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    Better than the first Really enjoyed this one

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    ❝We walk alone through this world but if we’re lucky we have a moment of belonging to something to someone that sustains us through a lifetime of loneliness For an evening minute I touched him again and grew red wings and was young again in the Summer Garden and had hope and eternal life❞ I did it again guys I binge read 500 pages within a few hours XD I think I've read almost 2000 pages within a span of two days I've been finishing each book in this series in a day and I can't stopReading Tatiana and Alexander was truly aggravating and stressful sometimes in a good way in other ways not It definitely wasn't as great as The Bronze Horseman but it was still good nonetheless The book continues a little bit before where we left off in The Bronze Horseman and follows Tatiana trying to start a new life in America without her husband and Alexander trying survive the war and live long enough to somehow find a way back to his wifeThe first part of the book felt like The Bronze Horseman told in Alexander's POV because it consisted of a lot of flashbacks about his past and how he got to the Soviet Union with his family Plot progression in regards to what happened directly after the events of the first book moved very slowly But I found myself not minding because I loved learning about Alexander's life and seeing moments with Tatiana through his eyesLife with Tatiana and Anthony in America was tough I was struggling with wanting for her to wait for Alexander or wanting her to stop moping I can't even begin to explain how stressed I would get when she would go on datesSurprisingly I was bored with a few chapters here and there At times I found myself skimming or zoning out while reading because I just wanted them to reunite already After reading The Bronze Horseman I already had a feeling that Alexander and Tatiana would be separated the whole book and would only reunite until the very end which was exactly what happenedI'm also predicting that in the final book we're going to finally see them living together as a family but all hell will break loose once again because these two people just can't catch a freakin break and have the happy ending that they so desperately deserve Now that the war is over they have to overcome the challenges within their relationship and their family I'm desperately hoping that Paullina Simons doesn't butcher their relationship butcher everything I loved about them in book one to the point of no return and expect us to feel handy dandy when they finally have their happy ending Gah I swear this series will be the death of me

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    10 big beautiful stars and then some WOW This second installment of The Bronze Horseman trilogy was BEAUTIFUL This is truly the most EPIC LOVE story EVER told bar none I am writing this review through the tears left over from reading this book This book was the PERFECT seuel to The Bronze Horseman In many ways it not so much followed it as it did complete it While things are still very open for book 3 I felt like this book was the second half of TBH It was utterly BREATHTAKINGWhen we left Tatiana and Alexander in TBH Alexander had arranged for a pregnant Tatiana to get passage to America by having her think he was dead he was sure they were going to execute him but as fate would have it he wasn't and was made to serve in the penal battalions at the front of the war Tatiana meanwhile in America is forced to try and live on with their infant son believing that he is deadI don't have words to describe and BEAUTIFULLY and SEAMLESSLY the author wove together Alexander's story with Tatiana's as well as flashbacks and memories We learn a lot about Alexander in this book While the books are not written in first person a lot of what we saw in The Bronze Horseman was through Tatiana's eyes and in this book we are taken back to events seen in TBH and also some events that we didn't see that happened in between and are shown them through Alexander's eyes It explains so much leaving no uestion unanswered We also see Alexander's childhood through intermingled flashbacks that help the reader understand how he became the man he is The HEARTACHE and LONGING in this book almost killed me I was openly crying or sobbing every 10 pages or so You'll just be reading normally and your emotional state will be relatively stable well still full of aching for them missing each other but bearably so in a 'current' scene but then a memory will be inserted and just throw you right over the emotional edgeThe happy memories of each other are inserted throughout the entire book at times when Tatiana and Alexander are despairing beyond all hope and the memories of each other serve as a means to get them through To get up one time To put one foot in front of the other Not to give up In this same way they help the reader get through their separation by constantly giving hopeAnd their reunion Wow Wow Wow Alexander and Tatiana are both SUCH strong characters some of the strongest I've ever read about I don't think I have ever sobbed through a book so much but in a completely good way This is such a story of survival and love The author's ability to make you FEEL every single thing that Tatiana and Alexander are going through is just incredible No piece of music book story movie show anything has EVER made me FEEL as strongly as this book did If I were going to be stuck on a desert island for the rest of my life and could only bring one series of books it would be theseThe LOVE that Tatiana and Alexander share is beyond words You just have to experience it for yourself I don't think anyone but the author can do it justiceAgain this book is long not as long as the first one though but my print copy is 559 pages But it did not drag even once I read every single word every syllable even as slowly as I could I didn't want it to end And there is absolutely zero fluff Absolutely everything mentioned is a vital part of the story And as with the first one the writing is also broken up really interestingly It is in chapters but within those chapters are little sections each one is a writing work of art I really don't know how to explain it but each one is not just telling you what is happening but it has a greater point Its achingly beautifully poetic This writing style becomes and poignant as the series goes on because as you know and about the characters the author is able to make the sections and emotional until every single one of your heart strings is rawThe ending is perfect and this being the romance love story that it is everything does work out in the end which believe me is what will keep you going throughout itI'm starting book 3 right away which follows Alexander and Tatiana in their new life in America with their son as they face life after the war together These are by FAR my FAVORITE books ever There is nothing else in their league This story is one that i will reread over and over again and will stay with me foreverAnd tell me that's not the most beautiful book cover ???? CASTING see above For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter

