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Becoming a big sister is an exciting time full of smiles smells hugs and kisses This is th. 35I liked the Big Sisters book better than the Big Brothers book probably because I AM a big sister


E perfect book for transitioning a toddler into siblinghood It helps young ones prepare fo. A lovely book for welcoming a new arrival into the family The book celebrates the great things about being a big sister Sometimes there can be a lot of jealousy and anxiety in the the family when you are expecting a new arrival however this book nicely illustrates how there is enough love and cuddles to go round and there is nothing to be afraid of Great illustrations Also available is 'Big Brothers Are The Best'

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R a new baby and also focuses on all of the things a big sister can do that a baby can't d. Very Sweet StoryI bought this book for my granddaughters who are now experiencing siblings They enjoy the story but I like the illustration which is beautifully done I also appreciate the two parent Family base that has become so uncommon in this day and age

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