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  • 10 January 2017
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Joe Rocheforts War

Elliot Carlson · 3 read

Ation Hypo The book focuses on Rochefort's inspiring leadership of Hypo recording first his frustrating months in late 1941 searching for Yamamoto's fleet then capturing a guilt ridden Rochefort in early 1942 mounting a redemptive effort to track that fleet after the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor It details his critical role in May 1942 when he and his team against the bitter opposition of some top Navy brass concluded Midway was Yamamoto's invasion target making possible a victory regarded by many as the turning point in the Pacific War The account also tells the story of Rochefort's ouster from Pearl the result of the machinations of key officers in Washington first to deny him the Distinguished Service Medal recommended by Admiral Nimitz then to effect his removal as OIC of Hypo The book reports his productive final years in the Navy when he supervises the building of a floating drydock on the West Coast then back in Washington finds himself directing a planning body charged with doing spade work leading to the inva. Excellent book Amazing the bureaucracy backstabbing and

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This is the first biography of Capt Joe Rochefort the Officer in Charge of Station Hypo the US Navy's decrypt unit at Pearl Harbor and his key role in breaking the Imperial Japanese Navy's main code before the Battle of Midway It brings together the disparate threads of Rochefort's life and career beginning with his enlistment in the Naval Reserve in 1918 at age 17 dropping out of high school and adding a year to his age It chronicles his earliest days as a mustang an officer who has risen from the ranks his fortuitous posting to Washington where he headed the Navy's codebreaking desk at age 25 then in another unexpected twist found himself assigned to Tokyo to learn JapaneseThis biography records Rochefort's surprising love hate relationship with cryptanalysis his joyful exit from the field his love of sea duty his adventure filled years in the '30s as the right hand man to the Commander in Chief US Fleet and his reluctant return to codebreaking in mid 1941 when he was ordered to head the Navy's decrypt unit at Pearl St. Well written superb research full of technical and perso

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Sion of Japan The Epilogue narrates the postwar effort waged by Rochefort's Hypo colleagues to obtain for him the DSM denied in 1942 a drive that pays off in 1986 when President Reagan awards him the medal posthumously at a White House ceremony attended by his daughter and son It also explores Rochefort's legacy primarily his pioneering role at Pearl in which contrary to Washington's wishes he reported directly to Commander in Chief US Fleet providing actionable intelligence without any delays and enabling codebreaking to play the key role it did in the Battle of Midway Ultimately this book is aimed at bringing Joe Rochefort to life as the irreverent fiercely independent and conseuential officer that he was It assumes his career can't be understood without looking at his entire life It seeks to capture the interplay of policy and personality and the role played by politics and personal rifts at the highest levels of Navy power during a time of national crisis This bio emerges as a history of the Navy's intelligence cultu. This incredibly fascinating book was a follow on from my