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F his life a make out session in the back of the bus With his wide receiverKevin Beauchamp loves two things football and Kyle After a rough game and a discreet blow job in the back of the bus Kevin’s life will never be the same But the love of his life is straigh. This book was very much in the meh category for me I couldn't tell who was whom

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This book was banned by all ebook vendors and is only available for legal purchase through Payhip at this link or see my blog for information you see this book anywhere else it is a pirate site ThanksMercyBLURBOn his 19th birthday Kyle Beauchamp gets the surprise o. This was wrong oh so wrong I went into this with an open mind I didn't expect muc

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T and off limits in ways than oneWhen Kyle returns his feelings Kevin has to decide if a few nights of intense passion is worth destroying their future He knows one thing loving his twin might be wrong but losing Kyle would be like losing the other half of his soul. Looking for plot Then move along there's nothin' to see here What there is thoug

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    Okay my friends have verrrrrrrry wide and varying opinions on this book from HATED it to totally suicked out to Where's the seuel??? Twincest is definitely a taboo subject but in real life being totally honest here people answer me this If you were out drinking in a dark sweaty club the bass is pumping and you stumble upon two ridiculously hot muscley twins making out hot and heavy in the shadows What would you do? Something to think about huh? I seriously doubt that many of you would be walking away until you got busted for staring I can guarantee that my feet would be superglued to that goddamn sticky floor Mesmerized And stupidly DROOLING So people are kinky bastards Yeah we know this Straight people gay people yep Kinky bastards the lot of us It's like asking if water is wet It's a given so I’m not picking up any rocks while standing in my own glass house on this kinkAnd now that I have at least one or two of you in a possibly receptive mindset let us proceed      DIn this particular twin adventure Kevin is gay and secretly sneaks off to gay clubs for a bit of kissing and a one off handy now and again And he's still a virgin but has a love thang for his identical twin brother His twin Kyle seemed almost asexual to me in the beginning with only a stray finger bang for a hummer now and then but so infreuently that he honestly can't remember how long ago or with what girl And he's a virgin too as he's never gotten all that excited about anyone before female or male Then everything changes on a very oral bus ride home after an away football game on their 19th birthdays If we're still being honest the story is definitely an erotica fest with about as much plot depth as that strand of spit that books always describe when someone pulls their mouth away from a really sloppy BJ Mmm hmm you know you've seen that strand of spit so don't lieAfter the fated bus ride the plot is full steam ahead on the hot sexy variations on getting down and dirty in pretty much every way that you'd picture two hot 19 year old football boys going at it And they just hit it over and over and over and over again But the midnight swimming pool scene with Kevin losing his V card? Sweet merciful baby Jesus Sweating The author makes full use of the word ' brother' a crazy number of times in the book just in case you forgot or tried to forget that they were twins so that felt a bit muchBUT Without a doubt the sex scenes were very vividly written and I'd bet my own hard earned cash that if you de incested the book and said 'boyfriend' everywhere that it says 'brother' a ton of the suicked out crowd would be giving this book 4 stars for the hawt factor alone Just sayin'Anyway I normally stay away from straight up erotica since I'm really a plot driven reader so I'm giving the book 475 stars for all of the X Tube'esue bus bedroom den locker room shower and swimming pool scenes but rolling 1 star back for the fairly thin somewhat predictable plot so 375 pervy stars for this read Disclaimer No twins were harmed in the making of the videos above ;

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    Steam Factor 5 StarsStory Itself 3 StarsWe'll round it out to 4 StarsFirst of allAnd here's yourThis book contains some smoking and I mean SMOKING hot man on man actionbetween twin brothers Yes that's righttwincestI mean there really are no words Honestly I completely forgot they were brothersSo obviously this books isn't for everyone But if you can look past the whole twin thing this was a pretty decent story I'd say it's along the lines of being a novella as it was only around 150 pages Kyle an Kevin are 19 year old identical twins The story starts with them being on the bus home after a football game when Kevin proceeds to give his twin brother Kyle a BJ on the bus ride homeUmI know I shouldn't be turned on by this but damnHOT is HOT And it is just a book after allSo Kevin is gay and Kyle didn't think he was But that was some BJ and so now Kyle doesn't know what to think Kevin and Kyle start sneaking around They are in high school play football etc Their parents go out of town for the weekend and they explore whatever it is that is going on between themI really kept thinking I would find out they were distant cousinsstep siblingsIDK something ButKevin and Kyle have always been close and their friends at school tease them about it The teasing goes too far and then eventually Kevin and Kyle are caught in the act by their dad All of the gays unite and rally around Kevin and Kyle to show their support IDKthis was definitely of a HFN Not even sure a HEA is in these two's future but what do I know Not even sure if there is going to be another book

