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Petit-Bleu et Petit-Jaune (ALBUM)

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Est très vite devenu un classiue de la littérature jeunesse tant par son approche graphiue originale ue par la profondeur des sujets u'il aborde notamment l'amitié et la différen.

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Petit Bleu vit à la maison avec Papa Bleu et Maman Bleu Il a plein d'amis mais son meilleur ami c'est Petit Jaune Petit Jaune habite juste en face avec Papa Jaune et Maman Jaune Peti.

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T Bleu et Petit Jaune sont tellement contents de se revoir aujourd'hui u'ils s'embrassent et deviennent tout vert Mais leurs parents vont ils les reconnaître Ce livre publié en 1970.

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About the Author: Leo Lionni

author spotlight“From time to time from the endless flow of our mental imagery there emerges unexpectedly something that vague though it may be seems to carry the promise of a form a meaning and important an irresistible poetic charge”—Leo LionniLeo Lionni wrote and illustrated than 40 highly acclaimed children’s books He received the 1984 American Institute of Graphic Arts Gold Medal and was a four time Caldecott Honor Winner—for Inch by Inch Frederick Swimmy and Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse Leo Lionni died in October of 1999 at his home in Tuscany Italy at the age of 89ABOUT THE AUTHOR“Of all the uestions I have been asked as an author of children’s books the most freuent one without doubt has been ‘How do you get your ideas’ Most people seem to think that getting an idea is both mysterious and simple Mysterious because inspiration must come from a particular state of grace with which only the most gifted souls are blessed Simple because ideas are expected to drop into one’s mind in words and pictures ready to be transcribed and copied in the form of a book complete with endpapers and cover The word get expresses these expectations well Yet nothing could be further from the truth “It is true that from time to time from the endless flow of our mental imagery there emerges unexpectedly something that vague though it may be seems to carry the promise of a form a meaning and important an irresistible poetic charge The sense of instant recognition with which we pull this image into the full light of our consciousness is the initial impulse of all creative acts But though it is important it produces no than the germ of an idea Each book at the birth of its creative history has such a moment Some are fortunate enough to have from the outset a strongly identified hero one with an inescapable destiny Others are blessed with a promising beginning or perhaps with the vision of an ending which means working backwards to a surprise opening Others stem from a clearly articulated conflict situation Sometimes I must admit the motivations of a book may be found in a sudden unreasonable urge to draw a certain kind of crocodile And it may even happen that in the dark of our minds there appears out of nowhere a constellation of words that has the bright arrogant solidity of a title Only last night I was jolted out of a near slumber by the words the mouse that didn’t exist I am sure that temporarily tucked away in my memory they will eventually become the title of a story for which as yet I have no idea “To shape and sharpen the logic of a story to tighten the flow of events ultimately to define the idea in its totality is much like a game of chess In the light of overall strategy each move is the result of doubts proposals and rejections which inevitably bring to mind the successes or failures of previous experiences “Inspirational raptures may happen but most books are shaped through hard disciplined work Creative work to be sure because its ingredients come from the sphere of the imaginary But the manipulation of these ingredients reuires much than mere inclination or talent It is an intricate process in which the idea slowly takes form by trial and error through detours and side roads which were it not for the guidance of professional rigor would lead the author into an inextricable labyrinth of alternatives“And so to the uestion ‘How do you get your ideas’ I am tempted to answer unromantic though it may sound ‘Hard work’ ”Leo Lionni has gained international renown for his paintings graphic designs illustrations and sculpture as well as for his books for children He was born in Holland in 1910 of Dutch parents and although his education did not include formal art courses in fact he has a doctorate in economics from the University of Genoa he spent much of his free time as a child in Amsterdam’s museums teaching himself to drawLionni’s business training gradually receded into the background as his interest in art and design grew Having settled in Milan soon after his marriage in 1931 he started off by writing about European architecture for a local magazine It was there that he met the contacts who were to give him a start as a professional graphic designer When he moved to America in 1939 Lionni was hired by a Philadelphia advertising agency as art director Later he became design director for the Olivetti Corporation of America and then art director for Fortune magazine At the same time his reputation as an artist flourished as he began to exhibit his paintings and drawings in galleries from New York to JapanLionni launched his career as an authorillustrator of books for children in 1959 Originally developed from a story he had improvised for his grandchildren during a dull train ride Little Blue and LittleYellow was the first of what is now a long list of children’s picture books including four Caldecott Honor Books

2 thoughts on “Petit-Bleu et Petit-Jaune (ALBUM)

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    I've read this book to my daughter in French and English. She only understands English but enjoyed the book in both languages. The illustrations, the words and the meaning are absolutely beautiful. I recommend every home have at least one copy of Little Blue and Little Green.

  2. says:

    Such a charming book for lovers of French books for children! Simple in language and full of color, it teaches children about two friends of different colors who when they hug become the blended color, thus teaching about the color wheel as well as perhaps a deeper lesson about children of mixed heritage.

    My friend's 5 year old boy loves this book and has quickly learned the colors and a few other French words after just a few readings. He insists that I pause at those words so that he can say them! He is also starting to translate some of the phrases on his own. Highly recommended! If only had the book in stock.

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