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L But then something happens that calls them back to the house they grew up in and to what really happened that Easter weekend so many years agoTold in gorgeous insightful prose that delves deeply into the hearts and minds of its characters The House We Grew Up In is the captivating story of one family's desire to restore long forgotten peace and to unearth the many secrets hidden within the nooks and crannies of home. This was a great read that reminded me just how dysfunctional most families are It's just a tipping of the scale to go from one extreme to another Easter is a precious holiday to Lorelei and her family; until one year a terrible tragedy strikes which changes each of them Their reactions vary but at the centre of the story is Lorelei's hoarding issue and how the family comes undone and how they try to deal with it Secrets are finally unearthed; relationships begin to repair; and the healing starts The House We Grew Up In gives us a glimpse into relationships and how they unravel when we aren't direct and honest with each other I give it 4 stars

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Is a beautiful hippy named Lorelei who exists entirely in the moment And she makes every moment sparkle in her children's livesThen one Easter weekend tragedy comes to call The event is so devastating that almost imperceptibly it begins to tear the family apart Years pass as the children become adults find new relationships and develop their own separate lives Soon it seems as though they've never been a family at al. 'You can paint it all the colors your want as long as it is black' Henry Ford I concluded this read admittedly skipping four predictable dreary chapters somewhere in the middle The summarizing chapters at the end caught me up with the tedious events I have anyway skipped in an effort to save my own sanityHaving read so many depressing 'soul intoxicating' books lately I simply could not endure another one as hard as I tried This one was the extreme mother of them all For now at leastThis book is all about compassion endearment forgiveness and healing1 Emotional arrest due to severe child abuse and 2 self therapy through friends and circumstances can be regarded as the main themes of the book Each character brings their own version of color or should it be regarded as hues of black and insight to the table while a series of emails of the mother to an online friend brings insight into the mother's conduct and memories The Bird House That was the name of the home of the Bird family A mother father and four children A prophetic name for a houseAll the characters had traumatic experiences which hampered their development into becoming well balanced normal members of society The tale is grim shocking and often revolting enhanced by a sweetness of child memories spread like a consolation all over the destructive mind games of an abusive mother Yes love can be abuse in disguise The deceiving sweetness is suppose to heal and save their souls The well presented prose is suppose to do the same to the reader and the same subtle abuse is applied to the unsuspecting reader Love is the name of the game and we're all playersThis book is also like a parade of maladies with a brass band leading the cavalcade dumping emotional shocks the size of ant hills like horse manure on the streets More More the desperate crowd are shouting hungry for their daily fix And when the noise finally dies away only the stink remains and an surprisingly apathetic stupendous dullnessI felt like falling into an overflowing dumpster a cesspool of human weaknesses for which an inhumane effort is demanded to get out of it I got out of it furious and feeling abused myself in the process I came out a survivor not a victim thoughThe reader is expected to develop compassion and understanding for a hoarding mother who destroys everyone's life coming in contact with her She is the anti heroine She controls them all with her excessive cooking feeding them sweetened carrots to the puking stage on Easter Sundays Nobody liked it they prefered the potatoes yet she ignored their wishes and continued even adding beautiful orange carrots to the lamb dish every year and less and less potatoes They allowed her to isolate them physically mentally emotionally She refused to confront the past or address the future; she demanded to live in the moment all done in the name of a narcissistic love Life was all about color to her She watched them tripping over life as a result and intensified her hoarding and control Love is addictive They fed off her behaviour like leeches She hoarded them around her cutting off their wings preventing them to fly She locked them up mentally like all the trash and compulsive shopping she stacked all over their living space preventing them freedom of movement on every possible level of the mind body and soul She slowly lured friends into her trap as well All in the name of love It took a tragedy to break up this demonic love and force the family into the real world with challenges they could not meet Those who escaped survived those who stayed How the hell did she get away with this Through character analysis the god awful toxic lives of everyone is exposed through their own experiences which hampered their reaction to this onslaught There is a much deeper