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Committing to anyone he can have his choice of women But when he meets Cassie he's blown away by the sizzling chemistry they share Determined to win her over Adam sets out to capture Cassie's heart and prove to her that he's now a one woman m. This is my fir

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Hoping to start over after a painful divorce Cassie Mancini moves to Texas and is ready to cut loose When she attends her sister's bridal shower she can't resist dancing with the sexy male stripper There's just one problem The man isn't a stri. All Night Love

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Pper He's the groom's best man Dr Adam Hart and he's a notorious player Humiliated Cassie plans to keep her distance from Adameven though she can't stop thinking about how good she felt in his arms Adam likes his life just the way it is By not. Didn't make it

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    I have never read Sylvia Lett and I'm glad to say that I never will again I've read plenty of romance novels and this has to be one of the worst The writing was bad enough let alone the plot and characters I didn't care about any of them Cassie spent too much time in her head making irrational decisions and Adam was emotionally immature Neither of them were likable It must be hard to make a romance novel seem fresh and new and I think she tried to do that by adding the conflict with Cassie's overbearing jerk of a father and the unnecessary story of Cassie's ex husband Nothing even developed with that until almost the end of the book and you certainly don't try to introduce a twist 10 pages before the book ends It can't be fleshed out at all It wasn't even interesting There was no real danger and this story didn't need any anyway There were uite a few other things that were placed in the story to try to drive it along and none of them made sense Why was Adam's sister always wearing a bathrobe? Does she not own clothes? And why didn't SHE speak up when Adam pretended that she was his girlfriend That scene was very strange The kidnapping plot? Ridiculous There's nothing endearing about a man putting on a mask sneaking up on you tying you up and throwing you in an SUV headed toward some unknown destination for a three hour ride Nothing It doesn't even make sense It didn't even make sense that Cassie was going to marry her worthless ex husband to save a man who didn't need saving She had already expressed in the beginning of the book that a sexual harassment lawsuit against Adam would not stand up in court so why go through the trouble of a farce of a wedding? There's so much I hated about this book but I finished it because I started it The scenes ended at awkward places and it was definitely longer than it needed to be There was very little character development which was probably why I didn't feel anything for any of them I wasn't given a chance to like them but I was given every reason to hate them I don't know how many times the story of the hot commitment phobic lothario can be told It's really old And finally we're all adults here There is nothing sexy about those supposedly steamy sex scenes I hate when authors use flowery language Nether regions? Erect organ? Warm sheath? None of those sound appealing Can we at least call the parts what they are? No? Then let's pick a different genre or maybe not write at all

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    All Night Lovers was my first time reading a Sylvia Lett book and I was very glad to be introduced to her works Take a young woman who fell in love with a man who was nothing than evil From him loving money than her it wasn’t a surprise that he left her once she got pregnant Finally over with being hurt by her former husband Cassie moves back home to Dallas where she instantly comes face to face with one of the city’s most sought out bachelors He has had his runnings with many women in the bedroom which is why everyone Cassie knows and loves tells her to stay away from him But you can’t turn a dog into a husband but can you? This love story was overwhelming breath taking at times and to witness the genuine love between made me wish I was Cassie Although I felt the story towards the end could have went ahead and ended but this was a perfect happily ever after Things like this in life rarely happen but it’s always a joy to read Ms Lett is defiantly on my A listTamika newhouseAAMBC Reviewer

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    This is the first book I've read by Sylvia LettI ENJOY the verbal sparring between Adam and Cassiethe struggle as they both ATTEMPT to fight their HEATED attraction throughoutand I LOVE witnessing Adam's transformation from an ARROGANT playa to the ULTIMATE gentleman as the story unfoldsthe full cast is LIVELYthe dialogue is FUN and wittyeven though I find it a bit repetitive at timesit still keeps me turning the pages to see if they'd FINALLY find their HEAlooking forward to reading of Ms Lett's work

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    This wasn't an enjoyable read There was way to much internal dialogue and telling the reader things instead of respecting my intelligence to figure it out Ugh

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    Didn't make it past first part of book UGH Didn't like the writing style at all

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    Yikes this was horrible Really really bad writing dumb unlikeable characters zero believability I'll avoid this writer like the plague

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    Ok This book wasn't that great I kept reading it because I am one of those people who has to finish the book or it bothers me The author's writing was bothering me in the sense of who was telling the story One minute Cassie is telling the story then Adam then someone else I guess the author herself She refer to Cassie's dad as Peter when Cassie is telling the story or she would Dad Confusing It dragged on too long I checked this out through the library so I wasn't out any moneythank goodness

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    This is my first read from this author and I have to say it was really fantastic It really had a good mix of witty banter and hot love between Cassie and Adam These two fought hard and loved even harder I found myself laughing at the little jokes they made with one another throughout the book and feeling sad at times when it looked like they couldn't make it work They had great chemistry and their story was one I couldn't put down I'd definitely recommend this book

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    I really enjoyed this book Cassie and Adam's bantering was fun and witty It was interesting to see them form a relationship go back and forth trying to re form their relationship and then finally find happiness at the end Adam's transformation was nice to see unfold throughout the book There was good use of all of the secondary characters and I found all of the characters very realistic and likable I will definitely read of this author's books

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    I had a very hard time reading this book I read most of my books on my Kindle and while reading it last night I felt like the book should be about over I looked and saw that I was only 30% through I hate to not finish books but I just couldn't finish this one

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