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Vlucht Ando in de dagelijkse routing van zijn werk Maar wanneer hij autopsie moet verrichten op zijn vroegere rivaal Ryuji Takayama uit Ring. This is even be

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Sinds de verdringkingsdood van zijn zoontje lijkdt patholoog anatoom Mitsuo Ando aan vreselijke nachtmerries Om zijn verdriet te verdringen. I wasn't as imp Petit Larousse du chocolat nachtmerries Om zijn verdriet te verdringen. I wasn't as imp

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Komt hij bij toeval achter het bestaan van een onbekend of beter gezegd vergeten virus Het virus heeft te maken met een sinistere videoband. One year after

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    Huh Well that wasinteresting Overall I can say I enjoyed it But two things chipped away at the star rating 1 not enough creee py though a few scenes work incredibly well and 2 waaaaay too much solving of codes and clues and shop talk about genetics and DNA oh and these biological aspects are much strap on your suspension of disbelief fantastical than this guy's done his research science fiction with the emphasis on science There's some crazy ass theories going on in these pages and if you don't commit to just sit back and enjoy the ride you will not This is j horror not a medical thriller nor Isaac Asimov Reality bends and bends some Just go with itFor fans familiar with the Ring movies this is a pretty wild evolution of the original premise and curse It seems overly ambitious to me at this point without the meat to sustain it in a satisfying credible way But I'm willing to give Suzuki a chance and see what he can pull off in the final installment of the trilogy Loop One thing view spoileris the identity of the young woman coming out of Mai's apartment supposed to be a big reveal moment towards the end of the novel? I assumed immediately this is vengeful Sadako in the flesh And it also seemed fairly obvious to me that the only way she could be walking and talking is if she's the thing Mai gave birth to because we know Mai gives birth to something When Ando receives the fax and figures out the woman he's been shtupping is in fact Sadako his terror and bewilderment is way out of proportion to the reader's I felt like saying d'uh man pay attention hide spoiler

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    I wasn't as impressed with Spiral as I was with Ring I thought it was a slight step down but still a good book We meet some new characters in Spiral mainly Ando a coroner and his colleague Miyashita Similar to the last book with Asakawa and Ryuji these new characters form a duo who try to uncover the truth behind the mysterious deaths that occurred in Ring In this vein the story is somewhat derivative That being said Ring ends on a cliffhanger and that is not only resolved but becomes somewhat of a focal point of the story in SpiralOne thing I thought was incredibly bizarre was that Suzuki made references for the first 170 or so pages to characters and events in Ring and didn't provide much context making the story up to that point reliant on the reader having read Ring Then around 170 180 pages in he does a somewhat lengthy recap of everything that happened in Ring? I thought this was a bit clunky and would have made a lot sense as some sort of introduction at the beginning of the bookIn any case the story here is good though somewhat complicated and even confusing at times and I love Suzuki's writing style I don't recommend reading this if you haven't read Ring as the recap doesn't do that story justice but if you have it's essential to check this book out if nothing else to find out what happens with the cliffhanger from Ring

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    I didn't know what to expect from this one after reading RING One thing I DID NOT expect was what happened to Asakawa and his family While Ando was reading the RING report I did wonder if he was going to contract the virus that way But there was a lot else I couldn't have foreseen including the way that Sadako comes back into the world As soon as we found out that Mai had given birth and we saw that other mysterious woman emerging from Mai's apartment I basically figured that Mai had given birth to Sadako I totally did not foresee the return of Ryuji Nor the return of Ando's sonAnd the sheer wackiness of a plot where a new species the Sadako species where every new member of the species is Sadako makes me laugh but in a good way I have nothing bit admiration for Suzuki's totally out there plotlines What an imagination I don't have book 3 to read yet and that makes me sad But I will read it soonI would give this book 35 stars if we could give half stars but I figure 4 will do

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    This is even better than Ring and really takes things in a different direction from the movie versions Worth reading

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    Spiral is the seuel to Koji Suzuki's best selling Japanese horror novel Ring and also makes up the second book of a trilogy Most people know the idea of the first book because of the popular horror film that bears its name While both book and movie Ring manage to creep out the globe what we didn't know is that the author wasn't happy with just killing people seven days after watching a creepy video He had other plansAnd for better or worse they are spelled out in Spiral The plot starts immediately after the end of Ring A scientist is investigating the mysterious deaths of a handful of people including his friend who left evidence of a curse involved with watching a certain videotape The scientist discover that the curse may actually be something material and much devastating andThat's where I need to end it for anything else goes into spoilers territory Suffice to say Suzuki changed the rules in Spiral by giving us something new to scare us It often feels like a technological thriller and frankly the info on genetics and decoding started to bore me until it all started to come together to goose me out of my seat again There are two problems that made this installment a bit less than the first book First as already mentioned Suzuki gets a little carried away with coding and DNA for what is essentially a horror tale Second the first third of the novel retells the first book with only a little new information The attempt to make Spiral a stand alone book lessens its impact Yet all is forgiven when we find out the truth behind the Ring All in all a very different and worthwhile scare fest I'm all ready for Loop

