Spencer she’s always known they’d meet again Has her nightmare come true Abducted blindfolded yoked and tet. I loved the first three books in this series but this one fell flat Anna Schwartzman is a m

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Hered she’s being held prisoner in an isolated cabin in Idaho But it’s the unknown that terrifies Annabelle now Because the man’s voice in the dark though eerily familiar is not Spencer’sAnnabelle’s partner and lover Inspector Hal Harris knows in his gut that Annabelle’s disappearance is tied to the past Except Spencer is fifteen hundred miles away To save Annabelle Hal. From the first page Ms Girard had me engaged on the edge of my seat I wasn’t able to put

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Is tracking every move Spencer makes But is it drawing him closer to finding Annabelle Or is it luring him farther from her desperate cries for helpAs a cruel game of retribution begins Annabelle must rely on her wits her will to survive and a plan of escape But time is running out And her captor’s three chilling words make her fear that the worst is yet to come sweet dreams Bel. Oh my god What a book 4 I got this early in return for my honest opinion I decided to rerea

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    I loved the first three books in this series but this one fell flat Anna Schwartzman is a medical examiner in San Francisco and the crimes she helped solve in the three earlier books were compelling and kept me interested The additional storyline of her abusive ex husband pursuing her allowed for great character development for Anna and her friend turned lover Hal Harris a detective with SFPD I loved all three books and when the third one ended on a cliffhanger I couldn't wait to get my hands on book 4But this one doesn't live up to the first three First of all there is only one storyline here Anna has been kidnapped and Hal is trying to find her I missed the crime solving aspect of the first three books I liked watching Anna and Hal work together and that element is completely missing from this bookSecond there are a bunch of threads to this story that make no sense whatsoever Who is Caleb? What insider trading scheme? Why is Anna's mom suddenly a completely different person than the character we've met before? Either leave that stuff out of the story or explain its connection to Anna and Hal better As it is it's just a distraction I even flipped back through the book to try to find what I missed that's how little sense it made As it turned out I hadn't missed a thing the story is just poorly writtenThere's also the kidnapper's brother and mom who are apparently living at least some of the time in the house where Anna is being held Mom knows Anna is there knows she's tethered by the neck to a track in the ceiling and seems perfectly okay with this Say what? I'm supposed to believe that this woman's son brought home a hog tied woman and trussed her up in the bedroom and she just shrugged? The brother doesn't make sense either unless he's going to add something to the story why introduce him at all?Then there's the drugged water Anna finds that her kidnapper is drugging the tap water she can see the little tank outside that holds the drug and finds where it feeds into the water line Then she finds that somehow the shower water and bathroom sink water are also drugged Huh? Are there three tanks holding drugs? And what kidnapper is going to drug the freaking shower? It's so ridiculous it took me right out of the storyBut the worst part is that this book turns Hal into a sniveling crybaby and I hate that I love his character and I loved watching him and Anna fall in love Hal is NOT a crybaby he's a detective for crying out loud and he gets stuff done But he spends this whole book whining about all the help he's not getting and how helpless he feels I get that but it's so out of character Hal is also forced to spend some time solving another crime for his actual job rather than looking for Anna At first I thought this was going to be the author's way of introducing a compelling crime narrative alongside the Anna storyline But that didn't happen at all we scarcely knew there WAS a crime It was exactly what Hal said it was something he had to do that took time away from the search for Anna So why introduce it and the substitute medical examiner at all? Just another weird stub of story that didn't even need to be thereOverall I really disliked this book and that made me sad since I had loved the first three so much If you've read the first three you're going to want to read this one if for no other reason than the cliffhanger from book 3 Otherwise? Don't waste your timeThanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a Kindle ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion

