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Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?

Summary Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?

A bit early to get swoony knickers but I have got them onFor Georgia the things change the they stay the same Just when she thought she was the official one and only girlfriend of Masimo he's walked off into the night with the full hump leav. I am not exactly sure what it says about me that I love these books so much In fact I would actually be embarrassed to try to convince many of my reading friends to even give them a go What would I say these are books about a 15 year English old girl who does a lot of stupid stuff makes fun of her teachers and parents and making out with fit boys is her main goal in life Plus some jokes are REALLY non PC First Georgia Nicholson book received a Printz Honor in 2001 but it would have never gotten even the slightest acknowledgement now due to its lezzietransvestitehomosexualist jokes And yet Louise Rennison humor really works for me Rereading Georgia's adventures in love have been a bright highlight during these bleak days politics wiseAlso RIP Louise Such a tragedy I am still mourning Original reviewIt is with deep sadnosity I am writing this review I am sad not because the book has disappointed me Not at all Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me is deffo up to Rennison's usual standards of hilariosity But knowing that this is the last book gives me an actual nervy b But back to the review for nowMasimo is having a megahump with Gee after seeing her twisting with Dave the Laugh Georgia's Hornmeister and an occasional snog partner at the end of the previous book Gee is determined to get the Luuurve God back She employs all weapons available to her layers of lippy and mascara newly acuired maturosity and of course the Hormeister's useful advice and assistance Will Georgia get back her Italian Stallion Will she end up all aloney on her owney Or maybe Dave the Tart will finally become something than a matey type mate You'll just have to read and find out for yourselfOnce again the book is a great larf Rennison's comic genius is undeniable The ending is satisfying and logical we can't really expect any kind of maturosity from 15 year old Georgia and this is le fact I wish it weren't this abrupt and I wish I got to see some of the Hormeister but I'll just have to live with it I guessI can't really believe the series is over Oh how I am going to miss the Ace gang Angus and Gordy vati and mutti the lurve gods and even Jas's unruly fringe and Monica's humongous nungas Reading challenge #1 R

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Get to the bottom oo er of this Dave the Laugh spontaneous puckering business once and for all It's like they always say If you snog a mate in the forest of red bottomosity and no one is around to see it is he still a mate Or is he somethin. SoGeorgia Nicolson concludes her storyEpic read of the century for mehilariousity packed and so onFirst of allfeel free to call me utterly bonkers because I felt like crying when I finishedMaybe it was the boyfriend thingbut a major reason was merely that it endedIt feels like Georgia's story was my story or somethingOr that she was a very close friendIn any caseI must be loony after allThing isI was so absorbed in the storyand laughed my arse off at some parts of hilariosity and felt sad at the sadiosity partsAnd the part where Jas tells Georgia 'I think we need our palsAnd we need to grow up a bit together Like a little family'I was like 'Aww so true''SecondlyLouise Rennisonyou are the awesomest author everTres Tres FraisThirdI learnt a few things from Georgia's story1 That British people are impressionnantegUncle EddieMuttiVatiGrandvatiMr Next DoorSlim etcPGeorgiathe frais est ever2 My Mutti and Vati are not the only mad onesEveryone's are or less the same and can be vair helpful at times and vair embarrassing as wellAnd we all love them3Best friends can be huge airheads and fringe obsessedor boyfriend obsessed and so onThe best solution is to push her into a nearby ditchShe might ignorez vous you for a few days but offer her a midget gem and it'll be okFor Ellen like friendssimply smack them when they say 'Umso did heuhsaythatorersomething'4Do not pucker up for everyone5Laugh through every problemyou have your awesome friends with youIt'll all be alright in the end6Do not let Libby like sisters ie wild sisterssleep with you at night or else side effects includestrong hatred towards Moonface and Heidi7Red bottomosity has tres tragiue conseuences8 Do not leave Sex God9Diss Lindsey like people on a regular basis and ignorez them10 Be yourself ie stupidfunblabby and so on11Louise Rennison is a legendSo is Georgia12DaveRobbieMasimo are awesomeI might form a fanclub of theirs like the Titches do of Daveand call it DRM or somethinOr DRUMThe 'U' being a random German word13Do not grow up too fastConseuences are Red bottomosity14Do not hesitate to form new wordsIt adds to your vocab BottomosityHamburger a gogo and so on15One of your Rosie like friends should have a Sven like boyfriendie a VikingSo that you can say that along with other bonkerosityyou have been part of a Viking wedding16Whenever you feel low do the congathe Viking wedding Danceyelling HOOORRNNNOr sing 'The hills are alive with the sound of PANTS or Idlepants' and brighten your day like two bright things17Do not get attatched to mad and wild cats who think cars are mice on wheels and who eat everything they seeClotheslipglosssoap etcIn conclusionGeorgiayou will be missedGeorgia ftwLibby ftwAngus ftwScuba diving barbieLord Sandra and other mad toys of Libby's ftwGordy ftw Naomi ftwVati ftwMutti ftwGrandVati and his jokes ftwUncle Eddie and his jokes ftwJas fiwRosie ftwJools ftwMabs ftw Ellen ftwieAce gang ftwSven ftwRobbie FTWMasimo FTWDave the Laugh FTWTom ftwStiff Dylans ftwThe Bummer Twins ftwThe Titches ftwNauseating P Green ftwElvis Attwood ftwBilly Shakespeare ftwGorgi Henri ftwHerr Kamyer ftw Slim ftwMiss Wilson ftwMiss Stamp ftwConga dance ftwViking Wedding ftwHOOOORRNNN forever ftwRom and Jul ftwFrancias ftw English ftwGerman Schnodder etc ftwAnd most of allLouise Rennison ftw

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Ing Georgia all aloney on her owney again All because Dave the Laugh tried to do fisticuffs at dawn with himTwo boys fighting over Georgia It's almost as romantic as Romeo and Juliet though perhaps a touch less tragicIt's time for Georgia to. So I've come to the end of the series from my teenage yearsI can honestly say I love this series and it never fails to cheer me upI'm going to miss The Ace Crew Dave the LaughTartBiscuit Sven and Tom I'm away laughing on a fast camel Pandora Hearts, Tome 2 perhaps a touch less tragicIt's time for Georgia to. So I've come to the end of the series from my teenage yearsI can honestly say I love this series and it never fails to cheer me upI'm going to miss The Ace Crew Dave the LaughTartBiscuit Sven and Tom I'm away laughing on a fast camel

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