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    Ah so here's Koji Suzuki's official seuel to Ring Not the crappy Hollywood seuel nor the crappy Japanese film seuel but the official continuation from the author of the original novel All right This is going to be awe wait it's a medical thriller?The curse is a result of the smallpox virus hijacking Sadako's DNA and using her psychic powers to imprint images on a videotape which in turn causes the viewer's DNA to mutate and produce of the There are a number of scenes in this book that are scarier than the novel Ring but their craft isn't enough to overcome the ludicrous contrivances of both science and plot that are necessary for the story to function There are so many coincidences in here it's ridiculous and though Suzuki seems to've heard of DNA his understanding of it is on a par with Brannon Braga

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    One year after they published the hardcover version of Ring in the US Vertical put out the first of several seuels Having read and reviewed Ring already I realized I'd never gone any further than the original novel and of course both the Japanese and US versions of the iconic movie Finally suffering from a bout of insomnia and needing something different from the standard horror I typically used to cleanse my palette before bedtime I snagged a digital version of Spiral and started goingRight up front I will say this one story wise isn't as good as Ring That first book had a great dynamic between the two main characters journalist Asakawa who has the story of a lifetime about four teenagers dying simultaneously in different parts of Japan fatefully plopped into his lap and his buddy Ryuji a first class asshole whose interest in the paranormal and willingness to go anywhere and do damn near anything to answer weird uestions makes for a non ideal but necessary relationship between protagonists Between Ryuji's devil may care attitude and Asakawa's contacts and credentials the pair can lope across the country in search of the solution to the cryptic puzzle involving a cursed video tape which promises to kill anyone who views it in seven days unless theySpiral picks up mere days after the concluding pages of Ring with Dr Ando Mitsuo In the middle of a painful divorce following the accidental death of his son Ando finds himself performing an autopsy on an old classmate of his Ryuji Takayama from the first book The professor was found dead in his apartment by Mai Takano his student assistantgirlfriend and the coroner's office needs to establish a cause of death After the grim business of determining Ryuji died due to the growth of a tumor within his coronary artery Ando and his assistant Mayashita begin investigating furtherThey start turning up evidence that makes little sense the tumor holds a virus reminiscent of smallpox a disease believed to be eradicated decades ago Further digging by the pair gradually reveals the story of the first book then builds on it by adding on new layers Ryuji isn't the only one who died of a sudden coronary the symptoms were shared by everyone else who came into contact with the video tape including all four of the original teenagers who succumbed to the curse and Asakawa's own wife and daughter who died in the car while on their way to visit his in laws Asakawa himself plowed into another car upon discovering they had died in the back seat and remains alive although completely incoherent after the accident in a local hospitalAndo begins to develop a relationship with Mai but after she misses a date with him he visits her apartment and talks to her family No one has seen her for several days and unfortunately it appears she found a copy of the cursed video among Ryuji's effects and watched it herself Prior to her disappearance she recorded over the entire tape with hours of daytime television thus destroying the last known copy of the video and presumably Sadako Yamamura's curse along with itIf onlyWhat Ando and Miyashita realize as they follow up their different leads is that Sadako's original 'curse' was far too slow to replicate and far too susceptible to being wiped out either deliberately or accidentally But the evidence now points to Sadako's curse evolving and mutating the dead girl having come up with a new way to rapidly propagate her revenge Dubbing a copy of a tape won't save anyone this timeand what could will have devastating conseuences to humanityWhile I didn't enjoy Spiral as much as I did Ring it was still a fun read Asakawa and Ryuji's jobs as reporter and professor gave the first book a folklore esue vibe Miyashita and Ando by contrast are scientists by profession leading this one to read like a Michael Crichton medicaltechno thriller There's also a lot of time devoted to code breaking in Spiral which left me feeling like I was reading a Japanese incarnation of The Da Vinci Code Nothing wrong with that by itself but the rich mystery and weird vibe of the first book took a back seat to potential scientific explanations of paranormal phenomena similar to Parasite Eve It's a pretty significant tone shift from the original book which was all about the WTF ness of paranormal horrorMy real problem with the story where I had to knock off a full star from a book that otherwise should have been another 4 out of 5 were the plot twists Not the twists themselves but rather their setup There are two major uestions hounding Ando throughout the story Both of these are set up well in advance of their reveals but unfortunately the answers are obvious than a six foot turd floating in a swimming pool Talking about them would be spoiling the story and I don't want to do that for anyone who might enjoy the book but trust me you'll figure out the answers to these two uestions long before Ando and Miyashita doAlso in case you somehow weren't convinced Ryuji was a flaming hemorrhoid of a human being by the end of Ring you certainly will by the time you close the covers on Spiral Seriously 'asshole' doesn't even begin to cover it That's a damn impressive feat to pull off when you start the book dead but Suzuki manages it anyway Great gaping arseholes the balls on this guySeuels have a tough time working and the seuel to any story as crazy as Ring would always have its work cut out for it However I gotta give props to Suzuki for turning everything on its ear and making the reader uestion everything he or she assumed after the conclusion of the original novel Its said the best seuels up the ante for both the protagonists and the readers and Spiral certainly does just that It's not as good a story as its predecessor but as a work that completely forces the reader to reinterpret everything they took for granted about the first entry it succeeds beyond all reasonable expectationsThree circular viral proteins out of five

