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No Ranieri that sends him on a wild and dangerous ride with a mysterious woman who holds a deadly secret and a white hot passion that binds them togetherSocial worker Nina Christie has no idea how much trouble she’s in when her Aunt Helga shows up unexpectedly emaciated and bleeding and injects N. Nina and AaroGood

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SECRETS NEVER DIEAlex Aaro has spent most of his life on the run from his Ukrainian mafia family But when he learns that crazy Aunt Tonya the only relative who ever gave a damn about him is dying he risks returning home to say goodbye He’s prepared for anything except the call from his friend Bru. One Wrong Move is

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Ina with an unknown drug Now a ruthless crime syndicate will stop at nothing to make Nina disappear and only Alex Aaro that inscrutable six foot four rock hard slab of lean muscle stands between her and certain death Now Nina and Alex are in a race against time death and their desire for one anothe. Weak 3 stars I wa Dreams Less Sweet inscrutable six foot four rock hard slab of lean muscle stands between her and certain death Now Nina and Alex are Robards Revenge (The Youngest Templar, in a race against time death and their desire for one anothe. Weak 3 stars I wa

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    45 stars high calibre high octane romantic suspenseThis really is classic Shannon McKenna If you’ve enjoyed the McCloud books up until now you really won’t be disappointed The plot is as always highly implausible and far fetched but that’s what we’ve come to expect from Shannon McKenna and she really does do highly implausible and far fetched better than anyone else in this genre in my humble opinion This book hits the ground at a sprint with action right from the very first page and doesn’t ease up until the last page is closed If you’re looking for romantic suspense that is actually on the edge of your seat suspenseful you’ll definitely find it hereThis time is the turn of Alex Aaro who we’ve met before in the books He’s gruff brusue grumpy broody alpha and of course completely gorgeous He’s a complete closed book – never letting any of his emotions see the light of day He is in NYC and receives a call from Bruno that Nina his wife Lily’s friend is in trouble and asks that he helps her as he is nearby Nina has been attacked and injected with an unknown drug and is in hospital and in need of protection True to form Alex refuses as he has personal matters to attend to but soon gets dragged into Nina’s dilemma with guns blazingThe drug Nina has been injected with has increased her psychic ability exponentially I did mention far fetched and implausible and it turns out she has 3 days to find an anti dote before the drug kills her which leads to a tight action packed journey for Nina and Alex as they fight to get the second drug in time with many hurdles and enemies standing in their wayAlex and Nina are both closed books emotionally Nina like many victims of abuse is hiding her luscious curves beneath frumpy clothes and big geeky glasses and perfected the art of invisibility – people just walk on by without a second glance The first time she meets Aaro she falls into his arms naked invisibility barrier down and he cannot forget what he has seen and his developing feelings for her are breaking down his emotional walls he’s held strong for decades The urgency of Nina’s situation adds an intense pressure to their relationship and you feel their acute desperation that their very short time together may be rapidly running out Aaro with his emotional barriers in ruins finds himself consumed by his feelings for Nina as they hurtle from one disaster to the next It’s beautifully done and of course it’s plenty steamy as we’ve come to expect in a McCloud Bros story Alex Aaro has awesome staying power if you know what I mean45 stars instead of 5 mostly for the terminology in the sex scenes I’m not bothered in the slightest by the C word being used in erotic fiction but it’s fairly unusual in main stream romantic suspense as a descriptive term Also her use of the words muff girl lube and cream really did make me giggle like a school girl I was expecting it – it’s always in a Shannon McKenna novel but it gets me every timeSo if you love action packed far fetched suspense nefarious villains broody alpha heroes and feisty kickass heroines – I think you’ll love thisFor fans of the series you see plenty of Miles Lily and Bruno a small scene with Edie and Kev and Davy and Sean get mentions45 stars highly recommended romantic suspense ARC courtesy of Kensington via NetGalleyFor of my reviews please visit my Sinfully Sexy Book Blog

