Mom They're Teasing Me Helping Your Child Solve Social Problems Free read Ê 106

Mom They're Teasing Me Helping Your Child Solve Social Problems

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Kids Through thoughtful discussion and insightful suggestions parents will discover• The difference between real risk and normal social pain• The appropriate time to intervene–and when to step back• Tips on how to mediate between children–without appearing meddlesome• The importance of teaching and encouraging leadership• The. Excellent helpful book One of the things I find most challenging about being a parent are the social issues my child faces in interacting with other children This book gives great advice for parents and educators in helping children through the ups and downs of social living without living their childhood for them or imposing your own childhood woes on them

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Through vividly written case studies and a reader friendly uestion and answer format Mom They’re Teasing Me is full of specific how to advice for parents to help their children navigate the sometimes harsh terrain of social life–which includes name calling after school fights esteem crushing cliues and malicious exclusion by the popular. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand the big picture surrounding bullying in schools and in society Instead of consoling targets and punishing bullies this book advocates preventive measures for bullies and the empowerment of targets I am starting to see that regular consistent training for members of any social group such as an elementary school classroom in positive social skills is a must This book is going to become part of my permanent tool box

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Redemptive power of friendship Mom They’re Teasing Me answers key uestions about the many manifestations of social cruelty offers compelling descriptions of prime “teasing” scenarios and illustrates how to counter them It is an indispensable book for involved parents who want to make their child’s formative years rich and rewarding. This book was the most realistic representation of childhood I've ever read But I felt that most of the advice was how to have a accurate perception of what was going on in your child's life not as much how to help him or her change what was going on for the better

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this namepsychologist school consultant and international speaker on the subjects of children schools and parenting

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