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Ten Things You Don't Know AboutRhode Island

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Hat the conventional story about what ails Rhode Island is just plain wrong Join Tom Sgouros independent journalist and editor of the Rhode Island Policy Reporter in an examination of what's really going on in our state Admire the bad statistics willful ignoran.

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Rhode Island is in Crisis You knew that already didn't you You've been hearing it for years But haven't you wondered since everyone knows there's a crisis why can't we just deal with it Is it the powerful unions Could it be our liberal spending Or might it be t.

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Ce and astonishing blind spots behind the crazy policy choices our governments and citizens make Featuring Budget demystification State finance derring do Economic jiggery pokery Amaze your friends Irritate your adversaries Become a better advocate Read this bo.

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    TOM FOR TREASURER 99A hallmark of horrible public policy is a lack of concern for the failures You see this all the time we should close failing schools flunk failing students dump people off welfare who can't get a job deny health care to immigrants even legal immigrants All these tough talking policies are proposed by people who apparently imagine that the failing poor people schools whatever will simply disappear Proponents routinely deride those of us who want to accommodate the failures as softies But here's news they don't disappear The people without health care overcrowd our emergency rooms the failing students become unemployable adults and apparently failed debtors can bring down our financial system Abetted of course by the geniuses of Wall Street A little concern for the failures isn't evidence of a soft heart but of practical mindsThat sums up my political philosophy so well Bad shit keeps happening because the people in power and the people making decisions don't understand failure As long as we keep damning the failed they'll never access the power necessary to put in place good public policy ie that which can smooth the rough edges of life for all of us

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