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    I love this book Of course I do I wrote it

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    Harlem ReduxLyrics Of A BlackbirdPersia Walker's 2001 mystery novel was originally titled Harlem Redux but the title has been changed to Lyrics of A Blackbird It is appropriate to be confused by the two titles of this novel Walker's book explores shifting changing identities in which individuals are rarely fully what they seemThe novel is set in 1926 in the middle of the Harlem Renaissance and has important scenes in Philadelphia and rural Georgia in addition to Harlem The book centers upon the apparent suicide of a young woman Lilian in her late 20s in her family home in the wealthy Strivers Row section of Harlem Lilian has a twin sister Gem The twins are identical but of opposite character Lilian is reserved and intellectual while Gem is flamboyant emotional and a jazz singer The primary character in the story is David McKay 35 the brother of Lilian and Gem A WW I decorated hero David is a lawyer who worked for the Movement a Civil Rights organization fighting lynching but who for the four years before the story begins has disappeared to work in Philadelphia under mysterious circumstances David and Lilian had been close but hadn't communicated for some time before her apparent suicide After her death the long time family servant Annie finds his address and lets David know He comes to Harlem and becomes convinced that Lilian had been killed by her ambitious husband Sweet with the murder framed to look like suicide The plot of the book centers on David's efforts to discover the cause of Lilian's death In the process the book offers many twists of plot and many surprises about the identity of several characters in the storyAlthough it is largely interesting the mystery and its ultimate resolution are the weakest parts of the book The story drags on too long and often flags Much of the story unfolds through lengthy diary entries and long conversations rather than through action Some of the story turns too much on coincidence On occasion the story becomes too much the vehicle for authorial preaching I found the development of the plot less than captivating in placesThe stronger part of Harlem Redux Lyrics of a Blackbird lies in its depiction of place its vibrancy and its many characters Walker understands the Harlem Renaissance well through her love for its writers and her studies of its historians and is able to bring it to life Her book shows the Harlem literary and artistic scene and the many characters and hangers on For example a key character is a wealthy white woman who inveigles her way into Harlem to write sensational works about Renaissance figures for white readers I was reminded of a recent historical study Miss Anne in Harlem The White Women of the Harlem Renaissance by Carla Kaplan which casts light on the Miss Anne character in Walker's novel and on many other characters and scenes Walker's novel captures Harlem in many other ways including its depiction of the large majority of Harlem residents who lived in sualid conditions far removed from glamour and intellectual and artistic life Anne Petry's novel The Street captures much of the poverty ridden unromantic aspect of Harlem depicted in Walker's murder mysteryThe novel includes effective scenes of David's old haunts as he walks Harlem streets upon his return Here is an example set just after David comes to his old homeAs David waited for a streetlight to change his gaze drifted over the street life around him There were so many half forgotten familiar sights Mamas tired after a long week's work dragged toddlers with one had and hugged grocery bags with the other Tail wagging dogs strained against leashes to gain the nearest fire hydrant Stray cats with scarred faces and ripped ears huddled alongside the entrances to alley ways Hip young men with cool ambition in their eyes hustled by Others with deadened dreams sat on stoops or leaned languidly against street lamps Street vendors hawked toys perfume dresses stockings and watches Their goods spread out on torn blankets they proudly displayed a profusion of glittery items one might desire but would never use And an abundance of dreary items one could use but would never desireAn outstanding scene of violent low life takes place in an establishment called The Lizard Lounge Harlem itself during the 1920's and its early history is the primary character of this novel when it is at its bestA portion of the novel is set in a small Georgia town and describes a lynching of the sort that was all too common following the end of WW I Walker chillingly and effectively describes the lynching and the local Georgia community The scene is effective as a vignette for itself rather than in in its role in the elaborate plot of the story and in the arc of David's life when he moves to Philadelphia and assumes a new identity just as Harlem Redux and Lyrics of a Blackbird are two aspects of the identity of this bookThis book offers a compelling portrait of Harlem and its people in their varied characters and often is beautifully written The mystery story line was inadeuate I found to carry the strengths of the book in terms of place and development of character As do many characters of the book and the double title this book is both a mystery and a portrayal of Harlem and its people It is effective as the latterRobin Friedman

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    My thoughts• I have read other novels mysteries by the author and enjoyed them But I will have to say this is my least favorite of her books• While I like character driven plots than action driven plots – I am not a fan of the stream of consciousness literary techniue So the beginning of the book where this was used the most made the story seem dry and slow going for me In fact it made seem like I was reading this book forever • But when David was not being so introspective – I enjoyed the story much • I loved how the author evoked the time period and place – 1920s Harlem and how the characters reflected and reacted to the issues of color gender race and class I could see and relate to some of the same issues still confronting the black community today• I thought the characters were engaging and well developed• I liked how the characters provided the twists and turns to the various mysteries I liked that the author provided the clues that I could figure out who did what to who• Rachel certainly represented the saying “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned”• Overall I liked the middle to the ending much better than I did the beginning

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    An engaging and titillating novel author Persia Walker does a notable job of creating an impressively written murder mystery that captures the spirit and ambiance of 1920’s Harlem New York The story takes place during a tumultuous time when Black Americans were dealing with unapologetic racism unthinkable brutality and inhumane lynchings In Harlem Redux the reader embarks on a thrilling journey with main character David McKay as he engages in a riveting flight to discover the truth behind his sister‘s inexplicable death McKay is a war hero and a gifted Civil Rights lawyer from a prominent and wealthy family who grapples with the exposure of his own skeletal past while discovering numerous lies and secrets concerning his family I appreciated Walker’s ability to base her murder mystery around a period of time when African Americans were surviving through the woes of Jim Crow Walker bravely addressed controversial race and class issues during that era while holding the reader’s interest in the enthralling story As a result I highly recommend this book to others