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    This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Review copy was received from Publisher This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review It's kind of ridiculous that I got this audio for review because I'm behind with moving and now I'm at Book Bonanza  Not only that but it's the 4th book in the series  I never do these out of order  Now I can't decide if I go back for the first three or just go forward  But I couldn't seem to help myself I'm on a mystery suspense thriller binge right now Expire is available in KU  It looks like the first 3 are read and listen in KU So I will get themAs you can tell from the blurb Anna has been kidnapped which is never a good thing for a woman  As a medical examiner she has seen this situation with its brutal and fatal results I admire Anna's courage and determination to stay alive and survivePoor Hal  He just wants to find her and has to fight everyone to get the information or give him the resources to save her  He's a bit unhinged over it but doing better than I wouldIt is a little weird coming into this because they are already in a relationship which I will go back to get the foundation in the 3 previous books For almost the entire book Hal and Anna are separated so while the think of the other the are not interacting I enjoyed this a lot even though I jumped into the series at then end Narration I have enjoyed this narrator in the past I felt the voices were well performed both male and female There were some regional accents for some characters  This was a great listen at my usual 15x speedListen to a clipsoundcloudcombrilliance audioexpir

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    This is the fourth book in the Dr Schwartzman series Since it is obvious from the beginning that the previous book in this series ended on a cliffhanger it would probably be best if this series was read in order I found it hard to get into and was doing uite a bit of skimming to see if I could figure out what was going on I really needed that three book backstory for this to make any sort of sense for meThe book starts off with Annabelle Schwartzman San Francisco’s medical examiner has been kidnapped by someone whom she thinks initially is her ex husband then believes to be her morgue assistant Roy Inspector Hal Harris gets involved from the beginning He found some pregnancy tests in her bathroom showing a positive result So he is even focused on finding her alive He wants her and her unborn baby to be safeAnnabelle is being held in some sort of cabin and it must be winter since it was snowing and she was saving snow to melt for drinking water since every kind of food or water was being drugged How much would a set up like that cost to maintain jeez Just the drugs alone would have been costly Even the shower was laced with the drugs Hard to believeBased on reading other reviews it seemed to them like this book might have been written by another writer’s perspective of this universe The mother of Annabella behaved differently than in previous books and Hal had been reduced to a crybaby I think I should read the previous books just to get a better idea of characterization There are also people introduced in this book for no reason at all Storyline threads are left dangling with these unused people Maybe they will be fodder for future books I don’t knowI really couldn’t get into this book I wanted it to be thrilling but it fell flat for me I am sorry to say I think I will definitely pick up the previous three books just to lay the groundwork for any future books I may pick up I encourage you to read books 1 3 in this series before diving into this one It will save you some mental pain in the futureI received this as an ARC Advanced Reader Copy in return for an honest review I thank NetGalley the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title

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    From the first page Ms Girard had me engaged on the edge of my seat I wasn’t able to put this story down until I was finished Hal Annabelle’s torment engaged my sympathies from the beginning The characters were well defined realistic The plot was fast paced believable This is the first in this series I’ve read I didn’t feel lost or confused in the slightest There is enough background given via flashbacks or memories to fill the reader in on past events I’m intrigued enough to go back read the first three in the series

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    An average readThe book held my interest Was easy to follow even though I missed a book in this series I got the gist of the whole picture and what had happened or was about to happen The ending was pretty predictable

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    45 stars because I’m predisposed to liking this author’s work I can’t give this book anything less but I do see why some people called it flat there was a lot of time spent describing Anna’s captivity and Hal’s other case which didn’t add tons of value I would have liked the 3 main characters to spend time together during the book nevertheless I devoured this in 1 sitting

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    Sophisticated edge of your seat thriller that will keep you guessing and up all night until the final scenes with a very satisfying ending I love Girard and have enjoyed this series

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    I loved all 4 books in this series This one did a great job of keeping me captivated and hanging on every word until it was wrapped up in a perfect bow at the end

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    Oh my god What a book 4 I got this early in return for my honest opinion I decided to reread the first 3 books prior to reading this 4th book so the storyline would be completely fresh in my mind I’m so glad I did as my bond with all the characters in the books was able to grow and be stronger than ever for this one The author gives us complete closure and ties all the loose ends up in a nice big bow We as readers have a lot of moments that we are on the edge of our seats asking if things could really be going this way knowing it was inevitable but still praying for the best possible outcome And let me just say you won’t be disappointed I absolutely loved this book and this series 💖

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    Dr Schwartzman books are a must read I really hope you read these books I was recommended book one about a year ago and I was hooked They are all excellent Hal is definitely my favorite character but I adore Annabelle Schwartman and I think she is a worthy MC Add this book to your tbr pile today

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