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    Another fantasy story with a post apocalyptic setting Evidently the Worldfire destroyed the world long ago Pretty straight forward and generic read The main character Gallt is your typical do gooder noble hero While Barrt is the typical evil disenfranchised second son of a noble who craves world domination Between them is the typical beautiful ueen Thayna whose kingdom has been taken over by Barrt and his army of Weer bat men and the Slyth lizard men both mutations from the Worldfire The object everyone has their eyes on to meet their goals is the fabled PowerstoneIt was a decent uick fatasy read I enjoyed it

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    Heroic fantasy Good reading if not exactly earth shaking

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Exile's uest

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They call it the Power Stone Some men called it by other names Philosopher’s Stone Grail A sorcerer has given it to.

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The ueen of the Unknown Lands King Sigreith wants it so he sends an exiled swordsman Baron Gallt at the head of an arm. Chic, du chocolat ! exiled swordsman Baron Gallt at the head of an arm.

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Y of cutthroats and prisoners into the legendary Unknown Lands All sorts of monsters and half men wait along their pat.