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    I just can’t say it enough I LOVE THIS SERIES I’m not sure it’s getting the attention it deserves If you haven’t read book one Soul Stripper stop what you’re doing and go get it It’s a PNR that every book lover must read The characters are great and I am invested in all of them The pace is fast the sex sizzles and the story lines don’t disappoint Soul Survivor starts pretty much where we left off in Soul Stripper Monica fallen angel and succubus with a touch of witch is still dealing with a broken heartmany broken hearts She just can’t seem to catch a break The reader travels back and forth through flashbacks to when it all began for Morgan how she fell from grace and ultimately how she became the succubus she is today I enjoyed discovering her beginnings It’s sad to see how naive and trusting she was It’s also enraging to see how things were never fully explained and shared with her until it was all too late It’s a wonder Morgan isn’t cynical to the world around her Especially after the realization that she’s been seemingly used by every man in her life It’s a bitter sweet story that endears her even to meThere is plenty of sexy time Unlike other books it seems secondary to the heart of Morgan’s character It’s her food not love Getting others to recognize this is often hard and doesn’t work well in relationships The plotline is a good one There are murders to solve and with a connection to many of the characters it causes a great mystery to the who and why of it all I won’t go into much detail as you can get the gist of it in the cover write up It’s a fantastic follow up to book one and I CANNOT WAIT until book three Soul Surrender is released in April of 20145 STARS for an amazing series by an amazing writerTRelease Date September 24 2013Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewwwwktbookreviewscom

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    The second book in the Soul Stripper series is an entertaining read full of suspense magic friendship and betrayalMonica once an angel and now a demon finds herself helping Detectives with a series of murders that might be linked to her past Action and suspense build throughout the story as they investigate the crimes while Monica also must avoid the bounty hunters after her do her other job for Lucien and take care of her hungersThe author has created a fantastic paranormal world with surprising twists and turns strong bewitching characters that mesmerize the reader and keep them thoroughly engaged in the story until the very end She switches between the present and past fluidly giving the reader the story of Monica’s past that is interwoven into the present conflict The plot is set at an energetic keep the reader’s attention pace that is believable and entertainingThe book is a wild ride with romance and hot steamy sex mixed with mystery and adventure I have not read the first one yet but the author gives us enough information to catch the reader up without giving away too much I will be reading the first one and impatiently waiting for the third oneI received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Another great installment to this erotic tale of a fallen angel turned succubus And this time we get a taste of a sexy elemental named Damien I thoroughly enjoyed his character and Monica the succubus is definitely a solid match for his desires Can't wait to see what happens with these two further into the series So much is happening in this book I was continuously on the edge of my seat I really loved all of the flashbacks to Monica's past and learning how she fell from angel to succubus And this book is somewhat about the past catching up to everyone Monica is a victim and I have to say I am not impressed with the so called men in her life that say they love her I was very disappointed in Jules John and Dejan they all have their own agendas and desires in mind and Monica's clearly comes second I have so much empathy for her character and how she battles with being forced into a way of life she never wanted and uite frankly does not deserve And she can't seem to trust anyone except for Drew The human she can never have without tarnishing his soul It truly sucks to be a succubus Sorry couldn't help myself This is so much than erotica it's got a little of everything I love in a book Great characters steamy moments that leave me grinning and a story that keeps you guessing until the very end This is not a stand alone you need to read book one Soul Stripper first before you can plunge into this one I am a big fan of this series and will be first in line for the next installment ARC provided by netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewFollow my blogwwwktbookreviewsblogspotcom

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    The least likable thing about this book is the main character The mystery that needed to be solved was interesting The other characters were likable The pacing was good and the sex scenes were hot But Monica’s actions and thought processes make no sense She’s a succubus but supposedly in a hooker with a heart of gold kind of way There’s only one problem she’s not actually a nice personMonica is a succubus so she needs sex the way we need food She prefers hot sex like we prefer delicious food That makes perfect sense However for someone madly in love with a man she sure does spend a lot of time screwing others Men who do not actually feed her so what is the point? Shouldn’t she be pining over her lost love instead Monica also has major issues with women She does not trust or like them It makes no sense because the story went into her past and it is revealed that the only people who have hurt and betrayed her are male Whether they be angel demon or human The people that have always helped her are female So why is she so twisted? She should revel in her succubus powers Being able to punish men who are no good I’m on the fence as to whether I would read the next book in the series Although I love the world that was built and I am interested in how the overall story ends it is really hard for me to focus when I can’t stand the heroine

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    ARC received through Netgalley 45 starsWell let me tell you that I didn't regret reading this book That was a great read and now I just want to put my hands on the third book Souls surrender Unfortunately I'll have to wait I didn't read the first book in the series but that wasn't a problem at all so if you have the possibility to read it but you hesitate because you haven't read the first one no need to worry Anyway the author captivated me right at the beginning and I was hooked until the end This book made me laugh and I liked the main character even if she's acting a little bitchy It's sort of refreshing though so that was fine by me And just because Adrienne is a angel she's supposed to be the good girl loved by everyone? I didn't like her and she annoyed me most of the time I just wanted her out of the picture However Georges and Damien were fun and frankly I still don't know which guy I want Monica to be with DejanDrewDamien? But with her being a succubus she isn't really monogamous but we would be surprised in the third book right? I recommend it if you like that kind of book