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    One Wrong Move is great romantic suspenseAlex Aaro heir apparent of his Ukrainian mafia family has made a life for himself separate from the chaos and pain his father's business causes However he returns to New York upon hearing that his beloved Aunt is dying if only to be able to say goodbye As soon as he lands he finds himself in the midst of a call out for help from Bruno Ranieri Bruno's wife's best friend is in dire straits and needs Aaro's help immediately Torn between family and a reuest for help from a friend Aaro eventually gives in and heads straight into a life and death adventure with social worker Nina Christie Along the way he discovers a passion that is not easily deniedSocial worker Nina Christie has been injected with an unknown drug most disconcertingly by a close family friend In addition there are ruthless criminals tracking her every move who will stop at nothing to get rid of Nina She is desperate and reaches out to her best friend for help Now the frightened but determined social worker not only has a group of mind enhanced and murderous criminals after her but Alex Aaro as well The only difference? Alex is on her side and is the only thing standing between her and certain death The surprising passion she feels for him takes her breath away But while she trusts him to protect her can she trust what she feels for him as well?This is a fun sexy fast paced exciting read from one of my favorite authors Shannon McKenna The characters are well developed and the story as usual is very interesting and well written Alex Aaro is a fabulously sexy brooding alpha male and Nina Christie as his counterpart is smart sassy and a little bit vulnerable They are a terrific combination and the sparks leap off the page from their first encounter These two have uite an adventure together throughout the course of this book in bed and out Shannon McKenna always delivers with her trademark sensuality suspense and just the right amount of edge This book is certainly no exception4 StarsThe release date for One Wrong Move is September 25 2012My thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Publishing for the opportunity to read this early

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    If you're a fan of Shannon McKenna I am I am you're going to like maybe love this book She gives you your typical McKenna asshat hero with a sweet vulnerable side in Alex Aaro probably one of the most surly hardass McKenna heroes in a while Aaro as he is referred is the son of a Ukranian mobster who hasn't seen his family mainly his creepy controlling dying father and his jealous cousin Dmitri in nearly 21 years and wants nothing to do with them or their ways Aaro is 37 ish a former Army Ranger and a buddy of Davy McCloud and has been in previous books helping out the McClouds Anyway he gets his own story told here when McCloud adoptive brother Bruno Ranieri Blood and Fire taps him for a favor Would he translate a message that Ranieri friend Nina Christie received from an old Ukranian friend of the family? Nina's in trouble in NYC with some scary people following her and got zapped with a drug from her Ukranian friend who is now comatose would Aaro also be her temporary bodyguard? It just so happens that Aaro is heading that way to visit his dying aunt but he wants nothing to do with helping out a friend of Bruno's soon to be wife Lily no matter that he owes Bruno big time for a screw up on his part that nearly cost him his life But you know how these things go Aaro does get involved big time and ends up running for his life with the curvy hiding her light under the bushel social worker Nina in tow Major sparks fly Aaro is a blunt dirty talker and that does all kinds of things to Nina Aaro and Nina find out the truth behind a mind control drug and it's connection to Aaro's family and Nina and of course Aaro is brought to his knees for his love for the spunky Nina He may not be Connor McCloud but Alex Aaro is one big 6'4 230 sexy bad a Lots of goodies in this one Snappy sexy argumentative dialogue between the hero and heroine as they fight their attraction for each other; a creepy plot about an ambitious politician and a mind control drug seems to be a favorite theme from SMcK that and having some of the bad guys be Russian mobsters and a really really fast pace the story takes place in less than a week's time Once again as in all her books McKenna makes the sex turning to love scenes between Aaro and Nina super sexy and white hot and provides just enough balance between the suspense and the romance Aaro's declaration of loveYou see what I am right? When you look inside?No secrets right?Yes but what I meant was You see that I'm a rude bad tempered suspicious oversexed butthead? With zero moral values and a pathologically bad attitude?Ahyeah but I also see that you're I'm all fucked up he forged on I'm going to piss you off on an hourly basis if not But I love you I like how the Hh both had issues with their childhoods and SMcK explored those issues enough to explain their actions although I'll admit I could have read about both their pasts I really admired the heroine Nina She was tough smart and courageous and became confident with Aaro's growing love for her I loved how she scolded him and loved how he loved it and took no guff from him I felt these two were truly eual partners in every sense of the word She may have started out as a damsel in distress but she than pulled her weight as the story went along What's that? A smile? Alex Aaro never smilesuntil he meets Nina Nina no longer makes her looks 'invisible' with Aaro's love My only problem with the book? Where was the epilogue? I realize SMcK left a few threads dangling what about poor Miles who by the way was a revelation in this book and I can't wait to read his story and maybe she couldn't tell a proper epilogue without getting into Miles's story but I still felt the story ended a bit abruptly Just give me a couple paragraphs about Nina and Aaro Although that scene at the end on the beachsigh For all you McCloud Family and Friends fans you'll enjoy this one and I'll bet you'll be looking forward to Miles's story 4 12 stars

