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Ighlander she saw at a ballHow does a desperate lady convince a reluctant laird that she's the perfect bride for him She strikes a wager If she can find seven husbands for seven sisters the earl must marry herDuncan has no inten. Duncan the Earl of

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With seven troublesome half sisters to marry off Duncan the Earl of Eads has one problem he's brokeWith the prospect of marriage to the pompous local curate Miss Teresa Finch Freeworth has one dream to wed instead the handsome H. She wanted to be t

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Tion of wedding the meddlesome maiden and he gives her a deadline even the most audacious matchmaker can't meet one month But Teresa sets terms too with each bridegroom she finds the earl must pay her increasingly intimate rewar. I don’t usually

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    She wanted to be the spring ewe to his ram She wanted to be the nectar in the bud to his hummingbird’s probe She wanted him to make her a woman in this hothouseum Say what? Ok let's backtrack here When the Earl of Eads had stared at her across that ballroom in Londonhe hadn’t even glanced at her bosomthe earl had not given her bosom even a flicker of interest He had stared at her faceShe liked that about himOh Teresa honey if that's a reason for you to fall in love with this man you really need to sort out your priorities And by love I mean insta loveHum let's backtrack some How to Marry a Highlander also known as Seven Grooms for Seven Sisters You might be thinking aghast you can't fucking fit all that AND the love story into a decent novella You would be correct This would be an ambitious premise for a full length book It fails spectacularly as a novella but it has its many moments of utter hilarity For example the tiny bit of zen as Duncan struggles fitfully and ultimately unsuccessfully to maintain his inner calm and not completely lose it in the wee hours of the morning as the household explodes into the chaos of a mess of loud noisy young women all talking at once Epic just epicHeroine Teresa Finch Freeworth Right off the bat she admits that she's got a pretty good life but still she lives insigh unenviable circumstances Why? Well umok she's not poor she's nowhere near poor having a respectable dowry she has distant but caring parents with an income of two thousand pounds per annum she takes yearly trips to London she has wonderful siblings she's got brains and an imagination But still she's got prooooooooblems maaaaaaaaan#richregencygirlproblemsUm so what's the problem? Oh it's so sad So utterly distressing However shall one live with one's self? It had left her remarkably frustrated and not a little despondent For good reason Lord Eads had once seen her stared at her across a ballroom with great intensity and admiration and perhaps even longing that left her breathless then promptly left London without seeking her acuaintance; he now resided on his estate in Scotland; a lady could not kiss a man from 300 miles away; and she was beginning to forget what he looked likeOh nooooooo Oh pleaseI understand insta love and its reason for existence in romance novels I understand the need to communicate to the reader of that spark that crucial moment in time that sends a shiver down your spine that beginning of a series of events that lead into and ultimately becomes a grand love story This novella is not an example of such It is insta love It's not even insta love It is insta lust It is Teresa losing her mind falling in love unreasonably with a man she has never seen before never talked to With one single glance across a room in one single moment she supposedly feels this connection so deeply as to obsess over it Just the memory of that one moment has her throwing away every sense of decorum and thought to her future She is willing to risk her ruination in society the scandal that could attach itself to her family for a ghost of a chance at the man she sees across a room She has clung to this moment and dreamt about it over for well over a year I find it implausible and I find the heroine foolishLust The thought of the virile masculine chiseled Earl of Eads makes Teresa tingle makes her feel warm in places she never knew existed makes her want to do unspeakable things she peeked at himand saw precisely what she wished to chew his jaw Then she would nibble his chin OM NOM NOM Scotsmen it's what's for dinnerTeresa hears that the Earl of Eads is back in Ton and runs away to London to meet him Privately Against all sense of propriety and against all sense really The Scottish Earl of Eads has a shady bad reputation He's also penniless with seven unmarried half sisters to marry off Such a prize Teresa shows up uninvited unchaperoned at his house and begs to marry him On the one hand I admire her initiative I admire her acknowledgment of her sexuality On the other hand she is such a fucking idiot She literally begs him to marry her My dear have some fucking pride in yourself I suffered tremendously from secondhand embarrassment as she wheedles plots begs Duncan to marry her all that cultivating in some nonsensical idiotic scatterbrained plot to find husbands for ALL OF HIS SISTERS if he will just marry her Ok she'll take less than that For example if she is incompetent and only finds him only 3 husbands could he please finger fuck her? And if she only manages to find five he can do her the favor of taking her virginity Please? Pretty please? And while she's at it she'll kiss the fucking hems of his kilt too And probably lick his boots bending over backwards begging for This girl is just beyond thirsty Where's your goddamn pride woman? It was utterly cringeworthy for me to read the first part of this novellaThe plot of finding seven husbands is a far far stretch and honestly it didn't work for me Teresa didn't do anything Deus ex machina She just happened to be there with the bet in place while all these things and these meet cutes were happening Duncan's reason for falling in love with her is beyond a stretch of the imagination; their interaction left me cold There is physical lust certainly but there is nothing that sets us up for the inevitability of the two falling in love It's a thinly contrived plot that falls through utterlyRead this for a laugh; don't expect anything beyond that

