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    Nathan’s Run by John Gilstrap is a thriller that was originally published in 1996 and is now being republished With the main character of the story only being twelve Nathan’s Run was considered a young adult thriller however the content was very much adult and mature so that has landed the book on many a ban list in the last twenty years This new publication of the novel has cleaned up the content a bit making it young adult friendly but the story is still one for a mature audiencePolice are called in to investigate a savage killing at a juvenile detention center in Virginia and upon first inspection the suspect in the killing is twelve year old Nathan Bailey After the guard had been found murdered it was found that Nathan was also missing from the facility leading to a hunt to find himNathan had ran but the situation wasn’t as simple as the police seemed to think it had been Instead Nathan had only defended himself and ran away scared but now with everyone looking for him and no one believing he was innocent of the crimes he was originally accused of Nathan doesn’t know who to trust and turns to a call in radio show to hear his side of the storyHaving read a few books by John Gilstrap before I came into this with certain expectations and immediately found them true the story was once again a high octane thriller that begins immediately and keeps the fast pace throughout the book Even with a twelve year old lead the book should appeal to adults as the content is still an intense thrill ride with mature content Definitely another intense edge of your seat read from this author that has me looking forward to picking up I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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    My school district banned it I read it on principle

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    I rarely read mysteries or police stories but I recently borrowed this book on tape unabridged from the library to listen to in the car and it was completely successful in my opinion which is why I give it 5 stars Not only did I come to care about the two main characters Nathan and the police lieutenant but the story the author tells was so gripping that I took a few unnecessary trips in the car just so I could listen Even though I considered some aspects of the plot a little far fetched they were put together and presented with great skill

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    12 year old Nathan Bailey kills a guard in the juvenile detention center and flees leading to a massive manhunt He confesses his guilt on a radio talk show hosted by Denise aka the Bitch but claims he acted in self defense The local cops have no leads as Nathan makes a run for it in a stolen car leaving an apology for its owner and washing the sheets where he slept Things deteriorate as additional cops are killed and Nathan is blamed Gilstrap's first novel a thrill ride

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    For a book that is about 20 year old wasn't all that bad Here we have Nathan a 12 year old boy who wound up in a youth detention center for stealing his uncle's car During that time he winds up killing a detention guard and then in a sheer panic he escapes the center According to him it was self defense but the authorities are calling him a dangerous murderer And so Nathan runsYou are taken through a journey through the eyes of a 12 year old boy I picked up this book simply because I was waiting for some library books to come in Nothing all that surprising the kid has some really 'good luck' along the way and could of use a little bit better of an ending A fast easy read 20 years old I like this kind of read every once in a while after all those psycho serial killer body parts all over the place types of books that I tend to love so much

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    If I could only jump inside those pagesThis book was fantasticand heart wrenchingand so unbelievably suspenseful I loved itNathan won my heart in this one I wanted to jump through the pages of the book and help him I would have if I could haveAt only 12 years old Nathan is on the runfrom everyone including the law As I read and ran right along side Nathan I shared his journey and his experience Little Nathan showed me the heart and the courage of a lion I was so touched by himJust one warning Nathan shares with the reader a rough and dark history that is hard to read and imagine But it is well worth it This story was just incredibleFive stars

