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The Wall Around Eden

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  • Paperback
  • 288
  • The Wall Around Eden
  • Joan Slonczewski
  • English
  • 20 January 2019
  • 9780380711772

About the Author: Joan Slonczewski

Joan Lyn Slonczewski is an American microbiologist at Kenyon College and a science fiction writer who explores biology and space travel Her books have twice earned the John W Campbell award for best science fiction novel The Highest Frontier 2012 and A Door into Ocean 1987 With John W Foster she coauthors the textbook Microbiology An Evolving Science W W Norton

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    This is an odd one for me I'm giving it three stars because even though I thought some aspects of it were well done and other aspects of it are things I really respect I also didn't enjoy reading it Part of that is due to one of the things I paradoxically respect the author spent a LOT of time and energy making it very clear exactly how much things sucked for her protagonist and those in her world and while I'm glad she didn't skimp on the details of you know how living in a post nuclear disaster world means living with the inevitability of aggressive cancer and a 20% infant mortality rate it also just wasn't enjoyable to read for me because of the emphasis put on that The first dozen or so chapters involve the protagonist flitting about between things she wants to do and fires she has to put out and sort of weird excuses to exposition us I thought the exposition toward the beginning was particularly cringeworthy but it got better It sort of felt like there were too many balls in the air all the time This book was an odd recipe that combines college level physics concepts with a mish mash of religious parables and spiritual symbols I just wasn't uite sure if it was trying to tell me something important with all its parallels or if the lack of cohesiveness was meant to tell me I should take whatever messages I wanted from itMore stuff I didn't care for Characters talked out loud about things that happened years ago with no particular impetus as a method of exposition and that drove me up the wall The book uses mental age to discuss intellectually disabled people and immediately cast intellectually disabled people as not worth having around Being intellectually disabled is portrayed as much worse than having an illness A character named Grace is basically portrayed as a stomping braying animal who speaks in broken sentences and she is never mentioned without negative adjectives attached to her There's a really sudden introduction of additional dimensions and physics talk in chapter ten and it seemed like it came out of nowhere to me The uaker speak with thees and thous kind of got on my nerves I guess that's picky of me though The protagonist gets married and there's a little bit of focus on her attraction to her husband how she wanted him to notice her before they got together etc but the first time there's any acknowledgment that they'd had sex was when she was worrying about being pregnant It's not like I wanted a sex scene but Isabel focused on and described a lot of first experiences along the way so it felt peculiar that this got skipped The pacing was weird throughout for meStuff I appreciated or liked It was nice to have a protagonist who was half Chilean half African and that wasn't fetishized or lingered upon like she was exotic or anything a nice change for female led science fiction Similarly the occasional Spanish asides were not clumsily translated or wedged into places that made no sense It felt appropriate When a new person came to Gwynwood for the first time in a long time you could really feel how shocking this was because of how familiar everyone's become with one another There's a cool statement about how Isabel is taking college classes and reading books as if she's being educated for civilization but that their society is in survival mode There's an interesting discussion of homosexuality in the book A newcomer is suspected by the protagonist's father as being gay and Isabel is confused about why that would be wrong even if it's true while her dad apparently killed somebody for suggesting he might be gay or hitting on him or something And of course he incorporated religion into his interpretation of what kind of love is allowed while Isabel did too and came to a different conclusion I liked how Isabel kept mice and at one point they were going to set them free and the babies ran out of the cage eventually but the mother stayed behind and even when she was taken out of the cage she went back in it There are a lot of parallels there It was kind of cool that there were so many references to The Little Prince and of course the Bible particularly the Garden of Eden before Isabel and Daniel ended up in their own sort of mini planetgarden This is just a weird book for me I think I don't have strong feelings about it It just kinda felt like a lot of stuff that happened to some people and some of it was done well and other parts of it felt stitched together or half formed and I just don't really have much to say about it

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    This book was a favourite of mine in my late teensearly 20's and I haven't read it for about 20 years so I thought I'd go back and see if it still resonated with meI think so now The protagonist is a woman of colour who is intelligent courageous and yearns to be an educated woman while still having solid interpersonal relationships The surrounding characters are diverse in race religion class and physicalintellectual ability without being one dimensional The story uestions humanity without laying blame at any one group of people covers issues like race sexuality reproductive freedom ableism interfaith communities the environment women's rights and roles and a multitude of othersIt's well fleshed out a complex plot line that never grows predictable or cliché the narrative voice feels familiar and personal and the settings are beautifully describedA really good read

