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SUMMARY What Might Have Been

What would have happened if history had been different if the major events that shaped our times had occurred in a different way or not at all From a Confederacy that won the Civil War to a Europe converted to Viking paganismThese bold excursions in time depict bizarre new worlds oddly f. My rating system is as follows 0abandoned 1enraging 2disappointing 3average 4good 5favorite Michael CASSUTT Mules In Horses' Harness 3 Sheila FINCH The Old Man and C 2 Harry HARRISON Tom SHIPPEY A Letter From the Pope 3 Marc LAIDLAW His Powder'd wig His Crown of Thornes 2 Barry N MALZBERG Another Goddamned Showboat 2 James MORROW Abe Lincoln In McDonald's 3 Rudy RUCKER Paul DI FILIPPO Instability 0 Susan SHWARTZ Loose Cannon 2 Robert SILVERBERG A Sleep and a Forgetting 3 Judith TARR Roncesvalles 3 Harry TURTLEDOVE The Last Article 2 Harry TURTLEDOVE Departures 2 Walter Jon WILLIAMS No Spot of Ground 2 George ZEBROWSKI Lenin In Odessa 2

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Amiliar disturbingly different a glimpse of WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEENSummary Michael Cassutt's Mules in Horses' HarnessSheila Finch's Old Man and C Harry Harrison and Tom Shippey's Letter from the PopeM Laidlaw's His Powder'd Wig His Crown of ThornesBarry N Malzberg's Another Goddamned Showbo. Some of the stories were significantly better than others Most were not actually sci fi

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AtJames Morrow's Abe Lincoln in McDonald'sRudy Rucker and Paul Di Filippo's Instability Susan Shwartz's Loose Cannon Robert Silverberg's A Sleep and a ForgettingJudith Tarr's RoncesvallesHarry Turtledove's DeparturesWalter Jon Williams's No Spot of GroundGeorge Zebrowski's Lenin in Odess. The salient uestionsA Sleep and a Forgetting Robert Silverberg What if Genghis Khan became a Byzantine Christian rather than a world conuerorThe Old Man and C Sheila Finch What if Albert Einstein had pursued the violin instead of physicsThe Last Article Harry Turtledove What if Gandhi had tried nonviolent resistance against the Nazi occupation of IndiaAbe Lincoln in McDonald's James Morrow What if Lincoln had signed a peace treaty with the CSA in 1863Loose Cannon Susan Schwartz What if TE Lawrence had survived his motorcycle accident and lived to confront Rommel in WWIIA Letter from the Pope Harry Harrison and Tom Shippey What if Alfred of Wessex had favored Viking paganism over Roman Christianity in the 9th centuryRoncesvalles Judith Tarr What if Charlemagne chose Islam over ChristianityHis Powder'd Wig His Crown of Thornes Marc Laidlaw What if George Washington lost the American Revolution and became the Messiah for oppressed peoples everywhereDepartures Harry Turtledove What if Muhammad's prophetic gifts were incorporated into ChristianityInstability Rudy Rucker and Paul Di Filippo What if Keruoac and Cassady Holy Goofed the world off course and did away with the threat of nuclear annihilation in the processNo Spot of Ground Walter Jon Williams What if Edgar Allan Poe survived his alcoholism and lived to be a Confederate generalMy favorite stories in the anthology

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