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Swept the air it left a trail of sparks Magic derives from personal force My passion alone will defeat the archveults I glory in the forthcoming confrontation Ah but they will regret their deeds Morreion by Jack VanceStunned beaten naked with hardly a tool or weapon among them the merfolk followed their lord Tauno hung fists clenched on harpoon until they were out of sight The last. A nice bed time book The Fritz Leiber story I had read before but it was a goodyas with his best stuff he has just the right amount of tongue in cheek in his fantasy This is only the second Jack Vance story I have read but I'm a convert very compelling thoughtful and surprising fiction Poul Anderson's story is definitely a bed time storylonger than it needs to be and lulls you to sleep while being interesting enough to pick up the next night Lin Carterwell he's kind of the Little Drummer Boy claymation special of the fantasy worldif there's nothing else available you might choose it but you won't be very satisfied Seemed like of an excercise in creating goofy names than anything

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Stones of the royal hall toppled and Liri was a ruin The Merman's Children by Poul AndersonThree goblins were entangled in the webs They kicked and struggled furiously spittling like cats but only managed to become tightly and completely enmeshed in the sticky green stuff The six other goblins came flying howling at him The Higher Heresies of Oolimar by Lin Carter Amalrik the Mang. Flashing Swords #1 is an anthology of sword and sorcery edited by Lin Carter standing astride decades The stories mostly read like the adventure narratives of the 50's and 60's as featured in magazines They are sex filled irreverent humorous and often joyously pointless If anything this work demonstrates just how fun focused these early adventure works were before the grimmer and angsty future kicked in This is popcorn literature about euivalent to movie popcorn It's okay to munch on but is otherwise unremarkable in most waysThe connections to DD is hugs as you'll see many classic DD elements in the work because these works by these authors are the stuff that DD was pillaged from Myself I was surprised to see tanglefoot bags show up so early I found the Fritz Leiber story rather dull and not at all representative of a Fafhr and Grey Mouser story It did have its humor and ranks up there in politically incorrect Jack Vance's Morreion deals with the origin of ioun stones and the cabal of banal and argumentative wizards who go in search of them Paul Anderson's The Mermaid's Children almost doesn't fit missing the tongue in cheek narrative of the other tales instead opting for a sincere adventure story with 10x the emotional depth of all the other stories combined The book closes with a tale by Lin Carter in the sort of tale that you'd make up for your kids before they go to bed featuring a solution that'll have the kids saying Tell me another one and refusing to go to bedAll told it's an easy read and an effective samplerThe work is monumental in one respect it did it's job of evangelizing sword and sorcery literature If you look at the boom of DD in the years to come following in its wake and the evolution of adventure novels thereafter you'll see that this little bugbear grew into uite the towering juggernautAll told most of the stories are hack jobs and have a myriad of problems but they do entertain so I'm giving it two stars If you'd like a bit of fun you'll enjoy yourself but you'll notice all the issue along the way

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Introductory Essay Of Swordsmen Sorcerers by Lin CarterThe Still less than momentary ualm which Death experienced at this point was far deeper and stronger than that which he had felt in the case of Lithuil Fafhrd and the Mouser had served him well and in vastly varied fashion the the Mad Duke The Sadness of the Executionerby Fritz LeiberMorreion made a furious motion; as his hand. So what we have here is three excellent stories by masters of the genre each reprinted and readily available If you've never read them you should You'd only want this version if you don't want to commit to full collections or in the case of The Merman's Children the full novelization But you will want to commit to the full versionsLeiber's witty Fahfrd and Gray Mouser story sees the heroes somewhat from outside and is playful without going overboardVance's Dying Earth story is a perfect display of perfectly amoral wizards with a beautiful and perfectly cynical endingAnderson's story weaves Christian belief with mythology expanding from legend I think and deeply realizes both aspectsAnd then there's Lin Carter's contribution which dangles off like a scab held on by a few hairs and is the only one never reprinted elsewhere Let's talk about that oneI was surprised to see that it is an early Kylix story a fragment of some future Almaric novel that never uite happened set on the planet Thoorana Zephrondus in a system containing other planets that Carter would use for other stories The adventures are same old same old but I found myself drawn to the setting and concept The Eternal Gods are defeated and withdraw from commerce with men but have recruited Almaric and made him near immortal half god periodically recharged to do their bidding toward some cryptic goal The language they use suggests that they may be technological entities and not divine ones This is reminiscent of his Gondwane series crossed with a line of writing cosmic fantasy that he plucked at for years without producing anything novel sized or particularly lastingIt is undercut early on by its random weird word generator naming and Significant Word Capitalization and soon falls into an overplayed farcical tone that includes the same annoying habit that plagued The Wizard of Zao the narrator dips into first person to address the reader directlyThroughout all of this I kept thinking of what he had written in the introduction to his own story regarding his sword and sorcery output This sort of thing is very easy to write and fun to write too and I am content to continue adding a new volume to the Thongor Saga yearly at least for the foreseeable future I imagine one of the other writers choking on his coffee upon reading that

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Linwood Vrooman Carter was an American author of science fiction and fantasy as well as an editor and critic He usually wrote as Lin Carter; known pseudonyms include H P Lowcraft for an H P Lovecraft parody and Grail UndwinCarter had a marked tendency toward self promotion in his work freuently citing his own writings in his nonfiction to illustrate points and almost always including at

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