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  • Paperback
  • 480
  • Vegas Heat Vegas #2
  • Fern Michaels
  • English
  • 18 October 2019
  • 9780821776681

10 thoughts on “Vegas Heat Vegas #2

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    Wasn't as good as the first one I thought it got kind of silly and repetitive

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    Note To get the full story of characters there are many Read the Texas series 1st Vegas series 2nd Kentucky series 3rd Saw this in some reviews after I already read the Vegas Series This was 1st series books I have read of Fern Michaels They were excellent kept me right there wanting Full of family excitement drama death money from casino long time friends tragic things happen and the mother always pulls everyone together Must read in order I'm going to read the Texas books next I'm not sure if there is a seuence but some people are in the one that were in VegasVegas Series Read book 1 October 15 2018 book 2 October 162018 book 3 October 17 2018

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    This is the second book in Fern Michaels trilogy Vegas I can’t say enough good things about this trilogy or Fern Michaels So I’m just going to say if you don’t read these books you’re really going to be missing out Also before you start this trilogy read Fern Michaels series Texas After the Vegas series is the Kentucky series It’s important I think to read all these books in the right order The whole story will make a lot sense if you do

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    Gene pool similarities continueRiley and Cold spatter in Texas Ash and Simon fought in Vegas Birch and Simon are reunited with wives in Sunrise Billie and Danny as daughter in laws to Seth and Sallie struggle with deathly but entrepreneurial relatives who built towns as well as families

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    Good series This one was not my favorite because it seemed like one tragedy after another But I still want to continue that series to the end

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    Sizzling hotLove Vegas Heat Fanny kicks butt and asks uestions later She is the backbone behind every thing I love it

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    The best from Fern and the continuation of this saga

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    Great read Very heart warming hard to put down Interesting till the last word Looking forward to the next book of this trilogy

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    I don't even know guys I don't even know where to start It's like 400 pages of pity parties only with large chunks missing so that 90% of the time it looks like Fanny is throwing massive fits out of nowhere all while you are left in limbo because you kind of end up liking a character that you've been told to hate Which is really what went down here Fanny divorced Ash and married his perfect white knight younger brother Simon who after one page and three years turns out to be absolutely batshit crazy view spoilerlike burn down the house out of nowhere crazy hide spoiler

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    The book was better than first one but Fanny is annoying for such a 'selfless' person she is sure selfish She had Simon on a string no I don't want you yes I do right now she wanted everything her way or not at allAsh turned nice and Simon became a nightmare Fanny's kids weren't too niceShe treats Bess terrible I think as she loads up a lot of work onto herI found it hard as there was two Billies and two Sunny's in the book as she had the coleman clan in this book a lotI did enjoy the bittersweat ending with Ash and SimonI think the author has a little piromania in her every book ends up with a house on fireI will read the third one and I have already bought the Kentucky series too but I hope the Fanny character gets killed off soon as I find her really annoying Will read something in between this book and Vegas Sunrise as I'm a bit over this series

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Vegas Heat Vegas #2

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Nt in his conventional life while the other's search for happiness leads to tragedy and renewed hopeof Fanny's daughter Sunny betrayed by her husband fighting a battle no woman should ever have to faceof her daughter Billie whose devotion to the Thorntons' children's clo. Good series This one was not my favorite because it seemed like one

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With A Simple Twist Of Fate Fortunes Rise And Fall Vegas Heat is the story of the Thornton dynastyof Fanny Thornton who takes over Babylon the family's magnificent Las Vegas casino when her ex husband Ash falls desperately illof Fanny's twin sons Sage and Birch one conte. Wasn't as good as the first one I thought it got kind of silly and

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Thing empire has kept her from finding love It is also the story of Fanny's relationship with enigmatic businessman Marcus Reed and the poignant powerful uest for acceptance that drives the members of these two unforgettable familiesA fascinating family saga Romantic Tim. Great read Very heart warming hard to put down Interesting till the

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Fern Michaels isn’t a person I’m not sure she’s an entity either since an entity is something with separate existence Fern Michaels® is what I DO Me Mary Ruth Kuczkir Growing up in Hastings Pennsylvania I was called Ruth I became Mary when I entered the business world where first names were the order of the day To this day family and friends call me Dink a name my father gave me when I