characters ´ The legend of the orange princess 109

The legend of the orange princess

characters The legend of the orange princess

Formally profiled figures in glowing color give an air of Eastern dignity and jungle luxuriance to a traditional fairy tale with a twist the princess is an orange Emerging from her peeling each evening at sunset she becomes a lovely maiden and is predicta.

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Bly espied then married by a prince They enjoy many years of happy nights which end when each morning before the sun rose she returned to the orange One night however the prince lies ill in the jungle and the princess preoccupied with healing him exposes.

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Herself to the rising sun and disappears But on the spot where she had vanished there now stood an orange tree glowing and shimmering in the sun The tale's romantic theme is unexceptional but Gobhai's highly flavored pictures make the most of the variatio. Eye Shield 21, Tome 17 : pictures make the most of the variatio.

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    As children our mother would take us to the public library and we read and rented the same book over and over All I could remember was that it was the story about a princess turning into an orange kind of like The Six Swans from Brothers' Grimm In this Indian faerie tale a princess is transformed into an orange during the day At night she is human but must return to her orange before the light hits her at dawnA beautiful children's book and the copy I read was wonderfully illustrated

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    My favorite picture book from childhood unfortunately it's out of print Fortunately my husband bought it for me a few years ago I treasure this book than any other

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