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S Even as Greta struggles to make sense of what happened to her she finds herself enjoying her new and very eccentric family who provide the shelter and support that has long been absent from her life Much to Greta's surprise she realizes there is still kindness in the world and hope. Trail of Crumbs is not a book for the faint of heart It is a story of grief death and somewhat a cliche of a found family trope and a promised Hansel and Gretel retelling It is not a retelling This is a story of two high school siblings who have lost their mother to cancer and have a grieving father who is mentally absent from their lives They are in the middle of dealing with their new step mother who is just as manipulative and verbally abusive as you'd expect As this book starts off we are uick to be told that this Hansel and Gretel like story will be a tear jerker This book does delve into the topic of rape and slut shaming so please be careful of any triggers To talk about the things that I liked it would be a short but sweet list The seemingly random but nice relationships between the people the siblings have met wrap around the story like a string of fate There's Nate as the weird neighbor who helps them in odd situations until they've become closer albeit towards the end it feels like a cliff hanger with a dead end street There is the landlord that takes them in and we soon see that a lonely man of his own age has his baggage and as he takes these kids in we see him grow and I personally liked that both he and Greta understood each other and were able to find peace in silence They had a certain friendship that was interesting to watch grow and it was heartwarming to see Greta relate to someone We have Alice the daughter of the landlord who has grieved as Greta and Ash have who somehow becomes Greta's pillar and another friend in their weird new group of misfits We have a cast of cliche characters with no face time who push and pull Greta's decision after Greta starts to openly feel and talk about her sexual assault and how it plays at school and who her friends are I like that Greta's brother Ash immediately stood by Greta's side and fought for her and it was nice to see the sibling relationship they had Albeit it was not healthy for the two of them to die for each other I do think that the characters were written pretty well I felt that the scene where Greta outed the people who hurt her was underdeveloped and a cheap shot but I acknowledge what the author was trying to do and I applaud her for that I love seeing characters stand up to their evil and make hard decisions that only they can makeI also liked that while Ash was so angry about their father abandoning them that Greta was a middle ground willing to hear both sides and make a conscious decision and her decisions alone shaped how the siblings would react to their father reappearing and asking for a second chance The ending felt cut and to be truthful I thought that I wanted to stick around and see of where Greta and Ash went It was to my disappointment that it ended so abruptly and that it was left to our imagination as to how characters would act nextI often enjoy imagining how and what characters would do say or think next but there are times like these that I wish the author had shown us All in all I think it was a good book with average writing and plausible characters I did cry maybe because I did relate to Greta and her actions moved me but there was a lot to be improved such as the writing style and whether or not the author should expand on her stories and characters rather than cut their story short3 stars

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Next day that she's had sex she thinks things can't get any worse She's wrongWhile Greta deals with the confusion and shame of that night her stepmother and father choose that moment to disappear abandoning Ash and Greta to the mercy of their peculiar landlord Elgin who lives upstair. In the fable of Hansel and Gretal a loving father listens to his wife and tries to get rid of his children While this is not exactly a modern retelling of the story of Hansel and Gretal there are parallels There is an evil step mother There is a loving but controled husband There is abandonment And although the teenagers rather than children do find what appears to be someone else to take care of them it is not with an evil witch that wants to eat them but with a sad landlord who is waiting for SpringThose are really the only similarities The rest of the book is about date rape and how mean girls and jocks can screw up your time at school on top of your father abandoning youI feel for Greta trying to get over her date rape where she is made to feel bad I also feel for their landlord who welcomes them into his upstairs apartment where he takes care of them Although Greta is well fleshed out the rest are merely cardboard The Jock The mean girls I did like that the creepy weird guy across the street turned out to be not so creepy and weirdAn interesting take on the themes of abandonment and rapeThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review

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After moving into a dank and drafty basement suite in West Edmonton with her truck  driving father nasty stepmother and taciturn twin brother Ash seventeen year old Greta doesn't have high expectations for her last year of high school When she blacks out at a party and is told the. Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of TRAIL OF BREADCRUMBS by Lisa J Lawrence in exchange for my honest reviewWhen Greta and Ash’s evil stepmother convinces their father to abandon them their eccentric landlord takes them in Greta is also dealing with school bullying following a date rape TRAIL OF BREADCRUMBS is a story about the family we have and the family we create about friendships love and forgivenessLisa Lawrence tackles some important topics in this mishmash story that could have benefited from a interwoven timeline characters with greater depth and fewer tropes In the beginning I wondered if A TRAIL OF BREADCRUMBS was a modern retelling of Hansel and Greta because the stepmother was pure evil without an ounce of dimension My favorite characters were Nate Elgin and Priya who played pivotal yet small parts of the story The rape storyline didn’t pack any emotion and Greta’s journey seemed to happen without the steps necessary to healing TRAIL OF BREADCRUMBS didn’t evoke any feelings for me but I was interested in the storyline which moved along at a steady pace Better editing could have tweaked a few parts to make this a 4 or 5 star review

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