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Nown as the school's very own royalty worshipped by girls and boys alike These boys can't wait to graduate but after getting acuainted with Meilleur's newest student life at the academy becomes less of a bore and much much interestin. I have read this book so many times and it is just as amazing as the time before Robin is the actual love of my life

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Seventeen year old Alexandra Knight doesn't know what to expect when she received an all expenses paid scholarship to the most prestigious boarding school in the world Meilleur Academy Deciding to make the best she can out of it she. I cried

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Dives head first into the glitz and glamour that makes Meilleurwell Meilleur And as all would know a boarding school for the rich and successful wouldn't be complete without a band of arrogant attractive and intelligent boys better k. A turbulent and engaging short story with an extremely fast paced storyline I enjoyed this book because of its intense action scenes and swoon worthy romance I do however wish that there had been depth to the characters because I found myself skim reading the chapters with heavier dialogue