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    I've been trying to sample the Singaporean Writers shelf at Clementi Public Library Apparently they are so short on local writers they have to steal Malaysians to pad it out but anyway that's off topic Most of the books don't look like something I want to read or have been simply disappointing upon reading but this is a pretty good murder mystery The narrator is a kind of naiveinnocent hero almost like an amnesiac or someone sleepwalking through life except for the passion he had for his fiance murdered at the beginning of the book His dreamy nature however allows him to notice things that normal people might not The story is mystical but in the end the facts and motives of the murder are entirely realisticUnlike a lot of younger local authors Baratham does not have the irritating habits of a exoticising his own country by writing in a self conscious style as if explaining everything to a Western reader wa buey tahan Catherine Lim and b using thesaurus words all over the place often inappropriately blame the ridiculous school system He's an old school guy someone from the narrator's Uncle Oscar's generation The only points where error a was committed were the ching chong Chinaman speech of the narrator's colleague Loong and the me Tarzan you Jane of an Indian character later in the book

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    Given that this story includes police brutality corruption and racism as well as the murders listed in the synopsis it is no wonder that the writer is described as 'controversial' There is also a ghost in this tale of letting go and masculine intuition Parts of it are not for the sueamish but it is definitely worth a read

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Moonrise Sunset Mask Noir

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Hours after agreeing to marry How Kum Vanita is murdered while asleep in her fiance's arms More killings follow and How Kum is soon embroiled. Petits desserts au Nutella embroiled.

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In the police investigation only to find himself dealing with an unlikely brigade of self proclaimed experts including his drunken Uncle Osc. Mini mugcake Milka 2 tasses experts including his drunken Uncle Osc.

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