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    Phwoar That was my instant reaction after finishing this book uickly followed by I hope the next book is out I don't think I've been this excited about a new author since I read Kit Rocha Beyond Shame Katana Collins had me hooked from the end of chapter one and I was sunk I'm actually a bit miffed I started with book 2 of the series because I want Monica is a succubus from Las Vegas who was once an angel She is a wickedly fun leading lady who makes no apologies for the fact that she needs sex to survive In fact the innocent and good a person is the better her sexual hit Weird? It could have been but Collins writes Monica in such frank way that what could come off as sleazy or overdone just becomes another uirk a supernatural needs to survive I've often found succubi in books too sexual and kind of evil but this succubi is a hot to trot modern girl straight up Does Monica enjoy sex? HELL YEAH But she is often frustrated by how sex is reuired for survival and how it screws argh pun her possible relationshipsIn this second installment of the Soul Stripper did I mention she is also a stripper? series we find a trail of murders that Monica is sucked into because of this chick Adrienne who is a police officer and formercurrent girlfriend of Monica's love interest Drew Adrienne is a recently turned angel due to something that happened in book one Drew is surfer boy cute and runs the coffee shop where Monica works They had sex once but he felt it was cheating on Adrienne even though they were practically broken up Love triangles these days Drew is fully human and doesn't know his gf is an angel Monica is a succubus and Damien is an elemental Damien is the side kickpartner of Adrienne Anyway the deaths all connect to Salt Lake City which is where the whole gang ends up and after an incident on the plane Monica realizes this trip is definitely not going to be as straight forward as it appearedThroughout this present day story we also get flashbacks to Ireland during the middle ages and some back story on Monica when she was an angel This other angelic Monica adds another layer to the character that shows that female characters are dynamic than the typical bad girl good girl bollocks In Monica's flashbacks we meet Julian her angelic mentor Dejan the vampire servant Carmen frost extraordinaire and Lord John Buckley a sorcerer that causes trouble than he's worth Obviously this is connected but I'm not going to tell you how because I think you should read this book In fact start with the first one There is a definite twist and the ending kind of left me on a ledge but I loved itI adore the Monica who is totally kick ass confused and figuring shit out Drew I am not as sold on but this may be because I haven't read the first book I don't really understand Monica's infatuation with him because he doesn't seem like the sort of guy I would pair her with for unreuited love He comes across as too goodinnocent with a heavy helping of Prince Charming I think a strong character like Monica deserves a strong male counter part who challenges her and is her eual Drew seems to be that pretty toy on the shelf that gives good sex and seems like the ideal guy Pfffffft Give Monica a Curran I say Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series reference for those of you who don't know who Curran is The ending leaves the stage open to many possibilities and I plan on discovering them as soon as the next book hits release Katana Collins has firmly locked herself on my list of favourite authors and I'm literally counting the days until I can start the next bookxxxGeorgeA HUGE thank you to NetGalley Katana Collins and Kensington Books for the copy You made my week

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    Soul Survivor Katana CollinsArc supplied via Netgalley Having discovery fantasy novels were not all star trek type genres a few years back I became an addict eagerly devouring books about vampires werewolves and witches The few about Succubi though I ignored I need to empathise with my heroines and I just didn't see how I could with someone whose needs made sucking peoples life force out a necessity But I love Richelle Meads Vampire Academy novelseven though its YA and the Dark Swan series so after putting of the Georgia Kincaidsuccubus series for ages I tried the first one – and was hooked I learned it is possible for authors to make a succubus a character to love Then I found Jill Myles Succubus Diaries and after that anything with succubi had joined my fantasy list So when I saw this one I decided it looked goodIt was good – I wasn't sure at first not having read the first novel Soul Stripper and I found it difficult to place exactly who was where in the story It reminded me very much of Georgia Kincaid and I didn't want to read something that was really the same story done a little differently Then it began to diverge and I understood about how the characters fitted in to each other and I so much want something to happen so Drew and Monica can be together that sort of forbiddenfrustrated love comes through so well even though he's now with angel AdrienneI just can't take to her but love Monica The other characters too gel together well and give us a great mix of different talents to utilise the supernatural angle to its fullest There's a mystery to be solved which places Monica in danger and the story is told with flashbacks to her past as an angel and how she became a succubus I wasn't sure at first how well that would work I’ve enjoyed it in other books but it did seem here that just as I got into one part we'd go back to past and just as I got to grips with that we'd move forward again I think that was my problem though not the book in that I hadn't read the first book I did read the sample and would love to read all of it but its not a cheap one at 7 uid and I’ve lots of books on my readingreview kindle collection so reluctantly decided not to buy I think if I’d read that one this story would have flowed better Despite that though I was hooked by 20% or so and avidly consumed the rest of the story As with all good stories I wanted to get to the end to see the finale and yet was sad too as I wanted to enjoy the story for longer Its definitely a keeper and one that I’ll re read multiple times – when I’ve some spare cash I WILL read the first book and am waiting eagerly for the next A reviewer mentioned book one could be read as a stand alone so it is with this book It ties in all lose ends from this novel while still keeping to the overall story arc of the series There is a satisfying conclusion and there's also endings left open that I suspect and hope will be the beginnings of the next book Priced at £683 for 353 pages509kb its not cheap but is a good uality read for fantasy lovers and will bear multiple reads which increases the VFM Stars well despite my reservations at the beginning this turned out top be a five star read

