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Spite John’s delusions Carter’s apology uickly turns into something as the two lonely men find a powerful connection Inexplicably drawn to John Carter invites him along on a road trip But as they travel Carter is in for some big surprises some major heartbreak and just maybe the promise of a good future after a. You know those spec fic pulp magazines Like Amazing Stories Azimov's Science Fiction and Fantastic They had those gorgeous covers and they published a lot of wonderful authors They served as one of my inspirations for this book and for Paul Richmond's beautiful cover Add to that a road trip a man who looks like Tab Hunter and claims to be an alien and an editor down on his luck and you've got Astounding I hope folks enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it

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Carter Evans is founder and editor in chief of Astounding a formerly popular spec fiction magazine currently in its death throes Not only can he do nothing to save it but stuck in a rathole apartment with few interpersonal connections he can’t seem to do much to rescue his future either And certainly all the booz. Astounding is the name of this book It's also the name of a science fiction magazine that Carter founded with his long ago boyfriend Freddy Now Freddy married to nice guy Keith is a well known wealthy book and screen writer and Carter is broke depressed and on the verge of alcoholism Freddy hasn't given up on Carter but Carter has given up on himself In a fit of drunken rage Carter writes a vitriolic rejection letter to one J Harper who keeps submitting crappy stories via snail mail about an alien wanting to go home Carter is bitter and jaded but in a moment of sincere regret he drives all the way from Seattle to Portland to apologize to J Harper who looks like the 50s movie idol Tab Hunter John made my heart ache what with his beautiful sad face and little duplex full of mid Century furniture and books John invites Carter for pancakes And Carter can't help but fall a little for this shy kind man who begs Carter to publish his story Meeting John changes Carter John makes Carter believe that his magazine mattered that Carter made people's lives better by letting them escape if only for a little while When he's with John Carter can run faster harder He senses things feels things deeply Carter is not afraid not any Carter wants John to stay even if John believes that he's an alien and that his people will come to take him home Except it's not home Not any This is a story that explores the energy and connection that exist between two lonely men who come together physically and emotionally INCLUDES A road trip to Yosemite in an RV that bites the dust Friends including one persistent ex boyfriend who care enough to drag you on said road trip Suspiciously uncooperative electronics Tender passionate love making between two men who make each other fly in ways than one Guest appearances by Travis and Drew from Speechless Ery and Karl from Bone Dry and even William and Colby from The Tin Box Kim Fielding is undoubtedly one of the best writers in this genre She's an amazing writer Period Her prose flows and draws you in Reading her stories is effortless It's magic Regardless of your take on extraterrestrial life this book will make you think and cry a little Astounding is wondrous It's worthy of every exclamation pointI stayed up until 2 am reading this book And I'm not sorry

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E isn’t helping He snaps when he receives yet another terrible story submission from the mysterious writer J Harper and in a drunken haze Carter sends Harper a rejection letter he soon regretsJ Harper turns out to be John Harper a sweet man who resembles a ’50s movie star and claims to be an extraterrestrial De. 475Damn you Kim Fielding You made me cry An editor of a dying spec magazine and a guy who says he's an alien I don't know what I expected but this exceeded whatever my meager imagination had lined up It's a trippy little road trip story This story also touches on characters that I love from the Bones and Speechless universe as well as a memorable cameo with the characters from The Tin Box My heart is full

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Kim Fielding lives in California and travels as often as she can manage A professor by day at night she rushes into a phone booth to change into her author costume which involves comfy clothes instead of Spandex and is sadly lacking a cape Her superpowers include the ability to write nearly anywhere often while simultaneously doling out assistance to her family Her favorite word to descri