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Do primo dele Mas ela não esperava ue ele fosse fazer um pedido de casamento tão revoltante A única opção de Tabby é dizer sim embora Acheron em sua monumental arrogância não pare de olhá la com. No this story just did not do it for meLynne Graham is one of my favorite MB

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Um homem para uem ela não pode dizer não”A independente teimosa e temperamental Tabby Glover fará ualuer coisa para ter o apoio do bilionário grego Acheron Dimitrakos no processo de adoção do bebê. Seems like the reviews are all over the place with this one I really loved i Écrire pour son lecteur : Guide de l'écriture journalistique (Collection J comme journalisme) reviews are all over the place with this one I Jaloux really loved i

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Desprezo Mas ela percebe ue auele homem deslumbrantemente lindo esconde algumas verdades uando o fino véu ue separa a realidade das ilusões for levantado haverá meios de sustentar um casamento de fachad. First of all I found it kinda weird whenever I read the hero's name Dark Hun Comment écrire un livre et avoir du succès.: 12 Etapes simples et efficaces realidade das ilusões for levantado haverá meios de sustentar um casamento de fachad. First of all I found it kinda weird whenever I J'écris des Nouvelles et des Contes read the hero's name Dark Hun

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    The trope Hh both guardians of an infant marry for convenience so they can adopt her The Geek hero has the added incentive of his father's will he'll inherit the entire company if he marries What makes this story interestingdifferentBoth Hh spent time in the foster care systemHero has a stalkerThe heroine's rose tattoo and the hero's pen are symbols of hurt and healingNo OMs or hero trying to make the heroine jealous no slut shaming heroine is a virgin baby is adorable Hh spend time together heroine is a smart cookie hero thaws out beautifullyJust a nice story with a believable HEA

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    I really enjoyed this latest release by one of my all time fav HP authorsAll I can say is Lynne got her groove back I enjoyed characters of Ash and Tabbythey complimented each other very wellAsh is like sex on a stickso very drool worthyI am such a sucker for this author's alpha herosTabby is brash and sass which was greatLoved the ending of this booktwo damaged souls found love and had their family when they each thought they would never have itA great moc storyI gave this 5 because everything worked for meeven the Helen Bianchin trope of evil stalker OW

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    Seems like the reviews are all over the place with this one I really loved it I loved the super spunky heroine who never ever rolled over and just took what the hero was dishing out She had enough backbone for any 3 HP heroines From their first meeting the hero Ash and the heroine Tabby strike sparks off each other If you two are going to keep on chatting in a foreign language and acting like I'm not here If only you were not Ash murmured silkily Tabby's hands balled into fists I bet uite a few women have thumped you in your time Shimmering eyes dark as sloes challenged her his lean strong face slashing into a sudden smile of raw amusement Not a one You could tell that they were immediately attracted to each other You could also see that she basically had his head spinning since no one had ever treated him like she did He wasn't used to a woman who wasn't sucking up to him You could tell that she amused him He was not verbally abusive He never treated her badly in fact he went out of his way to treat her well Sure he used marriage to her to inherit but it was fairly clear that he was lying to himself about why he did it He was rich and arrogant but I just got that aww shucks the poor guy just don't know no better feelingI loved how awkward he was with the baby but how he fell for the little girl even though he'd always thought children were a nuisance The sex scenes were imaginative and different enough to be interesting without being vulgar It was great to see a heroine who after she looses her virginity to the hero and he gets out of bed without a word to head to the bathroom doesn't lie there uaking in misery but instead follows him into the john and grades his performance A star for the sex F for failure for the follow up Tabby pronounced He did not intimidate her at all and every time he tried to come over all high handed with her she just stood right up to him The best part is that during these little fights she won often that she lost That was so refreshing Usually in HP land the hero is so overwhelming that he wins every argument and the heroine is left with her jaw hanging and her pride beat upWithout being one of those charming laughing heroes Ash doesn't take himself too seriously He wasn't a wimp wasn't at all beta But he seemed really real You're not a very flexible personality are you?You'd roll me out like a pastry if I was Tabby uipped I'm still mad at you Acheron You took advantage of my ignoranceI'm an alpha male programmed at birth to take advantage Acheron pointed out with unapologetic cool But you called me on it which I wasn't expecting These two didn't fight for fighting's sake I thought the dialog was very realistic and not oddly crazy and oddly overdramatic as HPs often are The two of them just seemed so real The scene at the end was an example view spoilerHe was having to fess up to a previous one night stand Way before he met the heroine in case you were worried He was embarrassed but a bad one nighter gave the book a refreshing modern feel And made him seem flesh and blood hide spoiler

