Marc Held - Skopelos (English and French Edition) review ✓ 103

Marc Held - Skopelos (English and French Edition)

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Is an architectural manifesto in its own right These eight villas in spectacular locations beside the sea built with local materials and in accordance with the construction techniues of the island all the artisans were from there with the magical landscapes in which they are integrated are eight lessons on the notion of genius loci which so inspired Marc Helds architecture Photographed by Deidi von Schaewen with spectacular shots taken via drone mounted cameras his eight beautiful villas are also presented with his drawings and plans developed during their conception phas.

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Designer of the famous Culbuto armchair manufactured by Knoll Marc Held is also the architect of eight spectacular villas in Greece Beautiful pictures of Greek contemporary architecture and landscapes This book pays homage to the complete journey through the creation of eight villas including drawing plans and picturesMarc Held made history in 1965 with his famous Culbuto armchair and followed it in 1966 with furniture manufactured by Prisunic Over a period of fifty years he created some 150 furniture pieces notably participating in the interior design of the apartments in. ✓ 3 read & download

The Élysée Palace in 1983 Beginning in the 1970s he also designed singular works of architecture for individuals and for corporate clients such as IBM At the end of the 1980s he chose to focus entirely his passion when he settled on the Greek island of Skopelos Interested in vernacular architecture he dedicated a widely acknowledged book on Greece Maisons de Skopelos précis darchitecture in 1994 to it It was also on Skopelos where over a period of thirty years he built eight exceptional villas Lemonia Maistros Nina Loukas The Temple Mourtia Myrto and Kapsari Each house.

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