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The Making of Intelligence

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What do we mean when we describe a person as intelligent The concept of intelligence wields a powerful influence on research dealing with the brain and on how individuals progress in society Yet remarkably there is no scientific consensus about the meaning of intelligence In The Making of Intelligence Ken Richardson looks at how intelligence has been characterized and measured in the past explores current trends in our understanding and uses of the concept and predicts what form these trends will take in the futureHe argues that intelligence is not sole.

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L as the social repercussions of the widespread unreflecting acceptance of the I model in public consciousnessFrom the writings of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer on evolution and adaptation to the reflections of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky on logical reasoning; from the formulation of early I tests by Francis Binet and Henri Simon to their recent provocative rebirth in the assertions of The Bell Curve by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein The Making of Intelligence is a lucid judicious critical analysis of this controversial and important subjec.

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Ly predetermined by such factors as genes and environment; it is also created by self organizing interactions within evolved developmental systems Considering the implications for society of this dynamic systems approach Richardson predicts that as our understanding of the relationship between the mind and the brain improves the notion of intelligence as a single concept may disappear altogetherRichardson takes particularly sharp aim at I tests exposing the reductionist oversimplified and contradictory notions of intelligence that they presuppose as wel.

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    A slow but interesting read I thought it would be a uicker read but Richardson uickly lulls you into using at times both boring language and almost slightly amateurish way of giving his thesis as well as using sources The overall product of the book is good but at times it flies far too overhead due to it's dullness and written language that you tend to start drifting elsewhere Sadly the book gives no true answers or just vague answers and at the end you are kind of left with a general feeling of well we still don't know what makes intelligence and an even general feeling of 'meh'

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