dimension built into each character than the eye meets One of them acting as the sum total of their arrested selves becomes a sacrificial lamb for them to reach the ultimate bottom line their collective mirror image they all chose to avoid at all costs However to avoid it did not mean it went away They were just chased off scattering into different directions in trying to distance themselves and did not succeed The final conclusion was still waiting for them all If we could write the ending for this book it would be totally different and predictable as sliced bread Tough love should be an essential ingredient in mother's milk To add a little sadistic joy to my thoughts I had a fleeting gratification thinking how the tv program 'Wife Swap' could have brought an instant ending to this cuckoo's nest of collective madness A reality check does not harm anyone She should have been confronted by a family intervention a psychologist a social worker a court order by ripping up her credit cards by saving her from herself Her children should have been removed She should have been forced to acknowledge the impact that her own suppression of her past had on her family The damage it has done However in the real ending of the book nobody had the mental strength neither the emotional guts to do so There were too many skeletons in their own closets to begin with and she made very sure their wings were compromised Truth is she lost her wings as a child as well and nobody realized it until it was too late They were all broken little birds in their own little Bird HouseIn order to bring closure and create hope they had to forgive themselves first and foremost to be able to forgive their mother It was a painful journey and for the reader as well although being two very different kinds of pain My sensitivities felt violated after closing this book in the sense that too many social and mental issues was used in the narrative as shock value and to establish the dark undercurrent of dysfunction It was as though as many characters as possible was created so that these different elements could be used and collectively act as emotional and mental rape of the reader It stretched out the narrative and slowed down the suspense considerably It was as though there was only one chance to address social and mental issues so let's use them all in one book It was also the reason why the narrative lost me somewhere in the middle It became too obvious and well boring I became apathetic instead of sympathetic The impact overstayed its welcome sort of Overkill A condensed soapie drama Some readers can actually be underestimated I don't want to list the vile issues used in the book There should still remain an element of discovery for those readers who want to read this book This is my subjective opinion after all Sometimes we just have to be selective of the poison we want to feed ourselves I should have skipped this book in its entirety But I felt like betraying the children if I did So yes talk about a willing victim right However it is well written well presented well concluded hence the third star in the rating A profound and introspective read But I still need a bath A desperate cleansing of the mind and soul And then I need time to forgive myself for reading this sordid book in which I allowed someone I don't even know to violate me We all need to reconsider the choices we make in life Imperfect choices by imperfect human beings Reading this book was one of them It does not matter how many colors can be found in a rainbow If they are thrown together they become the color black Preventing them from mixing can be a choice So without further delay beam me up Scottie Let's save the rainbows of our souls before it is too late There are enough other books to do just thatConsider reading this book Read other reviews Make your own choices That's the most important bottom line This was just me

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Meet the Bird family They live in a honey colored house in a picture perfect Cotswolds village with rambling unkempt gardens stretching beyond Pragmatic Meg dreamy Beth and tow headed twins Rory and Rhys all attend the village school and eat home cooked meals together every night Their father is a sweet gangly man named Colin who still looks like a teenager with floppy hair and owlish round framed glasses Their mother. I had the indulgent experience of reading this Jewell of a book in one day A rainy Saturday with no commitments Well none I wanted to face put it that wayThis story really delved into every level of one family's relationships Layer upon layer upon layer A family to love and root for too but on the other hand also to grab by the shoulders and shake violently some sense intoI'd been eyeing this book for a couple of years at my library always looking on the shelf and always being in the wrong branch at the wrong time This is how I picked up The Third Wife which I loved as well I've been reading lately a couple of memoirs regarding alcohol addiction and this book covered the myriad of problems associated with hoarding I see that both forms of addiction spring fourth many many issues This book is very worthwhile intriguing and edge of your seat reading Glad I spent the day reading some fabulous writing by such a talented author

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