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The price of oil plunged to twenty dollars a barrelIt was the month when the Emir of Kuwait dissolved the National Assembly for the thirteenth time in fifteen yearsIt was the day when the head of the Islamic majority of the Assembly hired an assassin and the CIA intercepted intelligence about a new wave of terrorist attacksIt was the day that would change the face of the Middle East foreverIt was May 15 2021After a disastrous mission forces her out of the field Petra Shirazi retires from a life of espionage to work in a research position Three years later her division stumbl. This was such a great read I really enjoyed this one from Puja Guha One of my friends had read this book and said that it was really good She couldn't stop talking about it so I decided to give it a try too I'm so glad that I did This book was thrilling fun and exciting You can tell that Puja put a lot of time and energy into this story to make it what it is Once I turned the first page I found the book extremely hard to set down It had so much action thrill and I wanted to see what would happen between the characters I am such a fan of this author already and I would love to see what she will put out next The scenery was so vivid in this book and the storyline was very interesting This is normally not the genre that I enjoy to read but this one really kept me on the edge of my seat It was a great action thriller and I greatly enjoyed reading it

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Es upon a money trail that reveals a massive new wave of terrorist attacks The money trail places her in the midst of an assassination plot that implicates the highest levels of the Kuwaiti and Iranian governments Petra will find herself face to face with the Ahriman a man named for the Persian spirit of destruction who is responsible for a series of bomb blasts that paralyzed the Suez Canal two years earlier As the investigation begins to unravel the ripple effects threaten to engulf not only the Middle East and its Western allies but also the darkest secrets of Petra's past. This is my very first thriller book set in the Middle East Ahriman The Spirit of Destruction turned out to be the perfect pickAhriman The Spirit of Destruction is an interesting and easy read The text flows smoothly and the twists and suspense kept reading Highly recommended to all thrillers lovers

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Like Grisham and Clancy this title shines among the genre simply though superb storytelling The US Review of BooksThe Day of the Jackal meets Syriana in the near future When the CIA intercepts intelligence on a terrorist attack in Kuwait Petra Shirazi a former field agent comes face to face with the Ahriman one of Iran's deadliest assassins It was the year when global economies continued to plummet despite analysts' predictions of a turnaroundIt was the year when the Kuwaiti National Assembly consisted of the largest Islamic contingent in than two decadesIt was the month when. It is debatable whether being able to compare the way a book is written to a TV series is a good thing but in this case I think it’s a great thingAhriman The Spirit of Destruction is the literary euivalent of the TV series 24 Fast paced completely terrifying in places and constantly has you teetering on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen nextSet in the not too distant future the lack of difference between life now and then is really well written and actually builds on the fears that many have when it comes to being the victim of a terrorist attackThe use of a strong female lead in this action political thriller is really refreshing change from the mountains of books in the genre that have women side lined to the role of romantic interest damsel in distress or double agent This is especially prevalent when you think that the strong female lead is being sent into Kuwait where even in 2021 women still have little to no rights The plot is very well thought out and executed in a way that means you are strapped in for the duration of the book you do have to put it down at some moments just to catch a few mouthfuls of oxygen before getting back to it and there may be moments when you really feel like you want to stop that you don’t want to know what happens next but you will find yourself drawn back to the storyThe characters are well developed and easy to engage with and the realism displayed in the writing brings it to life in a vivid wayThe only downside to this book is that it is almost too full on at times and could have done with a little bit of slowing down in places but on the whole a great book and definitely one that can be read again and again

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Puja Guha draws upon her experiences from traveling and living around the world in her writing She has lived in Kuwait Toronto Paris London and several American cities including New York Washington DC and San Francisco Each of these places and many show up in her writing as her travel to places such as Mozambiue South Africa Vietnam Sudan Afghanistan and Guinea Bissau inspire mo

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