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    Tatiana and Alexander The Bridge to Holy Cross The Bronze Horseman #2 Paullina SimonsTatiana and Alexander is a romance novel written by Paullina Simons and the second book in the Bronze Horseman Trilogy The novel continues the story of Tatiana Metanova and her husband Alexander BelovTatiana finds work as a nurse at Ellis Island where she and Anthony start living She befriends Vikki another nurse and Edward Ludlow a doctor who Vikki believes has taken a liking for Tatiana Although she has started to build a new life for herself and Anthony the possibility that Alexander might still be alive haunts her Her suspicions are further raised by Alexander's Hero of the Soviet Union medal which she finds in her bagTatiana buys land in Arizona from the money that Alexander had hidden in the Bronze Horseman book Gradually she starts getting over her past and is known to everyone as the Angel of Ellis because of all the immigrants she has helped get jobsMeanwhile in the Soviet Union Alexander narrowly escapes death at the hands of the Soviet Government However he is ordered to lead a battalion of convicted criminals and head westward into Germany Alexander finds this to his advantage as then he could escape to America He after losing many men finally makes it to German soil where he encounters Pasha Metanov He had survived the attack on the train and joined the German Army When he comes to know about his family and Alexander's plan he agrees to surrender to the Germans Thus they are taken to Colditzتاریخ خوانش روز دوازدهم ماه دسامبر سال 2017میلادیعنوان تاتیانا و الکساندر؛ کتاب دوم از سه گانه ی اسب­ سوار برنزی، نویسنده پولینا پائولینا سیمونز سایمونز؛داستانهای سری «اسب ­سوار برنزی»، در روز بیست و دوم ماه ژوئن سال 1941میلادی، یعنی روزی که «آلمان» علیه «شوروی»، اعلان جنگ داد، آغاز می­شود؛ اینروز زندگی دو خواهر، و خانواده ­شان را، به کلی دیگر می­کند؛ یکی از این خواهرها، «تاتیانا»، آنگاه که پی خوراکی می­گردد، با «الکساندر»، سربازی جوان، از ارتش سرخ، دیدار می­کند، و این دو عاشق هم میشوند؛ اما عشق­شان رازی با خود به همراه دارد، که برای هر آنکه از آن راز خبردار شود، به مرگ محکوم خواهد شدتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 11071399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

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    ➦No spoilers people I promise Again I got this second book on audio and no surprise there it's over 30 hours long This is also where we see the worst of the siege of Leningrad and I kid you not after reading this book I've dreamed of being starved to death for multiple night in a row I don't know I might be too impressionable but damn It makes you appreciate every single thing in your fridge and make you want to stuff yourself You know just in case➦This also is a book where things get steamy After following these characters for such a long time you definitely feel like you know them It might have even felt a bit personal and uncomfortable being there during their ahem private moments Ah hell who am I kidding?➦I will also tell you that I have attempted to read book #3 in this series and dropped it Not because it sucked or anything but simply because it was a completely different setting and a completely different life and struggle Some things were beginning to sound a bit redundant so I put it on pause for now

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    ♥♥♥♥♥A LOVE STORY♥♥♥♥♥ What about our life has ever been easy? Truer words were never spoken Can these two please have less heartache and happy times in Lazarevo?My emotions ran the gamut from crying to wanting to punch someone in the throat My heart ached for both of them as they struggled to go on with life When times were hard I relied on Alexander's words 'I have to have faith'Orbeli was introduced in TBH and we learn about it in this book Orbeli was the ultimate sacrifice that Alexander gave to Tania When Tania learns the meaning behind the name Orbeli she has hope and faith in their love for one another The story flowed from Alexander's past as a child to where TBH left off The glimpses into Alexander's childhood portrayed how he became the man we meet in TBH We walk alone through this world but if we're lucky we have a moment of belonging to something to someone that sustains us through a lifetime of loneliness SERIES Continuing story Must be read in orderNovellas #05#15#35

