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Texas is a Southern state and in many ways Houston is a typical Southern city While Houston did not experience the types or degrees of racial violence found in other Southern cities during the Jim Crow era black Houstonians nonetheless found themselves often relegated to the margins of society For decades there were two distinct Houstons one wh. Construire des personnages de fiction: Récit, roman, scénario, théâtre (Guide pratique) racial violence found in other Southern cities during the Jim Crow era black Houstonians nonetheless found themselves often Écrire pour son lecteur : Guide de l'écriture journalistique (Collection J comme journalisme) relegated to the margins of society For decades there were two distinct Houstons one wh.

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S of black Houston From churches to nightclubs; city parks to city hall; and political giants Barbara Jordan Mickey Leland and Sheila Jackson Lee to the driving beats of Archie Bell and the Drells the Ghetto Boys and Beyoncé black Houston is alive with a determination that past injustices will never dampen the future opportunities for greatnes.

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Ite and the other black However Houston’s black community created businesses that flourished and schools that educated children and developed a culture that celebrated the accomplishments of their parents while eagerly anticipating the accomplishments of future generations Images of America African Americans of Houston captures the many facet.

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    Houston's African American Community In PhotographsThe Images of America series of Arcadia Publishers offers readers the opportunity to explore the diverse local character of American life through small uniformly bound collections of photographs and texts Books in the Images of America series feature African American communities in places such as Washington DC Chicago San Francisco Milwaukee Pine Bluff Arkansas and many others The Washington DC public library system has a strong collection of African American related books which has allowed me to visit many communities through the Images of America volumesRonald Goodwin's book African Americans of Houston 2013 is one of the best and most recent in the Images of America series The book consists of an excellent collection of photographs of Houston together with a nuanced ahd perceptive historical discussion Goodwin is a young historian with an interest in urban history and in the African American communities of TexasThe book taught me both about Houston and about its African American community The opening pages of the book concentrate on photographs of a growing downtown Houston during the early years of the 20th Century Goodwin shows a strong interest in studying the public places of city life and in emphasizing their importance to the community He discusses how the city tried to present itself as a lively diverse metropolis in its urban spaces while minimizing the presence of African Americans and subjecting them to the rules of Jim Crow Goodwin also shows a fascination with urban transportation especially with streetcars He offers many photographs of Houston's once flourishing streetcar system which could easily be the subject of a separate Images of America book He describes how streetcars and other means of public transportation discriminated against African Americans and their neighborhoods African Americans freuently were not allowed on the streetcars or on public transit There were some African American cars and some cars that allowed segregated seatingThe book also focuses on Houston's African American communities which began to flourish in the city just after the Civil War There are pictures of unpaved litter filled streets which the city did not maintain in the early years and long rows of identical cheaply constructed houses Goodwin discusses the effects of Jim Crow while he also emphasizes the strong positive aspects of African American life during the years of segregation He presents photographs of African American businesses professionals theaters churches libraries and schoolsHe shows local events such as parades which instilled a sense of neighborhood Goodwin argues that the community developed a substantial degree of cohesiveness and economic strength during the segregation years With the civil rights era many African American businesses faded as members of the community became welcome elsewhere and as middle class residents abandoned the once strong local areas for the suburbsThe book discusses educational opportunities in African American Houston Goodwin presents photographs of old segregated primary and secondary schools and of trade schools for the training of beauticians His primary interest however is in the growth of college and professional education As Goodwin indicates in 1946 an African American man Heman Sweatt represented by Thurgood Marshall went to the Supreme Court to secure admission to the University of Texas Law School In an attempt to avoid an unfavorable decision Texas established a college for African Americans in Houston called Texas State University for Negroeslater renamed Texas Southern University TSU plays a large role in this book as Goodwin offers photographs of students professors athletic events and presidents of the institution Former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan was a TSU graduate and developed her formidable ability as a public speaker through the school's debating programGoodwin discusses the desegregation of Houston in the 1960s Although there were protests in the city and harsh police action at TSU the city integrated relatively peacefully and uietly African American leaders worked behind the scenes with city businesses and government officials to provide for a low key end to Jim CrowThis book offers a brief insightful look at Houston and at its African American community and its historyRobin Friedman

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    Writing is clunky but photos and historical perspective is helpful

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