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    A small community is isolated when the world blows up and only a few enclaves are saved by aliens Did the aliens cause this? What are the survivors to do?The enclaves are somewhat protected from the toxicity of the rest of the world but not entirely; radiation in groundwater makes all their water and crops dangerous and yet one must eatWhat did the aliens do? What do they think they're doing now? Everyone wonders and diverse people react very differently to the situationsThis is not a save the universe sort of novel; it's meditative and human scale Characters grow and change; the aliens may or may not be comprehensible; and the plot threads weigh different factors with understandable flaws all aroundIn short I guess I'd call it a novel about curiosity and compromise

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    Not sure why I continued through to the end There was religion that I need in a novel the uakers were like the Amish than any uakers I've met but what do I know? There were also medical details than the story needed but I suppose some get off on that The story itself is actually fine The real problem is that there is not a character in the book about whom I cared At all None of them were compelling

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    Fascinating and thoughtful book about uaker survivors of a nuclear holocaust and their relationship with mysterious extraterrestrial keepers Lots of ruminating on religion science agriculture and marriage which makes it reminiscent of another favorite science fiction novel The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell Bonus Slonczewski is a biology professor at Kenyon

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    A good cautionary tale that camouflages itself as an alien invasion story Wall Around Eden is a story that is acceptable for nearly anyone It's simple enough to read in Junior High but has enough meat on it to keep the attention of adult scifi or fantasy fans

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    Oh I'm such a sucker for a post apocalyptic novel written by a pacifist I love the nebulousness of what is really good and what is really evil I love that it's set in Pennsylvania where i grew up Also I love uakers uite a shift from her Elysium novels NO microbes to speak of

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    Charming Reflective Geometric All things I like Aliens communication barriers physical barriers and smart bad ass young women figuring shit out Could do without Daniel’s virtue ethics but the uaker presence is super interesting

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    Available on Open Library

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    If you want an easy science fiction read Joan Slonczewski is never the author for you But if you want a science fiction read heavy on the biological sciences and tackle complex social issues Slonczewski may well be worth your timeThe Wall Around Eden is a stand alone novel that takes place 20 years after the 6 Minute War in a not too distant which is now our past given that this book came out in 1989 Our main character is Isabel a very smart young woman who has idealized the past she never knew and wants to fight back against aliens who have trapped her small American town behind a dome of air Isabel's life is one of conflicting facts that she learns in school and from books and the rumors about the war and the aliens These conflicting sources of information are one of the most challenges aspects of the book for the reader because we ourselves can never know what is real what is imagined and what is observedThe town of Gwynwood Hill is doing okay considering that right outside their air dome they can see hundreds if not thousands of skeletons of humans and animals who died during Nuclear Winter Life isn't easy but for some reason their alien captors allow some trade between themselves and the city of Sydney in Australia We learn that there are other generally small enclaves of likewise air domed communities but one of the greatest mysteries of the book is why Sydney such a large urban center would be allowed to survive let alone allowed to trade if the aliens had committed genocide against humanity the most common of the rumors The aliens oddly called angelbees they don't look like either and the reasons for the name seem unsatisfying allow medication news and ornaments to travel between locations though only Sydney is mentioned as a trade partner for Gwynwood Hill Food trade seems very rare and the only doctor in town Isabel's mother is always measuring radiation and limiting what they can eat drink where they can grow food and what they can use from the tradesYet the entire town is run like a Plain uaker community enough though we are told there are Lutherans and at least one Catholic to begin Why are uakers and their beliefs in charge? Is it a matter of pure population? Is the community treated better under their rule? This is never really explained We know that other surviving towns are run in other ways yet we aren't completely sure whyThe why and the truth are not something you should expect in this novel We end up with uestions than we begin but that is likely on purpose since the story is about the psychological and social survival than an objective snapshot of a post nuclear war society However not every reader will appreciate the increasing number of uestions and the lack of facts about the war or even what is happening around the world When I told my partners about this book they said it sounded horrible yet I was thrilled to have so much to think aboutA big downside for me is that the group of survivors seems a bit too conveniently educated for one small community Perhaps this is why their community was saved but with all the highly educated people and even a fairly complex schooling system they seem very dependent on the Pylon that the angelbees use to control the town and their trade with Sydney I also found Isabel oddly stubborn about this idealized past that frankly didn't reflect the education she was getting or the attitudes of the adults around herThis is a challenging read so do not get it if you aren't up to several days of slow reading lots of thinking and accepting that there are answers you simply will not get

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