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    5 Stars Also reviewed at Lady Jayne's Reading Den “Where did they teach you how to live after you’d lost it all? Who taught you how to go on after you had lost everything?” Tatiana This song “My Love” by Lene Marlin link below is my theme song for this second book in the Tatiana and Alexander trilogy MY LOVE by Lene Marlin The haunting voice and the lyricsHow my heart aches as I listen to itEspecially because every time I listen to it now it will forever remind me of Tatiana and Alexander’s achingly hauntingly beautiful love story that is not only etched into my heart but my whole body My chest aches my eyes water my breath catches my skin feels tight sighs escapeI can’t help but want to cry and sigh whenever I think of these two And those of you who have EXPERIENCED and LOVED this trilogy I believe you KNOW what I’m talking about Don’t you?It has taken me so long to write my review for Tatiana and Alexander over a year because I was so CONSUMED with wanting to read the last book The Summer Garden that I just couldn’t stop to review this one Also I’ve really struggled with how to write a review for this one without spoiling the book for anyone who hasn’t read the first Strangely now that I’m re reading The Bronze Horseman I’m ready to tryI started this second book armed with the uote below If it were not for hope the heart would break Thomas FullerThis uotemantra helped me to be able to breathe when I first started this book after all I went through with Tatiana and Alexander in The Bronze Horseman I hugged my hope for Tatiana and Alexander tight Because of this I found I was able to breathe in the first couple hundred pages but then as I read on my chest grew tighter and tighterand tighter I ACHED I was RAW But I kept clutching on to that hope My heart still broke but it was also healedWithout any plot spoilers I will say though that you will learn about both Alexander’s and Tatiana’s lives before they met each other through flashbacks You’ll also discover some additional things about scenes in the first book I really appreciated seeing scenes from The Bronze Horseman from Alexander’s perspective as I was longing for that in the first book You will understand just how momentous that scene on the street when Alexander sees Tatiana for the first time in her white dress with red roses eating an ice cream really was for Alexander Alexander and Tatiana are the embodiment of courage strength determination and an enduring epic love for me Kiss my forehead She obeys Kiss my lips She obeys And obeys Tania Shh Can't you see I'm breaking? Ah she says You're still in one piece then I cannot promise you that you’ll be in one piece when you read this In fact if you have the experience I did you’ll be shattered But I do wish you what I also experienced which is Hope and Love the excruciating loss of hope and loveand the heart bursting regaining of hope and love so INTENSE that you’ll never be the same This is not just a “read” It is an EXPERIENCE I really can’t explain it any other wayOrbeli What does it mean? It means so much And well you’ll just have to experience it for yourself One of my favourite uotes from this book and which gives the title of the last book The Summer Garden such meaning “There is one moment a moment in eternity Before we find out the truth about one another That simple moment is the one that propels us through life – what we felt at the very edge of our future standing over the abyss before we knew for sure we loved Before we knew for sure we loved forever Before all that you and I walked through The Summer Garden and once in a while my bare arm touched your arm and once in a while you spoke and that gave me an excuse to look up into your face into your laughing eyes to catch a glimpse of your mouth and I who had never been touched tried to imagine what it might be like to have your mouth touch me Falling in love with you in The Summer Garden in the white nights of Leningrad is the moment that propels me through life” PS Tissues reuiredPPS These books are not for everyone but they are precious keepers for me and many others who have been captivated by Alexander and Tatiana's story Edited to add another song Oh my sniffles It feels like fate The day after I finally write my review for Tatiana and Alexander I come across this poignant and haunting song link below which is absolutely PERFECT for this book Just PERFECT This song makes me want to weep as I did with this book IF I COULD BE WHERE YOU ARE by Enya Reading Order1 The Bronze Horseman My Review Here2 Tatiana and Alexander also titled The Bridge to Holy Cross in some editions3 The Summer Graden – To be reviewedCreditsMy Alexander – Henry CavillMy Tatiana – Teresa Palmer DISCLAIMER I do not hold the copyright to any of the images videos or music used in this review They are posted to add visuals and soundtrack to the review and for fun If any of these are yours and you would like me to remove them please let me know and I will do so as soon as possible If I can identify the copyright I will do so

