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Such as Teddy Roosevelt Stephen J O'Meara Richard Enright Grover Whalen Louis J Valentine and August Vollmer; and tough cops like Captain William Clubber Williams Johnny the Boff Broderick and John CordesIt is also the history of crime over the course of a century that transformed the United States from a former colony of the British Empire to a powerful and restless nation poised for spectacular growthThomas A Reppetto a former commander of detectives is the author of NYPD and American Mafia.

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From its beginnings in eighteenth century London this is the history of the largest urban police departments in the United States and a social portrait of America during the first century of its existence From the birth of the New York City Police Department in 1845 to the end of World War II each city had its share of crime murders vice drug dealers and addictsBoston New York Chicago Philadelphia San Francisco and Los Angeles each had their own history and developed in different ways accordin.

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G to local realities But in every case each police department had to deal with its share of good and bad cops Pinkertons gangsters revolutionists politicians reporters muckrakers arsonists murderers district attorneys strikers labor spies hanging judges and axe swinging crusaders as well as every conceivable element of American society high and lowBut American Police also offers a view of the FBI and its legendary director J Edgar Hoover; District Attorney Earl Warren and police commissioners.

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  • 24 September 2017
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    This is the first of a two volume history of police forces in the USA It is a clear and often colorful narrative of the origins development of policing up to the end of WWII The scope includes detective agencies such as the Pinkerton detectives Social issues surrounding law enforcement also receive due attention The author has himself served as a policeman administrator so he writes from the inside as it were Even so he tries to be as objective critical as possible He is frank about the corruption that has plagued police departments the excessive force that has been used at times I get the impression that Reppetto cares enough about his profession to try help make it better As one who works extensively with the thought of René Girard a thinker who offers much insight into human conflict competition I am especially struck by the ways that police criminals especially political machines organized crime tend to become mirror images of one another so that distinctions between good guys and bad guys gets blurred More striking is the competition within between law enforcement agencies that are counter productive to solving many cases J Edgar Hoover for example never wanted to co operate with police departments or anybody else The second volume picks up tells the story to close to the present day I recommend that book as well

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    This is a great account of not only the history of policing in the United States but of the country itself Reppetto shows the birth of an institution that too many of us take for granted today An institution that in many ways is only now takings its first steps away from an awkward and violent adolescence I enjoyed this book from the first page to the last and recommend it to anyone who wants a fresh view of modern American history As Americans we are so often led to believe that high rates of violence corruption and terrorism are something new to our society This book shows that these things have always been with us been a part of us and defined us as a people So too has our struggle to contain combat and remove these blights given us our modern policing institutions Highly recommend Enjoy

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