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    Here's a list of books I've read that have something in common Watchers by Dean Koontz It by Stephen King Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card Shadowland by Peter Straub Boy's Life by Robert R McCammon Horns by Joe Hill Strangewood by Christopher Golden Far Dark Fields by Gary BraunbeckI read Watchers and Shadowland back in the 80s when I was in high school; Lost Boys and Boy's Life within the past ten years; It Horns Strangewood and Far Dark Fields within the past two years Every single one of these novels on this short—yet probably not exhaustive—list have one particular thing in common They all elicited the same reaction from me as I read the final chapters Tears streaming down my face Not just watery eyes not just a tear or two I'm talkin' open the floodgates the dam has burst wide open kind of tears I'm sure other novels have done it to me but these half dozen are the ones that I can name within five secondsNow there's another story to add to my list— Nathan's Run by John Gilstrap I won't bore you with a plot synopsis you can get that on Goodreads Mr Gilstrap's website etc except to say that twelve year old Nathan is on the run for his life And what a run it is There are chase novels all over the place It's a classic set up for a suspense novel The good guy is on the run chased by the bad guy Sometimes the good guy is completely good sometimes he's not Sometimes he's chased by bad guys who want him dead and sometimes he's chased by good guys who also want him dead This is Nathan's predicament And he's only twelve Some would say that a child on the run in imminent danger is going for the cheap thrill as Gene Siskel accused the movie Aliens of doing Siskel's point was there was no way that Newt the little girl in Aliens was going to die so there was no suspense I say watch John Connor run and fight for his life as the Terminator relentlessly hunts him down and tell me there's no suspense there There was plenty of it for me just like in Aliens So yeah I'm all for the child in danger plot device as it works fine for meThat device works exceptionally well in Nathan's Run especially as Gilstrap gives it a few twists of his own And that's what exceptional storytelling does Take a hackneyed plot twist it and let the characters live it out Gilstrap does that to perfection here Good storytelling also does something else It makes peripheral characters matter There are plenty of such characters in Nathan's Run and though most of them had only one or two scenes none of them felt like merely two dimensional space fillers All of them served a purposed to move the story forward and it was rewarding to see each of them in the context of their lives living and breathing and talking like normal people I finished Nathan's Run this morning Saturday November 28 2015 at 5 o'clock reading the last few chapters in my writing area by the light of my desk lamp the outside early morning darkness right next to me trying to seep in through the window and overtake the meager light What an apt metaphor for Nathan's situation I must give you one warning if you decide to read Nathan's Run which you should If you are a parent of a young boy Nathan's age particularly if you are a father be forewarned You just may find your emotions ambushing you in numerous places throughout the story I'll tell you as one who's read the story those ambushes may be uncomfortable at times but they are also rewarding What can you ask for from a piece of fiction?

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    John Gilstrap's Nathan's Run Pinnacle Books 2011 follows a twelve year old boy who ends up in juvie for a crime he didn't commit By a crazy fluke of luck well if killing a guard in self defense is luck he escapes Now all he can think to do is run from the police who think he's a murderer and the system who put him in jail when he didn't deserve itIt starts when Nathan's mother dies and then his father which puts him in the care of a violent drunken law breaking Uncle who sees Nathan as nothing than a meal ticket Nathan has been raised to be honest moral and believe in the goodness of people none of which helps him Without the Mean Gene to protect himself against hardened teen criminals he is beat up abused and targeted by everyone When one of the guards decides to kill him Nathan tries to defend himself and ends up killing the man Now the entire state sees him as a cop killer Nathan doesn't know what to do but knows he is never going back to the hellhole he escaped from even if he must die So he runsThis was a riveting story from first page to the last My only objection is the plethora of new characters even toward the end of the book This is a preference of mine than a negative and you can see I didn't deduct points Just pointing it outOverall this is highly recommended to anyone who loves to root for the underdog see good fight evil and get high out of a happy ending 

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    Having killed a guard in self defence in a detentions centre in which he had been place and with no one to trust Nathan tells his story to a talk back radio host and his run becomes a media event followed across the country Exciting and action packed to the very end

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    Fantastic storygreat ending I cried

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Efense Polite and articulate he unwittingly moves beyond the labels that have been thrust upon him incorrigible and violent criminal and becomes to the public at large what he is in real life; a young boy who's alone in the world pitted against forces too large for him to comprehendWith it's exceptional realism suspenseful narrative and an expertly conveyed sense of desperation Nathan's Run is destined to capture the attention of readers and provide John Gilstrap with a legion of fa. John Gilstrap's Na

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R reaching into today's headlines His compelling story is woven around two timely issues the ease with which the juvenile justice system warehouses kids and removes them from our collective consciousness and the ability of the news media to alter the public's view of individual criminal actsFueled by the fiery rhetoric of J Daniel Petrelli a local prosecutor with Senatorial ambitions the public is outraged at Nathan's cold bloodedness However Nathan declares that he killed in self d. 12 year old Nathan

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When twelve year old Nathan Bailey kills a guard at a juvenile detention center and runs away the evidence is clear The guard's murder is part of a brutal escape plan Declared incorrigible by a judge and sentenced to 18 months in the Juvenile Detention Center for stealing a car there's simply no other explanation Bailey's a thief a jail breaker and a murderer and he must be brought to justice Or so it seems In Nathan's Run first time novelist John Gilstrap displays a uniue talent fo. Nathan’s Run by

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A little bit about my background I've always been a closet writer As a kid I lived for the opportunity to write short stories I was the editor of my high school newspaper for a while the Valor Dictus Robinson High School class of 1975 until I uit You can't fire me I uit over a lofty First Amendment issue that seemed very important at the time My goal in fact was to become a j