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    Story Rating 4 StarsCharacter Rating 4 StarsRomance Rating 4 StarsHeat Level 4 StarsOverall Rating 4 StarsWOW what a wild ride that was It was a very interesting but somewhat crazy story line that kept me very entertained Of course this was a HOT one in the heat category it's Shannon McKenna after all Loved that Shannon added some of the other characters from this series to this book and let us know what is going on in their lives too The ending was not as good as I wanted it to be despite that it ended happy kind of I hope the next book is Miles because we were left not really knowing what is going on with him and besides we have all been wanting his book and now I feel that he's all buff and tuff he's ready for his own book So Shannon bring him on

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    Nina and AaroGood installment to this series Aaro has a dirty mouth Me likeyFull review on Fiction Vixen Book ReviewsRight before I started One Wrong Move I got an email from fellow FV reviewer Amy asking about the book She said Mandi had told her the hero was a dirty talker Of course this peaked my interest I uickly found out that Aaro is a dirty thinker AND talker to the extreme I lurve him“If we play now then when I get you to the hotel room you’ll be ready” he said “What I want reuires a locked door a whole lot of girl lube and ideally sound proof walls though its probably too much to hope from a mid range hotel And after a few hours of what I’ve got in mind you won’t be accusing me of altruism any”She blinked at him intimidated “Um That sounds alarming”“It’ll be awesome But it’ll be very mutual I’m a calculating selfish dickhead but I do excel in a few things One is kicking asses The other I can demonstrate to you right now Say the word”Since I could spend all day uoting Alex I should probably stop and tell you a little about the book too On her way to work one day Nina Christie is stopped by a family friend who is in some trouble While trying to figure out what the problem is Nina is stabbed with a syringe and injected with a drug She does not know what the drug is and because her friend is speaking in another language she has no way to find out She called 911 when she first saw her friend so she has a recording she just needs someone to translate itEnter Alex Aaro He is in New York to visit his dying Aunt Tonya He is long estranged from his family to the point where he has a new identity so they will never find him By being in New York he is taking a huge chance that they will finally pull him back in When Bruno a friend and hero from a previous McKenna book calls him and asks him to translate the 911 call he says no He owes Bruno a huge favor so maybe once he is done seeing his aunt he will look Nina up and translate thenThings uickly go to hell in a handbasket when Nina is accosted at the hospital by zombies ok they are not real zombies but whatever she was injected with has caused her to think they are They are really people who are trying to get Nina’s family friend and find out what she has done with the serum she injected Nina with The serum is something that will cause psi powers in the person who takes it Nina’s family friend is the only person who can make the serum and they need her back She has created a max version of the drug and they want it It has proven to be powerful than anything she has created before and allows the user to not need a constant re doseAaro finally hooks up with Nina when she on the run They translate the call and find out that it is a binary serum meaning Nina was given dose A and will need dose B within several days otherwise she will lose her mind Aaro is determined not to be involved with this cluster and wants to dump her off with Bruno’s protective guard That isn’t how it works out and Nina and Aaro on on the run fighting for their lives togetherThe psi part of the book was a little off for me Both the Hh have their own abilities on top of the ones that Nina has developed with the drug Aaro has spent his life denying the abilities and Nina knows she has some but doesn’t necessarily know why they work Aaro’s father has a very strong psi ability that made me wonder if we will see himthem in another bookI loved the Hh in this book Nina is facing certain death but she doesn’t whine or cry about it She is pretty strong and gives Aaro grief any chance she can get Aaro is a jackass and pretty unapologetic about it After they have sex for the first time he freaks out and Nina bitch slaps him back into shape by having sex with him again The whole scene is uite comical Nina has a handle on how to manage Aaro which is something it doesn’t seem that even Aaro knows how to doLike I mentioned about Aaro has a filthy mouth and filthy mind It is great Ms McKenna did a fabulous job writing Aaro He should have been unlikable but he was the exact opposite His jerkiness made me like him The plot is neat and tidy in that Aaro’s family is also involved in the psi part As with all Ms McKenna’s books there is heart stopping action to the end You are left wondering how things can possibly work out but they do To be honest I read this book for Aaro and Nina The plot was an interesting side bit and was fast moving but it wasn’t what held my main interest These two characters are worth the book and their sex scenes are really worth the book I encourage everyone to read One Wrong Move The book is part of a larger series The McClouds but you don’t need to have read any of the others to get this one It is a stand alone I would say that if you are looking for fast paced hot romantic suspense though go back and read this series Final grade BFavorite uotesHe’d just pretend this was normal Gunfights pulling zaftig naked girls with bouncing tits out of closets No biggie All in a day’s work Nina Christie did not need his engorged prick bobbing hopefully in her direction She needed a hot cup of tea a shot of Demerol a trauma therapist A police escortBummer for her All she had was himand“Shhhh” He spun scanning the area “Shit” he muttered“What?” She twirled too but heard nothing and saw nothing“They’re watching us” he said “They’ll follow”She looked around wildly “But where? I don’t see ”“Me either” he said ” I feel them They make my balls itch”“Oh” she said inanely “Must be nice to have an early warning system Are you sure it’s not just a fungus?”

