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The latest American gun massacre But before he can face the cameras and claim his position in the relentless hungry world of the News Pigs Milde must battle a tiny homicidal bandito vengeance seeking frat boys a Tasering several dunkings and Samson Agonistes iconic correspondent for.

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Is Tom Milde – single volume poet and freelance print hack – about to get his big break Waking up in the wrong apartment and hotly pursued for his life and back rent through the streets of New York he ends up boarding a plane to Virginia for PLC TV as the man on the spot reporting.

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The opposing network Oh and his own mum The Plucky Little Country pop 38 million Milde’s motherland social laboratory and cheese larder particularly Gouda; widely admired for the nobility and humility of her inhabitants her beautiful weather and her dominance in the sport of curling.

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    With its unconventional style and a helter skelter relentless plot it took me a while to find myself immersed in this semi satirical darkly humourous tale News Pigs is written almost like a stream of consciousness and shamelessly thumbs its nose at the basic rules aka guidelines associated with writing there are exclaimation marks a plenty footnotes scattered about but once one gets used to the techniue about one two chapters in it really makes for a compelling read So compelling in fact that one is tempted to begin again once they are finished so that they can re experience the first chapter events within the greater contextIt is highly amusing although some of the jokes went over my head and filled with over the top instances and madcap pacing Tom Milde is a poet and to put it frankly a bit of a no hoper when entirely by chance he recieves his big break the chance to travel across to report from the scene of the greatest gun massacre America has ever known named the Santa Shooter What follows is an insane comedy of errors involving rival journalists posh boy rednecks a rare manuscript an orphaned red shoe a foul mouthed editor all the swear words being transformed into strings of symbols ie # and a distinct lack of sleep and food on the part of poor Tom The narrative is relentless pebbled with social satire littered with subtle digs at New Zealanders Aussies and people from the PLC a fictional country situated somewhere near New Zealand from which Milde originates Americans newsreporters from which profession the author hails NRA lobbyists Pretty much everyone Milde encounters along the way is taking the mickey of someone or something Despite the almost haphazard structure it is actually very precise very deliberate and extremely clever The sort of story that digs its claws in dragging you with it not uite kicking and screaming and forces you to stay up well after midnight so that you can finish itThis reading copy came courtesy of Victoria University Press via Booksellers NZ

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    Gave up half way through Really enjoyed his first novel but just couldn't get my head around the chaotic narrative style of this one sadly

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