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Deny the fact that he's also the cutestboy she's ever seen and the chemistry between them is electrifying on the stage and off itBut that's the uestion is the chemistry between them just part of their act or is it a manifestation of something that has nothing to do with their performanc. I absolutely loved this I liked how there was original lyrics And I really like the characters

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Uels the son of her mother's best friend Todd is a typical New Yorker street smart impatient witty and arrogant Maxine can't stand his callous ways but it looks like she just has to if she wants to keep playing in his band the Sky Deviants But as egotistical as Todd might be Maxine can't. Another cheesy romantic comedy contemporary novel that I couldn't help but love to pieces 3

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Everything in Maxine Ferguson's life changed after her parents had divorced the move to New York down to her suddenly luxurious lifestyle at her new posh school Sky International AcademyLife would have been perfect if only she could fit in with the help of her next door neighbor Todd Sam. I almost forgot to give this a review I ony read the Wattpad version so that's what my review's going to be base on Through the first few chapters it started slow There wasn't much happening other than characters being introduced and the getting into the world setting which I enjoyed Though it was a bit prosaic Kudos to Todd the writing style kept me reading it I think it's a vital factor that the author really has potential because she can make me read even though it started slow It's a light fluffy read about teenage love I always love reading those so it adds a plus why I enjoyed the book It's cliche yet it kept me going There's action and then there's romance It made me cry at the emotional scenes It made me laugh through the adventures of the gang as if I'm one of them There's a room for improvement that's for sure I also love how it stuck with only point of view It didn't kept changing from one to another The characters were lovable uniue and relatable in a way They have some flaws yet they were dreamy I love this book overall Definitely a recommend

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Louisse divides her time between reading books binge watching films and tv series and traveling Her laid back personality makes it easier for her to go where the waves of life take her but her mind often wanders outside the atmosphere and to the galaxies left undiscovered Just like her fascination with watching sports films because they're so inspirational she writes because she also wants

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