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    Beyond exceptionalI've never heard of this lady Than obviously haven't read anything written by Ms Walker Having read this book I can only say that I will be reading anything and everything she has written and will write This is a fabulous book written about a time none of us are able to recall It's honest heartfelt insightful simply wonderfully written Having just taken a chance on reading this amazing effort I must say it's one of the most riveting stories I've read in years I was totally captivated couldn't lay it down read it in two nights It would have been only one but these weary eyes were becoming painful Still I read on A surprise on every page Masterful If you don't read this don't bother reading anything else It will only pale in comparison Write on Ms Walker I'm tremendous grateful for allowing me and thousands of others to share your work

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    As a murder mystery I suspected where this was going well before the end But that doesn't matter because what this is really is a historical novel which evokes the period of the Harlem Renaissance a period in which in the brown bag rule was sadly in full effect in Black society and chillingly a period in which in most of the country lynch law was the rule of the day I know some peer reviewers here think Walker's later straight forward mystery novels also set in the Harlem Renaissance era are the better books but somehow I suspect this early literary novel may be the better work of art But I certainly plan on reading her later novels as well I'm sure they will be worth it

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    Masterfully written mystery that captures the feel of my favorite era the Harlem Renaissance David McKay an attorney who grew up on famed Striver's Row in Harlem returns upon the death of one of his twin sisters Lilian To learn the truth McKay searches through Harlem's nightlife and underground speakeasies meeting his sister's new friends in an effort to find the truth surrounding her murder Only the truth is closer to home than he imaginedExcellent read I really enjoyed it and would read books by this author

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    The description of this book sounded so good that I strongly supported it when it was recommended for our book club That made it all the disappointing when I read it The prose was leaden and preachy The characters without exception were unlikeable There were literally times when I was unable to read than ten pages at a time I am glad that I finished it if for no other reason than the resolution was a little satisfying than the set up even if it strained credibility

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    Loved this book from beginning to end It was a bit of a mystery with measured historical nuances Excellent reflection of the light skinned dark skinned competition in the black community

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    Walker writes beautifully she completely draws me in with her compelling prose My complaint with this book is pacing and the ending I think the plot began to meander toward the middle of the book and much of it added nothing to the book's overall content However I wish she had spent time on the ending I love the way the book ends however I think than a few pages should have been devoted to it It just didn't seem fully fleshed out to me However I liked this book well enough that I have already gone out and bought her next one

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Four years after dropping out of Harlem society David McKay a handsome young lawyer from a prominent Strivers' Row family returns home devastated by the news of his sister Lilian's suicide What caused his once stable gentle sister to take her own life Why did she marry Jameson Sweet giving a man she barely knew a claim to the family home What caused her flamboyant twin Gem to return to Harlem from Paris forge new bonds and suddenly depart again Most i. My thoughts• I have read other novels mysteries by the a Sylla the news of his sister Lilian's suicide What caused his once stable gentle sister The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator to Kestrels, Quirky Birds, and Hopeless Egocentricity take her own life Why did she marry Jameson Sweet giving a man she barely knew a claim Lark Returning to Goodbye Herzschmerz: Eine Anleitung zum Wieder-Glücklichsein the family home What caused her flamboyant Democratic Enlightenment twin Gem ბიძია რიმუსის ზღაპრები to return Mi Camita to Harlem from Paris forge new bonds and suddenly depart again Most i. My A Death in Hong Kong: The MacLennan Case of 1980 and the Suppression of a Scandal (Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Studies Series) thoughts• I have read other novels mysteries by Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things (Alvin Ho, the a

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M to the crowded tenements of its poor He uncovers old loves and festering hatreds But the deeper he probes the closer he comes to unleashing forces that threaten to reveal his own crippling secret a secret that could destroy him or redeem himThis gripping novel at once taut and lyrical evokes the mystiue of Harlem's most fascinating era Absorbing and powerful Harlem Redux combines incisive comment on race and class with a tragic tale of unreuited lov. Loved this book from beginning to end It was a bit of a my Scott Nicholson Library, Vol. 3 to Carry On the crowded Janice VanCleave's Earth Science for Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments that Really Work tenements of its poor He uncovers old loves and festering hatreds But Red Mist: Roy Keane and the Irish World Cup Blues - a Fan's Story the deeper he probes Madame Bovary the closer he comes The Secret Girl (Adamson All-Boys Academy to unleashing forces Tell Me The Truth (Stockton Wolves that The Greatest Performance threaten Valentine to reveal his own crippling secret a secret Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk, Tome 13 : Quatrième Saison : Partie 4 that could destroy him or redeem himThis gripping novel at once Leg dich, Zigeuner taut and lyrical evokes Bucket List für das 10. Lebensjahr - 50 Dinge, die ich mit 10 erleben möchte: Ein Buch zum Ausfüllen für Teenager und Kinder - Ein Tagebuch und ... Auch geeignet als Mädchen Geschenke 10 Jahre the mystiue of Harlem's most fascinating era Absorbing and powerful Harlem Redux combines incisive comment on race and class with a Pook In Boots tragic E tale of unreuited lov. Loved Modernidad líquida this book from beginning Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss kommt in die Schule to end It was a bit of a my

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Mportant why did Lilian feel compelled to keep David in the dark about it allBurdened by a secret of his own David dares to stay in Harlem just long enough to stave off the threat to his family home and answer uestions about Lilian's death Entering her world he rediscovers what he left behind a place of suffocating class strictures seductive patrons and aristocratic civil rights leaders His inuiry takes him from the wealthy salons of Renaissance Harle. An engaging and titillating novel author Persia Walker doe