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Ar becomes the target of a clandestine manhunt orchestrated by leading members of the executive branchMeanwhile Jack Graham once a public defender and now a high powered corporate attorney gets drawn into the case because the on the lam burglar just happens to be the father of his former financee a crusading Virginia prosecutor Embroidering the narrative through assorted plot whorls are the hero's broken romance; his conflict over sell. IMDb credit to Ba

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A grizzled professional cat burglar gets trapped inside the bedroom closet of one of the world's richest men only to witness through a one way mirror two Secret Service agents kill the billionaire's trampy young wife as she tries to fight off the drunken sexual advances of the nation's chief executive Running for his life but not before he picks up a bloodstained letter opener that puts the president at the scene of the crime the burgl. Spoiler AlertI re

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Ing out for financial success; the prosecutor's confused love hate for her burglar father; the relentless investigation by a northern Virginia career cop; the dilemma of government agents trapped in a moral catch 22; the amoral ambitions of a sexy White House Chief of Staff; and the old burglar's determination to bring down the ruthless president Meanwhile lurking at the novel's center like a venomous spider is the sociopathic presiden. I loved this book LDK T01 prosecutor's confused love hate for her burglar father; the relentless investigation by a northern Virginia career cop; the dilemma of government agents trapped in a moral catch 22; the amoral ambitions of a sexy White House Chief of Staff; and the old burglar's determination to bring down the ruthless Pandora Hearts, Tome 2 president Meanwhile lurking at the novel's center like a venomous spider is the sociopathic Pandora Hearts, Tome 1 presiden. I loved this book

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    Spoiler AlertI read this some 15 years ago and it's a must for all lovers of thriller and sinister suspense booksIt really is an adrenaline filled read starting from the first chapter where Luther a petty thief witnesses the POTUS committing murder Thereon it's a race to ensure he does not become the next victim Absolute Power and The Winner are undoubtedly some of Baldacci's best work

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    David Baldacci's Absolute Power has a decent story but it was hard for me to enjoy because I found the writing so hackneyed that it distracted me from the plot Here's a representative descriptive passage At the sound of the explosion the playing stopped as three pairs of eyes turned as one toward the house In another minute they were inside It only took one minute for the screams to be heard The uiet neighborhood was no Forget for a moment the clumsy use of the passive voice in the first sentence and focus instead on the bizarre description of three people as three pairs of eyes Not only is this unnecessary it leads to the possibility of unintentional humor in the second sentence In another minute they were inside since one can interpret this as six disembodied eyes floating into the house And the final sentence is terrible Not only is it an unnecessary addition to the paragraph it doesn't make logical sense The uiet of the neighborhood may be disturbed but the neighborhood itself still exists Saying that The uiet neighborhood was no makes it sounds as if the neighborhood has been incinerated by a hydrogen bombBaldacci's dialogue is bad too Here's an example Jack do you have any idea who's behind all this?Jack shook his head a small groan escaping his lips I've got a bunch of loose threads sliding around in my head but none of them have added up to spit so far I'm hoping that status will change SoonIf there is any English speaking person in the world who speaks that way while under duress I have yet to meet themAnd here's one final example of exactly what I don't like about Baldacci's prose She still stood there several minutes after he left A series of emotions competed for space across her face none in the end winning outThe unintentional rhyming of space with face is distracting Also Baldacci uses a lot of words to essentially tell the reader nothing A character seems to experience a number of emotions none of which are specifically described before eventually experiencing none Is that the idea Baldacci wishes to convey? Does he even know what idea he wishes to convey about his characters or the situations in which they find themselves most of the time? It didn't seem to me as if he didIf you've seen previews for the film version of Absolute Power or read the flap copy you know what it's about I suppose it could be an enjoyable potboiler if you're able to turn off the critical part of your mind that notices clumsy writing and consume the story in the fashion one consumes an entire bag of chips in one sitting but for me the writing was so bad it was distracting And trust me I read some pretty bad books

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    This is probably my favourite of Baldacci's novels Absolute Power is slick swift and daring in its plot of corruption murder litigious attorneys and the dark side to wealth and cash

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    Loved the movie apparently the book a little less Still entertaining read

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    IMDb credit to Baldacci book used for movie YouTube Official Movie trailer Movie with Clint Eastwood Ending song 500 added March 1 2019 A Virginia Burglar Luther Whitney66 Clint Eastwood in the movie made a surveillance break into the Sullivan family's rich home US President Alan Richmond40 Gene Hackman in the movie takes drunk Christine Sullivan to her house for sex From a closet in her house Luther watches them fight Alan's slashed with letter opener Christine's killed by 2 Secret Service men Tim Collin Bill Burton Gloria Russell37 President Chief of Staff took the bloodstained letter opener Luther escaped with evidence Could Luther get evidence to Walter Sullivanhusband?Can Agent Burton Colin be considered subordinate ordered killers against Luther Walter? Can Gloria testify against president? Does presidential power stop impeachment death penality options?FYI Major characters above are in the movie but the book's end is different than the movie with Clint Eastwood

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    I think this may not be a 'great' novel and has probably been panned by those far astute than I but I loved it I was about 100 pages into in when I started on my trip of 1 one hour flight 1 one hour layover and 1 five hour flight It totally kept my interest until I finished the last page as we landed at my home airport A veteran burglar chooses the wrong mansion to rob on the wrong night and witnesses the President of the United States trying to kill his sex partner and his secret service agents finishing the job The story gathers much moss from there and it's a really good story

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    Welp I finally got around to reading the book that started it all I remember seeing the movie back in '95 and seeing it because it had Clint Eastwood in it After roughly 25? years I read this book and it didn't disappointThe story is a bit dull by today's standards but given its context it came out during the Clinton era I think it is uite courageous and interesting Of course this has been reused multiple times; even by Baldacci himself First Family comes to mind The characters are good and almost all of them have their arc which is excellent writing I felt a bit let down by the ending though I am not getting into spoilers but let's just say that when you read it you will be wondering what the purpose of the third act wasAnyway it is the journey that matters and Absolute Power does not disappoint

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    Absolute Power illustrates what it is I like best about David Baldacci's books the perfect balance and blend of action and storyline Rare is the storyteller that can capture the attention of my military fiction loving action craving husband and at the same time provide enough compelling plot and character development to have me turning pages long into the nightWith the exception of his Camel Club series if you haven't read them run go find them now Absolute Power is my favorite Baldacci book Set in our nation's capitol the story begins with an unspeakable act committed by a man at the pinnacle of Washington power His entourage thinks if only briefly that they have matters under control Only moments pass before they come to the horrendous conclusion that a silent witness to the crime now has in his possession the means to destroy them allAs always Baldacci's characters are complicated The traditional bad guy turns out not to be so bad after all; and the one looked up to by millions lacks even the most basic modicum of decencymorality and conscience There is a little love story thrown in perhaps to provide a moment or two for a reader to catch a uick breath Absolute Power was made into a movie starring Clint Eastwood Seldom does a movie live up to the book and this one was no exception However I paid to see it years ago and I felt like it was worth the money You can catch it now every once in awhile on late night cable

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    I loved this book it grabbed me from the start and made me want to continue reading A well crafted story strong characters that are believable and easy to visualise An interesting story line that is different to the usual thrillers Lots of twists and turns and worth the read

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    Meh Relatively uick paced action clichéd kind of mystery thriller crime guns Yank stuff The distraction I needed but nothing substantial For what it is it is pretty much a 5 star thing but in my opinion it is hardly that

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