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    No this story just did not do it for meLynne Graham is one of my favorite MB authors but I have experienced a hit and miss with her last few books and The Dimitrakos Proposal is one of those “miss” onesI like alpha males and spunky heroinesbut the two mc’s were beyond realityThe hero – Acheron DimitrakosSo this guy is gorgeous but let me just say that his first name “blew” me away I constantly had this image of Acheron Parthenopaeus who happens to be a sexy god in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The Dark Hunter Series in my head Okay I could have dealt with that one but Acheron D is nothing like Acheron P In fact I did not care very much for himYes he had a terrible and painful past but that did not give him the right to behave like he did towards Tabby jeezzI hated this namebut about that laterI found it hard to believe that a man like him would feel a “pull in his groin” when he first meets the heroine who happens to be dressed in old and scruffy clothes – what he feels hard for someone he thinks is rude plain and just off the streets Too hard for me to “swallow” that A Wait a minute Alexthis is fictionevery thing is possiblebecause underneath that plainness is this gorgeous woman with luscious and decadent pink lips See what great clothes and make up and living the life of the rich can do for a girlAnd that same old and used over and over againdrives me insane “you’re very responsive” Acheron purred By the time he shows any warmth or emotion towards the end of the story – with little Amber and TI was ready to pull his hair out Okay he’s a bit better towards the endThe heroine – Tabby BarnesTabbyis that for real I had visions of a ginger tabby cat in my head everytime I read her name That has to be the most unfortunate name everNow there is sassy and there is idiotic and totally painfuland sassy Tabby sure isn’t So A and T have done itof course she’s a 25year old virginand A rushes to the bathroom after the deed and when he comes back into the bedroom “A star for the sex F for failure to follow up” Tabby pronounced with scorn Enough for a “downer” don’t you think?? She agrees to marry the millionaire so she can adopt her best friend’s baby baby’s mother having died after giving birth because she loves little Amber and will do anything for hereven marrying a despicable millionaire But I didn’t feel that love she had for Ambergives in to nannies etc etc etc The only good thing I felt was that she got old Ash to “bond” with the baby Hurrah for Tabby Allrightshe’s not that awfulat times I almost liked herThe side mystery in the story was another part I thought a bit thin The wicked stepsister plot was a bit OTTand the resolution to her “stalking”left me sayingNO REALLY Too easy way outThe character I absolutely adored was little EmmaSo will these two get their HEAwill Ash become a soft loving family man who loves his beautiful little doll yes that’s how she’s described somewhere along the way who will bear him loads of beautiful boys and girls who will look like their daddy and mommy If you a lover of this author’s books read it to find out the ENDThis was an okay read for me I have to own upI did skip a few pages here and therebut I did finish the bookI had to know the ending and it wasn’t exactly an awful bookjust not awesome like I expect from LG

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    The story kept me engaged I wasn't bored at any time Liked the hero Acheron The heroine was ok though at times she was completely dense Asking why she had to wear a ring when they were in a fake marriage and had to convince people it was real I really loved the scenes with Ash and the little baby Amber fabulous

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    This is a marriage of convenience story with two very broken very damaged people especially the heroine who heal each other and comfort each other and learn to love each other truly and deeply I usually don't like strong feisty heroines but Tabby was a true survivor and she was vulnerable and warm as well Hero is an alpha male super sexy confident and sophisticated but he treated Tabby like a ueen and I loved him for that Epilogue was super adorable So sweet watching these two and their growing family and giving their children the love that was denied to them as kids