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    4 sexy charming swoon worthy stars The Story Teresa doesn't want to marry the vicar so she takes husband hunting into her own hands Her sight is set on Duncan Earl of Eads a man she only saw once from across a ballroom eighteen months earlier Even though he's practically penniless there's something about him that compels her to seek him out and make him an offer of marriage he can't refuse Except much to Teresa's dismay refuse is exactly what he does Not easily dissuaded Teresa proposes a wager; she'll find husbands for five of the Earl's step sisters within a month's time with a token to be paid upon each successful betrothal a kiss for one an inappropriate grope for another and so on until marriage or at the very least bedding will be her reward My Review This is such a fun story and fans of historical romances starring swoon worthy Scots will love How to Marry a Highlander Witty romantic sexy and clever it's one of the few novellas that is so good has such great characters and plot that the only way to make it better would have been to make it longerFor those wondering yes this works very well as a standalone though Duncan and Teresa were first introduced in How a Lady Weds a Rogue book three in this series Katharine Ashe is a talented writer and I'm excited to read of the Falcon Club My thanks to Avon books and Edelweiss for providing a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review It was a pleasure

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    This is the lightest tale I have ever read by Ashe It is a great foil to the dark previous book in this seriesWe meet Duncan in How a Lady Weds a Rogue and he is a villain of sorts He also happens to have a code of honor a tragic past and devilishly good looks Let's be honest these are the makings of a good romance heroTeresa is also in How a Lady Weds a Rogue and she is a loyal friend with a penchant for telling stories She has a flair for the dramatic and that shows through in this novella Some other reviewers pulled out snippets of her thoughts and proceed to make fun of them which is unfair Teresa is a storyteller and several of her thoughts can be taken out of context and made fun of mercilessly Teresa recognizes that she has a comfortable life but she longs for She makes up stories of love and romance but has never experienced these feelings herself When she sees Duncan at a ball her imagination goes wildIn a desperate move to escape the boring life she is heading toward she approaches Duncan with an outrageous wager She will find husbands for Duncan's seven sisters and in exchange he will pay her increasingly intimate rewardsBoth Teresa and Duncan recognize that the wager is silly but as they spend time together their chemistry comes to life This story gives a nod to seven brides for seven brothers which is also silly but no less charmingIf you find this story too light for your taste try another of Ashe's books This novella is a complete departure from her other work and shows that Ashe can write just about anything in romance The opening scene with Duncan and his sisters is pure comedic genius This story contains no angst and is about family joy and unexpected love It is sweet uncomplicated and a little silly but it sure is fun

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    This is one of the few Highlander books that I have read that doesn't deal with any fights for territorial land or a battle against good or evil The synopsis for the book is that a penniless Earl has to marry off seven of his sisters no small feat There is another Teresa Finch Freeworth what a mouthful that wants to be the wife of said Earl and will go to great lengths to win him over She comes up with a plan to get the 7 sisters hitched and they can live in Highlander blissFirst of all the idea of trying to find husbands for 7 sisters is really a stretch Second the denial of feelings by the Earl Duncan to Teresa was tiresome Third the throwing of herself to the Earl was really embarrassing Lastly the two main characters were uninspiredI wish this book had a lot laughs in it than it did Trying to marry all these sisters should have been lighthearted and fun There were too many serious moments in this book that hampered it It seemed like a lot going on but nothing really happened

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    I looooooved this novella XD I've been digging through my to read shelf for novella and I stumbled upon this one and oh how fun it was XD This book greatly resembled one of my favorite movies 7 brides for 7 brothers it was kinda the same but there was the main couple and the rest are 6 sisters XD I liked how the heroine was so bold going after what she wanted and the fact that she did it in front of his entire family was funny I liked the fact that the hero actually remembered her and like her he was constantly thinking about her it's so cute I liked watching how the rest of the family couple up and I have to say my favorite couple is the clumsy sister who can bake a mean cake to the French cook XD I liked the ending it was adorable for all of them actually Overall thumbs up

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    Duncan the Earl of Eads has seven half sisters to marry off Teresa Finch Freeworth wagers him her hand in marriage that she can get it done with side bets for 1 3 and 5 1 She gets six and then calls it off 2 The wager for five sisters was sex 3 I mention this because there is so little interaction between Duncan and Teresa that the fact they sleep together felt somewhat out of left field 4 While I didn't particularly like the blocks of this novella the writing was solid and I'm still intrigued by Ashe 5 Ugh dialect

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    I discover Mrs Katharine Ashe little by little as her work needs time to be fully appreciated it must be enjoyed like a tasty and delicious meal or a great wine it is my full French side in that is speaking And I’m never so happy to read with my kindle app else i would be lost in a dictionary trying to comprehend every new or unknown words I discoverI do remember now why I had it lined on my kindle shelves the blurbAnd what a read it was short but so witty and full of twists and turnsI loved both main characters Teresa tries to bring her dreams to life while Duncan decided dreams must stay dreams Plus add seven so different sisters to it and it was a ride with bumps and holesDespite its length it is a praise to Mrs Ashe’s talent