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    Where to startfirst a huge thank you Shannon for her interview with us last year and the complimentary copy of Bruno and Lily's book Blood and Fire It goes without saying how much I love have the ARC and someone notices and asks me when it came out and I say not for a few months So when this beautiful book arrived I was ecstatic I have been looking forward to Aaro's story for so long Who is Alex Aaro? Not who he says he is not who his friends know him as and certainly never what his family wants him to be But what we do know is what he looks likehis looks are described in such detail It is hard to get a handle on whether he is handsome ruggedly beautiful or that ugly gorgeous like Billy Bob Thorton and Gary Oldmanthe angles the hair the height and severe leanness over muscle mmm mouth watering But his life has been built on a lie and he continues to live because he has gone no where near New York City But Alex finds himself flying from Seattle to NYC to visit his dying aunt his beloved Aunt Tonya Nina can feel trouble so when a strange woman stalks her down in the middle of the street Nina freaks and runs But the haggard woman is fast and strong Just as Nina realizes who the woman is Nina is plunged into darkness and a hallucinogenic world that she cannot comprehend Scared out of her mind running from people she doesn't even know why are chasing her Nina calls her only friend Lily As the McClouds put pressure on Alex to help Nina since he is minutes away from her and they are on the other side of the continent dark forces begin to align against these two and throw them head long onto a destructive course Yup a classic McCloud Cluster eventWhile I was on the edge of my seat with my heart in the throat I was hoping for even crazy risking life and limb sex Alex has been such an enigma for me for some time I loved seeing him break down his barriers and hunger for Nina in a way he could not understand and would not explain Nina uite literally burned for him She shook with need whenever he was near yet fought evil for the man who had her back and was a little like my girl crush Tam Now speaking of Tamwhat the heck? She was no where to be seen not even a little gifty of a poisoned hair pin in the gala outfit for Nina??? So imagine my surprise when there was also no wedding Seriously one of my favorite parts of any McCloud book has been the jacked up scenes unfolding at a wedding Kind of like death at a funeral the hijinx at a McCloud wedding has always makes me laugh and a favorite story theme So no wedding no Tamara Sad for mebut the story was still really amazingIf you have not started the McCloud and Friends series you seriously DO NOT KNOW what you are missing She has truly hard ex militaryoperative uber alpha men with intense sexual appetites and even stronger appetites for brutality and violence only on those who hurt those they call friend and lover These stories are fast paced smart and full of deeply moving albeit sometimes terrifying story lines To uote another who commented on Shannon McKenna's writing I uite simply love the way she writes Try Hot Night one of McKenna's stand alone books to get a feel for herI loved that book Then jump into Behind Closed Doors the first in the McCloud series Seth and Raine are amazingEnjoyPS Cindy if I see you out and about with that Aengus fellow I will become violent Miles you big hunk of a man I knew you were specialbut that special right on man I do believe the next installment will be Miles and Lara's story even though I really want Sveti and our copWrite faster Shannon because I just love these guys Enjoy