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    First of all I found it kinda weird whenever I read the hero's name Dark Hunter Acheron image keep popping on my head But anyway I enjoyed this story I loved the fact that there was no insta anything here folks In fact in the very beginning of this book their relationship start off a bit rocky ground But despite that these two have some sparks big time especially every time they were involved in a verbal sparring The tension and bickering between these two was funny at times and you could truly feel their passion building And when they finally gave in? It was freakin' off the roof And I also enjoyed all the scenes between Ash and AmberOverall The Dimitrakos Proposition was an enjoyable read albeit predictable marriage of convenience plot

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    This was a so so read You have the typical alpha hero man whore in a big way Probably one of the worst I have read about A strike against the book already although once he struck a MOC deal with the heroine he ceased his whoring ways but believe me his promiscuity comes back to haunt him as it places he and his family's lives at risk He had spent a couple hours with a woman who had picked him up in a restaurant He recognized after a couple hours that she was not mentally or emotionally stable and he made his excuses and lefthoping never to see her again But somehow she knew his every move and every country he would visit for business and this crazy insane woman would show up even at his wedding she had a spy in his household She was on his heels twenty four seven She had lied about who she was and when he went to a family dinner after just recently meeting his father and his family she was there and was his father's step daughter To say the woman was obsessed is so very mild He ended up taking her to court where she was found guilty and had a restraining order slapped against her which was only valid in Greece but all her lies to her step father caused the man to turn against this newfound son he was just getting to know and he withhold his son's inheritance because he wouldn't marry this girl and believed every lie she told him which seemed to begin at the age of three when he married her mother She even spread the rumor that she was pregnant to try and force hero to marry her It was really insane and I must tell you that I don't care for books with this kind of theme Later on she attempts to kill his new wife A while back she saw him with another woman and physically and bodily attached her She was so dangerous and mentally incapacitatedHe began to see the pitfalls of just bedding anyone who seemed willing and she made his life a living hell Now here's what really got to me He was in a marriage of convenience which was growing into something real YET he didn't tell his wife about crazy woman so she could be on the lookout and protect herself WHAT?? Are you freakin' kidding??I was also troubled by all the talk of his past lifestyle and how he spoke of it so casually to his virgin bride It was hard to hear Apparantly if you had two legs to spreadthat was all he needed Sorry but I hate that Always have always willI did like how it turned out but felt he was uite dishonest with her withholding that important infothis is when she is almost killed and she was still in the dark I guess it's just not nature for guys to keep it in his pants Such a shameSo because of his lifestyle his secrets that almost got his wife and her to be adopted daughter killed I just cannot do any better than two stars I can know and understand if they had a previous lifestyle that no longer existed but when he has had SO MANY and one in particular was trying to murder his familywell that just takes the cake The least he could have done was not subject us to his past and just kept all the BS to himself It also pulled me out of the story when I was desperately wanting to read about he and his new wife's developing relationship He also treated her pretty badly on their wedding nightand I struggled to forgive him for thatI'm sorry but I can't recommend this book unless the above things I mentioned does not bother youI myself would not have read it if I had known ahead of time about this woman and I certainly won't torture myself with a reread

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    Better than average late period Lynne Graham There's suspense and intrigue than usual as someone actually wants to hurt the heroine I am blown away that it's than twenty years since I read AN ARABIAN COURTSHIP Many great romance writers jump the shark after ten or twenty classics but Lynne Graham continues to write with the same vibrancy and passion year after year One thing I will say is that it wouldn't hurt to make her heroines a little mature a little capable of looking after themselves This girl was less self reliant than the baby girl she was clutching to her breast every ten seconds Oh and the teeny bopper British slang was adorable but when the hero jumps to rescue the heroine from tumbling down the stairs did I mention she's not very good at looking after herself the heroine breathlessly proclaims that he moves faster than the speed of light Now you don't have to be Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein to know that a romance novel hero who moved faster than the speed of light would be capable of turning the whole universe inside out flip flopping time and space and well I guess he really does have that effect on the heroineSigh Lynne Graham One of life's timeless pleasures

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