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    This is a novella and part of Katharine's loving series the Falcon Club I'm super super happy that I picked this baby up and read it Shall I say the synopsis was the thing that hooked me to this book rather than the smexy cover? LaaaaOkay so there's this English proper country miss Miss Teresa She has been incarrying an faction for a Scottish Earl Duncan for over a year after glimpsing him staring at her from across the room at a Lady B's ball back in book 3 of the series How a Lady Weds a Rouge And then he disappears back to ScotlandAnd so she devise a plan to marry him because 1 he has returned to London and 2 she didn't want to marry a country Reverend she's too wild for that you know and 3well if the Scottish Lord didn't want to marry her she wanted a kiss from him to mope over when she's back in the country married to the country ReverendAnd so the games begin when she sets a wager to settle his 7 sisters And for Each wager won she received a prize in the form of bumpbahh bahhbum drum rollshimI can truly say that I was enad with this plot Seven sisters That's crazy but I highly enjoyed the set up for romanceI loved that Teresa was shown as a proper young lady who's tired of her life in the country with barely a suitable match in sight How she had a witty countenance within her waiting to escape their confines and release her self from their torture I also loved that she had a writers great fantasy daydreamers' mind She's a storyteller and a great liar of forming fake events to cover for her attention lapses Though her thoughts at times were reasonable witty and understood othersjustweren't so sureShe wanted to be the spring ewe to his ram She wanted to be the nectar in the bud to his hummingbird’s probe She wanted him to make her a woman in this hothouseYeah the fancy saying and stuff just didn't prick me the right wayShe also spoke very plainly at times which kind of threw me off because of her raring but that's towards Duncan at times And I did forget her status in the social realm though I wasn't sure how she got to do things on her own without others' knowing She did get ball invitations from the help of her friends and aunt but still she would have been outcast just by escorting the impoverished and scandalous Scottish sisters about But I love her determination strong will and sometime outrageous personality for standing by the young girls even with snickers from the tonDuncan is a likable hero He's the typical dark and broody male who is protective yet vulnerable at the same time towards his women brood I love how he messes with Teresa and how control he is with her He knows that he couldn't impinged anything upon yet couldn't help stay away and watch her play her magic upon his family His past is a bit shady and he has a tortured soul and I know that we learn of it in book 3 which I'll need He's honorable and super caring of his family and what can you getOn the other hand I did have trouble with how some of the outcomes came about because I felt like I wanted of them especially the sisters I wanted to get to know each of the siblings a bit better and see how their relationships grew I also had some trouble moving past some things added in the story; like When Duncan sold his timepiece for new clothes money I was super hoping he'll get it back either from Teresa because she found out he sold it or by him repurchasing it I was disappointed when that didn't happen It was a blow to me And tore at meBut I was highly excited to Ms Maya Rodale's Mr Derek Knightly make an appearance in this novella And of course there was Lady B from the Ballroom Blog DBut all in all this was a great novella and now I'll have to read myself backwards into the series to get all my info on these two couples and I'm just wondering if this is the last book for the seriesThis eARC is provided by the publishers via Edelweiss

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    I don’t usually agree to read a book in a series out of order but I couldn’t resist this title It had a Highlander You know my fondness for Scottish men tales ;P Another plus was the introduction of a new to me author I had heard of Ashe but hadn’t yet had the opportunity to try her so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to accomplish two things at onceI was of two minds when reading this story I admired Teresa and her determination to find happiness and take charge of her life Do I think she could have gone about it better? Yes but then this book wouldn’t have been written I liked Duncan as well Although not as extroverted as Teresa you could tell he was confident and caring Probably so with his sisters than he should have beenI was a tad disappointed that we got to see all but one of the sisters get settled I understood this was a novella and that doesn’t leave a lot of room for extra character development but still What about Sorcha? Does she settle down happily to run Duncan’s estate while he and Teresa live out their lives in London? Will she get her own book later? I would have liked to seen some sort of definitive conclusion for herI can’t say that it was the best place to start for those unfamiliar with the Falcon Club series This book mentioned references to incidents and people in Duncan’s past I had no frame of reference for Still I did enjoy this story and having read it will be apt to pick up another Ashe titlereview copy provided by authorpromoter for honest review

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    The premise of this book sounded so promising The delivery sadly lacking 7 grooms found for 7 sisters in 30 days with a special treat for certain milestones hit including making love after 5 of the 7 are betrothed with the culmination of Duncan marrying Theresa after the 7th sister is betrothed is the wager they make with each other after Duncan says no when Theresa asks HIM to marry HER Throughout the entire book Duncan waffles between never wanting to marry again and lusting after Theresa so much that he follows through with each and every task up to and including making love with her Then because of a talk with the 7th and final sister Theresa decides that she'll never win the wager or Duncan's love so she kicks him to the curb Days later Duncan also talks to his sister suddenly discovers he loves Theresa runs to her asks her to marry him she says yes oh my God I never thought you'd love me like I love you and then boom The end Really? Abrupt much? A couple brief chuckles but a big disappointment overall

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