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The definitive book on the greatest game in the history of college basketball and the dramatic road both teams took to get there March 28 1992 The final of the NCAA East Regional Duke vs Kentucky The 17848 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia and the millions watching on TV could say they saw the greatest game and the greatest shot in the history of college basketball But it wasn't just the final play of the game an 80 foot inbounds bass fr. College team sports can make for great drama I think I learned this mostly from readi

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Rberations The cast alone is worth meeting again Mike Krzyzewski Rick Pitino Bobby Hurley Jamal Mashburn Christian Laettner Sean Woods Grant Hill and Bobby Knight Timed for the game's 20th anniversary The Last Great Game isn't a book just for Duke or Kentucky or even basketball fans It's a book for any reader who can appreciate that great moments in sports are the result of hard work careful preparation group psychology and a little lu. RecoveryRecoveryI have to say that I enjoyed the book Being a Kentucky fan I have nev

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Om Grant Hill to Christian Laettner with 21 seconds left in overtime that made Duke's 105 104 victory so memorable The Kentucky and Duke players and coaches arrived at that point from very different places each with a uniue story to tell In The Last Great Game acclaimed ESPN columnist Gene Wojciechowski tells their stories in vivid detail turning the game we think we remember into a drama filled with suspense humor revelations and reve. If you likelove college basketball you need to read this book Wojciechowski weaves to

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    When Sean Woods banked in his shot to put Kentucky up 1 with 21 seconds left in the game I was ecstatic It was 1992 and I was 11 years old I lived and died Kentucky basketball I could recite the player introductions their numbers their heights and their hometowns from memory And in that moment in my parent's living room I was having the best moment of my life We were going to go to the first Final 4 that I would rememberAnd then well you know what happened I remember sitting in front of the TV in absolute shock I remember being irate that the son of a mother who hit that shot was still in the game after stepping on Aminu Timberlake I remember being furious with John Pelphrey I remember that 3 pointer Hurley missed with the long rebound that Duke got and passed back to Hurley for another three which he nailed a seuence which would haunt me again in a double overtime game against Michigan State in the Elite 8 years later I remember Mashburn picking up his 5th foul a seuence I would have to suffer through again the very next year in the Final Four against Michigan's Fab FiveSo yea It was the worst moment of my young life20 years later I'm still irritated I spent 50 just so I could attend an exhibition UK legends vs Villains coached by Laettner game just so I could boo him And as soon as I arrived I plopped down another 15 for an I still hate Laettner t shirt the corresponding bookend to the T shirt my Dad had shortly after the '92 game that proclaimed UK was #1 by crossing out the D on the front and the E on the back Anyways during the run up to the exhibition game I listened to several interviews with Laettner and I was impressed with his thoughtfulness his admission of wrongdoing and his appreciation for the game After those interviews I found myself liking Laettner which of course made me hate him So of course when I saw this book I had to read it Wojciechowski does a great job at providing a look at how Coach K built the Duke program up and how Pitino helped resurrect Kentucky basketball after the scandal The author's insights into the lives of the coaches Duke's power trio Laettner Hurley and Grant Hill Monster Mash and the Unforgettables were wonderful As I read and my heart rate started to increase as we approached the game I swear my pulse was about 180 bpm when I hit the overtime chapter That game was so intense and Wojciechowski does a great job of capturing this intensity The chapter where he watches the game with Coach K was great I loved Coach K pointing out all the great things Pelphrey did in OT If you love college basketball and especially if you are a fan of one of these teams than you have to read this book

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    First full disclosure As a Duke fan I had to read this book And as long as it ended with the score the same as it was 20 years ago I was going to be pretty satisfied with it However I agree with the many reviewers who have said that this book is completely readable for Kentucky fans or college basketball fans in generalLooking at the book objectively here are some things I liked and didn't like It read basically like an extended Sports Illustrated article so it went down pretty easy A few too many f words for my taste but I guess this is de rigueur for sports writing I liked the fact that 50 percent of the book was devoted to each side even to the point of recapping the game twice I thought the author pulled his punches a lot when writing about the Kentucky scandal; it comes off sounding as if he's afraid of a lawsuit But I can understand that he wanted to focus on what they did to recover from the scandal and that part he does well It was interesting to meet some of the lesser known people in each program but nevertheless Rock Oliver the Kentucky strength coach got way too much attention At times it seems as if the book is the story of Christian Laettner Bobby Hurley and Rock Oliver Come on Give us of the Kentucky players The chapters on recruiting were very good I didn't know that Chris Webber came close to being a Dukie Now that would have changed history I liked the chapters on the early years of Coach K He was truly one of the long shot hires of all time and the patience of athletic director Tom Butters in sticking with him through a couple of disastrous years was amazing Butters was clearly able to see beyond the won lost record I can't imagine too many athletic directors with that kind of vision As several reviewers have noted the title of the book is really bad There's no explanation of how the last 21 seconds changed basketball except for the rather trivial point that it changed end of game strategy a bit I liked where John Calipari said that coaches always guard the inbounds passer now because of that play But it was eually interesting that Rick Pitino thinks the whole issue is overrated In fact he thinks he lost the game when he told Pelphrey and Feldhaus not to foul Laettner and as a result they played very soft defense Coach K was very cooperative but Wojciechowski never asked him the uestion I would like to ask Suppose it's best 2 out of 3 instead of just one game What would you do differently in the next game? Partly I would ask this because I think he got outcoached by Pitino He had the better team and they only won by a miracle 'Nuff said Maybe I'm just a stats nerd but I would have liked to see a box score of the game One thing that people don't always appreciate is how great the first 44 12 minutes of the game were Both sides shot over 60 percent I was intrigued to see in the acknowledgements that the book was originally pitched to the publishers by Coach K's daughter But then she didn't write it because of her pregnancy I'm sure it would have been an incredibly different book if she had written it All in all I think that Wojciechowski really did the idea justice It takes a very professional writer to bring such passion and meticulousness to a book that wasn't originally your idea