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    45 ★'s After finishing The Bronze Horseman how could you not continue on with this book? We were left with Tatiana believing that Alexander was dead and she was left alone and pregnant She struggles in deciding if she should continue on with their plan and ultimately does that working her magic and making it to America just in time to give birth Let me just sayand not only that but it will severely test your patience I was desperate to find out what happened but of course nothing could be that easy The author takes us on a journey down memory lanewe get to find out uite a bit about what makes Alexander tick and about his relationship with his parents Not a lot of excitement but at least it did make me dislike his parents a little less Fortunately the time will Tatiana moves in a forward pace for the most part We get to find out what happens to her in New York and what she does with herself and the baby You would think this is an easy road but it is not That was the difficult partreading how much both of them suffered being away from the other Alexander hoping that Tania made it to the USA but having to still live under horrible circumstances and fight the war Tatiana being in a much better place but left with doubts if Alexander did die or not and if he did should she move on with her life? I wish I could say that there wasn't a lot of warmilitary history in this one but I would be wrong It was b o r i n g I am just not into that but I do like that it seemed to be factualand I did like knowing what Alexander went through because it seems like a lot of that will come back to bite him in the butt Thankfully we are done with that for the most part There were a few surprisesone in particular was something I knew would happen even though I'm uite sadden by how things ultimately turned outI was really blown away by Tatianashe has definitely grown up I love how determined and focused she is and she never ceases to amaze me What happened towards the end was amazing and I loved her conviction You can see how there will be some problems It will be interesting to see how things play out in the next book The Summer Garden Sadly I don't have any idea if they end up together or not so I'm going in with no expectationswell mostlyFavorite uotes♥ “It’s not marriage bait it’s the wedding tackle♥ “Falling in love with you in the Summer Garden in the white nights in Leningrad is the moment that propels me through life”

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    GAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDMy emotions are so raw from this book After reading The Bronze Horseman I immediately had to download book 2 Tatiana and Alexander this book takes up where TBH leaves off It also led me to the beginning of Alexander's story and into his past how he came to Russia and everything that happens to him and his family from the time they arrived and then everything that happens to him and Tatiana after TBH endsFollowing TBH this book took what was left of my shredded emotions and completely tore my heart out for me it was 10 times emotional and heartbreaking than TBH I am now completely emotionally gutted but OMG what an amazing and wonderful story Paullina Simons writes There is nothing like reading a book that can pull such raw emotions from you She is so gifted and is truly in a league of her ownI couldn't possibly wait to read this book after finishing TBH and definitely think that everyone should read book 2 following TBH it is very different from TBH but sooooooooo sooooo good just stock up on your tissues ahead of time you will absolutely need them for for this book now I'm desperately on the hunt for book 3 The Summer Garden

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    So intense and stressful

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The Bridge to Holy Cross is a powerful story of love and hope a passionate and epic love story from the Russian born author of The Bronze Horseman The world at war two people in love Tatiana is eighteen years old and pregnant when she miraculously escapes war torn Leningrad to the West believing herself to be a widow Her husband Major Alexander Belov a decorated hero of the Soviet Union has been arrested by Stalin's infamous secret police and is awaiting imminent death as a trai. Better than the first Really enjoyed this one La Partenaire de l’Ours: Une Romance Paranormale (L'Âme soeur de l'Ours t. 5) years old and pregnant when she miraculously escapes war torn Leningrad to the West believing herself to be a widow Her husband Major Alexander Belov a decorated hero of the Soviet Union has been arrested by Stalin's infamous secret police and is awaiting imminent death as a trai. Better than the first Really enjoyed this one

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Rtain death As the Second World War moves into its final violent phase Tatiana and Alexander are surrounded by the ghosts of their past and each other They must struggle against destiny and despair as they find themselves in the fight of their lives A master of the historical epic Paullina Simons takes us on a journey across continents time and the entire breadth of human emotion to create a heartrendingly beautiful love story that will live on long after the final page is turne. GAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDMy emotions are so raw from this book After reading The Bron

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Tor and a spy Tatiana begins her new life in America In wartime New York City she finds work friends and a life beyond her dreams However her grief is inescapable and she keeps hearing Alexander calling out to her Meanwhile Alexander faces the greatest danger he's ever known An American trapped in Russia since adolescence he has been serving in the Red Army and posing as a Soviet citizen to protect himself For him Russia's war is not over and both victory and defeat will mean ce. ➦No spoilers people I promise Again I got this second book on audio and no surprise there it's ov