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Is easy to learn and covers the instruction itself basic right and left hand positions simple chords and fundamental clawhammer techniues; the brush the 'bumm titty' strum pull offs and slide. Christmas in the Big Woods instruction The Beach House itself basic right and left hand positions simple chords and fundamental clawhammer techniues; the brush the 'bumm titty' strum pull offs and slide.

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Banjo A complete guide for beginning and advanced banjo players From Ken Perlman here is a brilliant teaching guide that is destined to become the handbook on how to play the banjo The style.

Ken Perlman ☆ 7 review

S For the advanced player there is instruction on complicated picking double thumbing uick slides fretted pull offs harmonics improvisation and The book includes than 40 fun to play banjo tun.

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    Haven't made it all the way through yet or else I'd be an expert but this is the only banjo book you will ever need By the time you finish you will never need another instructional book Ken covers every techniue at every level from how to hold the instrument to advanced techniues Each lesson is illustrated by dozens of examples and exercises which are clearly annotated Ken's arrangements sound fantastic and are damn impressive when you play them for friends and family I've been playing on and off for about 5 years and in a matter of weeks thanks to this book I've improved than I have in that entire time Cannot recommend highly enough

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    There are a surprisingly large number of books that will do a good job of clawhammer instruction But I’ll assert that the first book any banjoist should own is Ken Perlman’sFor one thing Ken writes long patient explanations about all the basic mechanics of the instrument and then gives plenty of examples If he’s illustrating how pull offs work he explains what you have to do and then you play three simple tunes that use pull offs It’s such an obviously good approachAnd what’s he goes all over the world and uses arrangements from a huge group of players For sure most of the arrangements are his own and done in his distinctive style but he sets them right alongside everyone else’s He describes the other players’ philosophy of playing and it’s an interesting read—I mean who knew there would be such strong opinions about the banjo’s role as a backup instrument or the importance of the bump ditty or the relative need for every melody note? Now of course it wouldn’t surprise me having seen the battles in the online banjo community But I’m glad I got to first see it in Perlman’s book because he took such a detached make your own opinion view of all thatFrom the word go you get to play songs that are completely enjoyable Having gone through a lot of books this is hands down the one to start with

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