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    College team sports can make for great drama I think I learned this mostly from reading John Feinstein books over the years Sure you have guys who are good or great athletes and to compete at that level they have to be unusually driven And you also have competition – in this case at a level that's highly visible Add to that mix the fact that these are effectively young kids who inevitably have a lot of learning and growing to do the storyteller can follow several dramas unfolding on and off the playing field Finally you have the famous coaches the great mentors who teach the kids how to work together and make the most of themselves The story writes itselfFor me this was a trip down memory lane to my college years and I very much enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure much the way my girlfriend enjoys watching Glee Wojciechowski did a lot of interviews with a lot of people all over the country to get this book right and he put it all together to tell a great story of human drama People familiar with this era will certainly get a nuanced perspective on some of the people involved The background stories about Pitino and Newton Davis and Laettner are really well spun The timing on this book is perfect since everyone involved is still around and of sound mind but enough time has passed to allow some additional inside story to be revealedIf I have a criticism it's the awkwardness of the presentation of that Duke Kentucky matchup The part the author gets right is that these two teams were very compelling stories Throughout the book chapters alternated between the Kentucky story and the Duke one and it does so effectively The setup works so well in part because the paths the programs took to the game were in many ways so different But he continued to follow that pattern once the game began – alternating perspectives between that of Duke and that of Kentucky It didn't uite feel right It wasn't linear and there was very little discussion of the first half And believe it or not it actually felt a little anticlimactic I might have been happier setting the book down at the tip off and just putting in the game DVDI might also criticize the absurd title The Last Great Game along with the subtitle the 21 seconds that changed basketball This game was exceptional for a lot of reasons but it's reasonable to argue that Laettner's bucket uh spoiler alert? really only changed the narrative of the legacies of the players on those benches But nostalgia is a funny thing College basketball came of age as a big media televised sport in those years and Laettner's buzzer shot capped a great game in a way no others did It wasn't Fred Brown throwing away the ball It wasn't Lorenzo Charles cleaning up a prayer And even Keith Smart hit his jumper in '87 with several seconds to spare Laettner's shot was great drama the climax in a game when both teams continued raising the stakes throughout and we see it on television again every spring because it's such a great clip And the legend growsSo I still liked the book I remember distinctly that I jumped so high I put my fists through the drop ceiling in the dorm commons room that day 20 years ago I can't say I've done anything uite like that since then So yeah the book also made me feel old Which I am So it goes

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    Since I am a Duke fan I had to read this book My grandma is a huge Duke fan and told me to read this book so I read it I thought it was very good because you feel like you are one of the players during this time The author goes through daily life of each of these teams throughout the year I enjoyed it because I got to learn about Duke players during this time Since I wasn't alive and I have heard how this National Championship game was such an epic game It made me want to learn about it So I started reading this book I enjoyed learning the hobbies and habits from the Duke team I didn't read much about Kentucky because I'm not a fan and it was pretty boring I just wanted to learn about this Duke team I just loved how they got this new coach that everybody thought was awful and he had been somewhat successful in the tournament and then one year he finally won it on a last second shot I couldn't help but smile when I read about the last second shot part The way the book describes it makes chills run down my spine

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    The Last Great Game Duke vs Kentucky and the 21 Seconds That Changed Basketball by Gene Wojciechowski Blue Rider Press 2012796323 is a fabulous book about college basketball I've always thought of the game in uestion as the greatest game and the greatest shot that I've ever seen Grant Hill inbounds the ball throws three uarters court to Christian Laettner at the opposing foul line Laettner catches the ball he turns he shoots over two Kentucky defenders and it'sGOOD Oh my A couple of things that truly stood out about this book were 1 how much Duke Coach Mike Kryzezewski loved Bobby Hurley and Laettner and 2 the fact that Laettner could walk the length of the basketball court on his hands Now THAT'S a freakish athlete My rating 7510 finished 92712 Reread 41519 I purchased a used HB copy in good condition from 12319 HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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    If you likelove college basketball you need to read this book Wojciechowski weaves together a compelling narrative by tracing the individual journeys of the Duke and Kentucky players and coaches from their earliest days with their programs to the moment their lives intersect in the final 21 seconds of the greatest basketball game ever played I actually hate Duke but found myself appreciating even admiring them and how they played the game

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    RecoveryRecoveryI have to say that I enjoyed the book Being a Kentucky fan I have never watched a replay of the game and always turn my head every March when the damn shot is shown during March Madness It was time to get over it and appreciate the game for what it was

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    Phenomenal behind the scenes book about this game and the two bball programs that made it happen I grew up a Duke fan and in couldn't put this book down Was sad to see it end It's too bad that players come and go so uickly nowadays it used to be so satisfying and enjoyable to see a talented player develop for 4 yrs

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    Fascinating and ultrareadable behind the scenes look at THE game and THE shot Great choice for all for college basketball fans but as a warning to my fellow Kentucky fans after all these years it still kinda hurts

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    Hmmm This was a solidly good book about one of the worst events of my entire lifeI was left wondering exactly who the author considered his target audience to be though

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