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American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare

Robert A. Doughty ☆ 5 review

Officer corps in the early nineteenth century to the Civil War and the two great total wars of the twentieth century The volume concludes with five chapters on the limited wars of the nuclear age The text is supported by a wealth of photographs and maps throughout Robert A Doughty US Military Academy and Ira Gruber Rice University led a team of.

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This highly readable and authoritative history of American military operations examines the campaigns and the changing practices that have helped to define Western warfare Beginning with Anglo American skirmishes in the early seventeenth century the narrative moves on through the War for American Independence and the development of a professional.

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Eminent military historians in the development of this text Each of the authors drawing on his own field of expertise and focusing on specific campaigns examines not only military operations but the technological social and political developments that affected those operations The result is a uniuely valuable account of warfare in the Western Wor.

About the Author: Robert A. Doughty

Brigadier General Robert Allan Doughty USA Ret is an American military historian educator and retired career military officer

3 thoughts on “American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare

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    An outstanding compilation of essays from the some of the most accomplished 20th century historians Very well rounded in addressing how conflicts were shaped by social norms culture economics and technological advances Covering First Contact in eastern Noth America to the early years of the war on global terrorism a must have for serious students of history

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    Although this is a textbook it was fairly decent It gives a good overview of American military history and how it has evolved over the years with various wars such as the Civil War World War II American Revolution etc If you are looking for a reference or overview of American military history then this book is for you

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    For those interested in American military history this is a critical work to own It's a heavy read a bit dry at times but jammed with essential facts dates people and the occasional anecdotes—some burned into my memory

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