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    I got an ARC and this is my honest review of the bookJust whenever I think that I have read everything out there and just when I think that no other book could surprise me I get proven wrongAnd still it never ceases to amaze meThis is my first book reading from Katana Collins and though it is the second in the series of soul stripper I can assure you that it is a joy to read It is the way the author was able to put her words down that pulled me in the beginningYes I agree there are way too many paranormal romances out there but with Katana’s soul stripper series it brings a whole new direction in my eyesMonica is a succubus and the main character Having been an angel in the past this succubus knows exactly what she is doing She is a strong independent girl who has to sleep with men to maintain her life on earth There is a catch sleeping with pure souls is better Katana has managed to characterize Monica vibrantly and it will make you connect with her Monica’s love or rather lust or care for another character named Drew just melts me The moment when they meet and you can see the pure jealousy radiating around the roomToo bad he has a girlfriend and she cannot sleep with him without draining a few days off his life Can Monica’s life get any harder?Throughout the book we are introduced to the past as well as the present and in between realizing that someone is after katana and her friendsThe love triangle in this book is so good It gave me the good shivers and it certainly deserves the four stars I loved every minute of reading it I only have a few complains that I believe the rest of the world will have too• I wantI mean I demand Drew and Monica to find a way to be togetherplease• And for Damien whoooooothe room just got a little hotter and I have to fan myself This controlling man with deadly good looks and power is a man to watch outKatana you have certainly hooked me to your world It was a pleasure reading it and I certainly recommend it to all of you out there with a need of something fun classy paranormal and romance with erotica intertwinedA tremendous four shivering stars

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    Monica continues to adjust to being a half angel and half succubus She is also adjusting to not having Drew or Julian in her life as much as she used to It is a big adjustment for her because she is always using to going to them for help or when she needed advice It is hard because she really does not like change but she is adjusting as well as she can be expected There is a series of murders happening and one of the victims has her family crest tattooed on their wrist The other victims have either Drew’s or Julian’s crest on them She decided she needed to figure out what is going on and who is killing her family decedents She never counted on part of her past coming back to haunt her It is the specific part of her past that she wishes that she can completely forget It is the part where she became who she is now How she specifically fell from heaven and became half angel and half succumbs; or as people would call her a succubus with a soul Not many people knew exactly how Monica came to be who she is and she did not know who to trust with it So she decided not to tell anyone and let the pieces fall where they may She found out some things about herself as well as the company she keepsIn the end things go back to the way they were She returns to her stripping job and her friends do not think any different of her She is just knowledgeable about who she is and that her past makes her who she is and she embraces thatI love the first book and completely fell for this book as well I love when authors continue characters story so that we find out how they live I cannot wait to see if the author continues this story and see if the characters find their happily ever after

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    If Soul Stripper teased us Soul Survivor has swept us uivering all the way to the edge Sometimes the past is best forgotten and for fallen angel turned succubus Monica a few centuries is than enough time to forget the specific details of her fall from grace That is until bodies start turning up mutilated and bearing the crest of her family as well as others of her inner circle From Sin City to the City of the Saints Monica with the help of Elemental Damien newly winged Angel Adrienne and a very reluctant Drew begins the task of investigating and tracking the murders to their gruesome culprit But look behind you girl because while you're hot on the trail of a killer don't let that hit suad on your heels slip your mind Collins has outdone herself delving into the past then charging full steam ahead on another sexy wild ride It was HOT It was terrifying It was AWESOME And now those of us left uivering on that oh so delicious edge are left breathlessly waiting for Soul Surrender Will she set us free? Will this succubus regain her halo? Drew? Damien? Oh so many tantalizing uestions

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Soul Survivor Soul Stripper #2

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Ing with her broken heart any day of the week Monica has no interest in being near both her ex lover and his new girlfriend so she's not thrilled when she's asked to join them in investigating a string of murders tha. The least likable thing about this book is the main character

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With immortality comes a craving that can't be satisfied a need never fulfilledOnce an angel now a demon Monica is still a succubus with an insatiable desire for sex The the better Soul stealing orgasms beat out deal. The second book in the Soul Stripper series is an entertainin

Download í E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Katana Collins

T are clearly beyond the pale But when she sees that one of the victims has her Celtic family crest carved on his arm she realizes she may finally find the answers to her past she's been searching for all these years. Monica continues to adjust to being a half angel and half suc

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