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    This was wrong oh so wrong I went into this with an open mind I didn't expect much but this was essentially porn without plot What bothered me the most is that the psychological implications of incest weren't addressed at all One brother is gay the other straight maybe? And one day faster than you can say hoedown one gives the other a blow job on a school bus The MCs are identical twins and each thinks the other is hot; narcissistic much? The guys both had K names Kevin and Kyle and their personalities were so flat I couldn't tell them apart and keep track of who was who who was doing whom At one point Kevin confesses that even when he was young he was IN LOVE with Kyle and cried when they stopped sharing a room WHAT? Don't throw sexuality on a young child It's normal to cry when you get separated from your twin; that doesn't mean you want to fuck him when you grow up All the secondary characters were cookie cutter There was an evil crazed bitch of a cheerleader and a psychotic dad The ending was abrupt There was a shitload of angst thrown in because fucking your twin isn't angsty enough?NO just NO

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    Ok first a warning this is twincest If that's not your thing this isn't the book for you But if it is your thing this book is totally for you It's not something I ever thought about before I got into reading MM but now it flips my switch It really makes a strange sort of sense two people who have been together literally FOREVER I can see how that love could evolve and how it might be hard for them to ever really love someone else in that way This book starts with a bang or really a blow job on the school bus on the way home from a football game A first for both guys but we eventually find out that while they are both virgins at 19 Kevin is gay and has exchanged a few hand and blow jobs at clubs and Kyle has fooled around with girls but that was it I have a few niggles about this story Because they were twins and because their names were similar I often forgot which twin was which who was doing or saying what to whom Which could have been totally the point but still it got confusing after a while I also thought the editing fell apart at the end with a few wrong words and confusing phrases during the talk with cheerbitch #2

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    This book was very much in the meh category for me I couldn't tell who was whom because their names both started with K and it got annoying after a bit there was a psychotic cheerleader who I don't understand why she even existed then there's the cooky friends and the eually cooky dad it was just a big jambalaya of weirdness This is my first twincest and I'm almost certain it is to be my last

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    I have absolutely no idea if this was a well written novel or not Frankly I was way too busy slobbering over the sex scenes I was surprised to find it on though I've heard that while dinosaur erotica is a ok anything ending in a cest is right out unless it's pseudo incest Not that I'm looking forwell anyway It was a fun read though Where's the seuel?

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    Looking for plot? Then move along there's nothin' to see here What there is though is some extremely hot twincest fans myself Definitely not for everyone but dayum I'm not gonna lie there is a part of me the extra pervy part that finds twincest hot and this book delivers hot So if you can get past the taboo and you're in the mood for a light on plot porny read you've come to the right place

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    Oh that was so great I loved those characters How the author takes us through that intense emotional time for Kevin and Kyle it was absolutely captivating but that ending whoa

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    I've sort of worn a hole the size of a pro NFL locker room in the athletic department of this genre so when new sportsthemed releases hitI'm on them like a sweat stained jockstrap So this is supposed to be some sort of doublemint twins taboo jock cock kind of story Wish I could say nice try good game but this was like a two point conversion that didn't convert The only football I found was the title and a convenient coaching character As a side note this 'taboo' subject of twincestbrocest is literally like open season for a skilled writer I base this on my recent OCD researching episode triggered by this reading attempt Taboo was probably the meatiest thing I could locate don't uote me on that because even that's lean I've noticed a peculiar fan pandering occurring in this genre Kind of like in music The popular a band gets it seems the specifically they pander to the fans watering down their material Same shit different day another dollar TPC's dedication kind of said a lot to me I sort of like to analyze that shit regarding the content prioritizing focus processing etc; To Sharita Lira who threw down the chal­lenge to write a twincest SO if this is the writer's best effort and attempt at what could have been a thought provoking deeply moving subject matter in a throw down challenge of a trivialized taboo po dunk porno farce Wellthat's unfortunate they couldn't rise to the occasion Aaandkind of unfortunate for me that I'm not this stimulation simple Sometimes stupidly amused Sure dependent on the day but pretty sure we were going for something else here As far as the story issues; let's just say I could rip it a well lubed asshole big enough to drive a semi truck throughbut I won'tbecause I'm not financially compensated to do so

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