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    The most shocking part of this alleged shocker was the observation that Miyashita's intuition was sharper than one would have guessed from his rotund physiue It could always be a shoddy translation but it's exceedingly hard to tell whether the repeated bigotry towards women especially is that of the repulsive characters or the author himself While the characters of Ring were perhaps eually dislikable the brilliant pacing and tension surrounding the investigation overshadowed the significance of characterisation especially thanks to the seven days deadline Threat is omnipresent as you would expect from a good thriller Not so in Spiral where truly awful doctors evolution is like totally mysterious Who knows how it really works spend their time playing detective over puzzles that anyone who knows what the words virus and mutation mean will be able to solve pages before our intrepid doctors doIt would be nice to be able to judge Spiral without comparing it to Ring – the book however doesn't give you that luxury as the first TWO THIRDS consist of our valiant doctors trying to figure out the plot of the first book which is finally summarised across three chapters the sorry highlight of this mistake of a novel is getting to re read the story of Ring again It even gets to the point when the characters themselves perhaps in a misjudged postmodernist flourish on Suzuki's part begin to compare their adventure to that of the Ring's characters Even if he failed to solve the case he wasn't afraid of coming to any particular harm as a result In that his situation was fundamentally different from Asakawa and Ryuji's Fundamental indeedTragically things start to get interesting in the epilogue when Suzuki returns to the media savvy connections between his work and pop culture that made Ring so smart ie self reflexivity that works Not enough I leave with you two key uotationsOnly remotely interesting female character dies How many times had he fantasised about holding her and feeling that skin against his? Now he'd never have the opportunity Now she was a wasted waxen corpse young girl dead now I can't have sex with her what a tragic waste woe is me and my poor poor penisMaybe I ought to tell you one thing before I go Why do you think human culture progressed? People can endure almost anything but there's one thing they just can't survive Man is an animal that can't stand boredom And that's what set the whole thing off In order to escape boredom humanity had to progress and so did the plot of this spiral into apathetic disdain

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    This wasn't what I was expecting Based on the ending of Ring I thought they had figured out why Asakawa hadn't died because he'd copied the video and shown it to Ryuji Granted there wasn't a lot of evidence for this hypothesis but it made sense to me so I didn't really uestion it I thought Spiral would show and people copying the video until things spun out of control In the end something similar did happen but via a very different pathAt the start of the book when I learned Asakawa was comatose from a car accident I was worried Spiral would re tread a lot of the same ground from Ring since Ando would have to learn from scratch everything Asakawa had learned Fortunately though Ando was able to find Asakawa's records Spiral did start from scratch in some respects since a lot of what Asakawa concluded was incorrect but at least that's interesting to read aboutMy main complaint about Spiral is that it was too weird and didn't make enough sense That might seem like a strange criticism after Ring but somehow the mystical elements of Ring were a lot easier for me to accept A video that makes you die a week after watching it is a cool idea and copying he video made sense to me as a charm to avoid death The psychic imprinting took a little getting used to but I was okay with it by the end Spiral felt like it went off the deep end though Sadako could imprint her genetic code onto the video and cause any viewers to carry a virus which is a new level of implausible beyond just imprinting mental imagery The new explanation of why Asakawa didn't die right away was a lot less satisfying than the old one he was being allowed to live in order to finish writing Ring? And Mai giving birth to Sadako within a week of conception was utterly bizarreI do still plan on reading Loop though since maybe it will clear up some of the things I didn't like about Spiral After all Spiral changed a lot that I had assumed true in Ring so maybe Loop will do the same thing again

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    I read Ring and Spiral in rapid succession and while I loved Ring I'm conflicted about Spiral It was definitely spookier and I enjoyed the way the story turned out especially the ending which was something I never would have predicted However some of the attempts to explain how the virus formed verged into wankery and I hated the info dumps and the inclusion of the DNA seuencing and whatnot What am I reading a Jodi Picoult novel?That said some of these problems may be due to translation issues or even cultural barriers And despite my issues I would definitely recommend both books