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    Weak 3 stars I wasn’t drawn in enough This plottopic is wearing out Author needs a fresh ideaI love this author’s voice her writing style her characters and her gritty sex scenes But she needs something new to write about This was similar to what she did in previous books drugs enhance psychic abilities Bad guys use drugs which give them powers to read minds coerce and torture others mentally They take hostages It was ok and I liked the sex scenes but it wasn’t as good as her early books those done prior to 2009DATANarrative mode 3rd person Story length 411 pages Swearing language strong including religious swear words Sexual language strong Number of sex scenes about 8 Setting current day various US locations Copyright 2012 Genre romantic suspense

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    This was such a good book Everything a girl could want in a romantic suspense book Highly recommendReviewed for Affaire de Coeur magazine in the October Issue

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    I'm going to save some people some time here If you don't like over the top overexaggerated high octane kind of crazy stuff in your romance novels then please skip the rest of this review and move on Shannon McKenna is not I think for you There are plenty of romantic suspense series for you Nora Roberts has some good ones Start thereStill here? Me too I can't explain why but Shannon McKenna's particular brand of crazysauce just does it for me Her heroes are so alpha it's amazing they can form sentences and yet they are beyond head over heels for the heroine The heroine is perfectly imperfect She's smart kind of tough not too tough with the exception of Tam but tough enough that you don't want to slap her for being useless beautiful in a uiet way that somehow the rest of the world manages to miss until the hero comes along Usually And the villains The villains are absolute evil No redeeming ualities there Which is good because it would defeat the purpose if you felt sad when the alpha hero again usually destroyed him in some way that has you bugging your eyes out and asking seriously?There's lots of cursing Lots of brutal violence Lots of explicit sex This book and indeed all of Shannon McKenna's writing is not for the faint of heart These books are not sweet These books are not subtle That is exactly the pointAs for this book in particular McKenna is in fine form This installation reminds me most of all the books of my favorite Extreme Danger The heroine has been dragged unsuspectingly into some crazy Russian mafiacrazy drug dealer insanity involving mind reading and the hero is off to save her life Thanks of course to her association with the McCloud team The enforced closeness allows the sexy sexing to start off early while the crazy Russian mafia allows for the messed up eyeball exploding violence And they're off Fans of McKenna should be well pleased I wasDoes this review make me sound completely unevolved? I think it does Hmm Oh well I had enough fun to make it worth the hit to my credA free copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley

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    3 12 starsThis one was just alright for me It definitely had Shannon McKenna's signature steamy sex scenes yummy alpha male hero likeable heroine and creepy villains which i love I just didn't care for the storyline this time aroundit was kind of uninteresting to me and i felt that the falling in love happened WAY too uickly as in a couple days it felt a little rushed I was also kind of sad that we didn't get any of the past characters in this onethere was a little bit of Bruno and Lily here and there and Kev and Edie showed up at the very end but that was itno one else made an appearance and that is something that i have always loved about this series SM would always bring back the whole crew to help out in these crazy situationsHopefully the next book will go back to the way the past books have been for me anyways I've always loved geeky Miles and it sure looks like it may be his turn for a HEA i can't wait

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