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The Runaway in Oz

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The Wogglebug Castle in the Air adrift angering Fanny the Weathe Witch and causing her friends all kinds of worryBefriended by Popla the world's strongest Pow Plant and a runaway student named Alexampl Scraps' adventures.

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Take her to new heights as she sai over Oz in the Castle in the Air But will th runaway Patchwork Girl ever return to OzWith over 100 high spirited black and white illustrations by today's most popular Oz artist Eric Shano.

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Here is Neill's long lost fourth Oz book finally published to the joy of Oz fans everywhereWhen Scraps the Patchwork Girl of Oz gets angry and decides to run away from home she lands in on predicament after another setting.

About the Author: John R. Neill

John Rea Neill November 12 1877 September 19 1943 was a magazine and children's book illustrator primarily known for illustrating than forty stories set in the Land of Oz including L Frank Baum's Ruth Plumly Thompson's and three of his own His pen and ink drawings have become identified almost exclusively with the Oz series He did a great deal of magazine and newspaper illustratio

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    When John R Neill died in 1943 after writing three Oz books the manuscript of this book was left without illustrations and unpublished Preserved by Neill's family for over 50 years Eric Shanower finally editing it and provided his own marvelous black and white drawings to bring it to press At the time of his death Neill had illustrated all but the first Oz book and his illustrations have come to define the people and land of Oz to generations of readers Shanower's illustrations follow in Neill's style improving if that is possible on the work of the master The story evolves around the theme of anger and its effects as Scraps the Patchwork Girl in a fit of anger decides to run away Scraps is a living life size doll that was introduced by LFrank Baum in the novel The Patchwork Girl of Oz She was created by Dr Pipt with his amazing Elixir of Life that brings anything to life on which it is sprinkled including the Wooden Sawhorse Jack Pumpkinhead and the Gump Originally designed to be obedient and submissive Scraps brain was surreptitiously redesigned by Ojo He felt it would be unfair for a living creature to only have a servile brain and he added lots of brain powders that made Scraps one of the most interesting beings in OzUpsetting many of the people she runs into Scraps still manages to befriend Popla the Power Plant who is possibly the most unusual character in a land known for its strange inhabitants Popla is the strongest plant in the world and grows alone on a windswept mountaintop Scraps finding a flowerpot takes the Power Plant who has never left the spot where she first sprouted on a exciting and enjoyable journey Together they travel on Scraps spoolicle a bicycle with wooden spools for wheels and through their adventures a lasting friendship is created that dissolves Scraps anger Anyone who has ever enjoyed an Oz book will love this uniue contribution to the Oz corpus

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    The Runaway in Oz is a splendid book about Scraps The Patchwork Girl and her continuing misadventures It was John R Neill's fourth and final writing effort in the land over the rainbow He nailed it I've read his third Oz tale Lucky Bucky in Oz I prefer this one It is less clunky flows nicely and he masters Scraps's characterThink of The Runaway as The Patchwork Girl of Oz Part Two She's the star even so than in her self titled debut novel Neill died before he could do final edits and illustrate the book Eric Shanower illustrated the book and uite fantastically His pictures recapture the fun liveliness and uniueness of Oz and its inhabitantsOne noticeable absence is the Scarecrow He's been Scraps's love interest for decades The two even married in a short children's book titled The Patchwork Bride of OzScraps encounters some new characters Popla the power plant Alexample Fanny the weather witch and the Twinkler Professor Wogglebug Jack Pumpkinhead and Jenny Jump round out the book's main character listIf you enjoy the Oz books then I highly recommend this book

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