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New England autumn turns cold both mother and son find themselves enmeshed in ethically fraught situations that come to a head one fateful November nightA coming of age novel about the sexual awakening of a middle aged woman Mrs Fletcher is a provocative witty look at contemporary sexual politics and timeless moral dilemmas a moving and funny examination of sexuality identity and the big clarifying mistakes people can make when they're no longer sure who they are and where they belong. Mrs Fletche

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Eve Fletcher is floundering A forty six year old divorcee whose beloved clueless only child has just left for college Eve is slowly learning to contend with life on her own when late one night her phone lights up with a text message Sent from an anonymous number the mysterious sender tells Eve “U r my MILF” It's nothing just an annoying prank but she can't get it out of her head As Eve makes new friends takes a community college course in Gender Studies and reaches out to a younge. uestionHas

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R co worker the message continues to haunt her leading her into an online fixation that threatens to upend her uiet suburban existenceMeanwhile Eve’s son Brendan is discovering that the oafish frat boy charm that impressed high school girls may not be so enticing to college women Increasingly isolated with mediocre grades and a confusing crush on a softball playing social justice champion Brendan struggles to adjust to a campus ill disposed to his brand of white dude bravado As the. Perrota is

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    uestionHas anyone seen this HBO series? We started watching last night we only watched 3 of the 7 episodes so far Great actress as Mrs Fletcher But so far different from the bookThoughts? From others? I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND ITfor 'mature audiences' REGARDLESS of RATINGSBetween the Blurb and Larry Hoffer's review Goodreads member all the important information is at a readers fingertips Larry's review is EXCELLENT covers than anyone needs to know in order to choose to read this book or not His rating may be lower than mine but if you read his review he expresses enjoying this book and like me feels it's always great to read Tom Perrotta's workMy review is only going to contain random Thoughts Memories and Memorable stand out moments trying not to repeat what has already been written FOR STARTERS I'm giving this book the FULL 5 stars It's at LEAST a 4 star book in my opinion but I can understand the FULL RANGE of RATINGS that we might see from this novel It gets 5 stars from me for 2 main reasons1 I read it in one sitting did not want to put it down was reacting with feelings and thoughts the entire time it held my interest2 Another reason for the 5 stars Great book club discussion pickI loved how incredibly contemporary this novel is The taboo topics press against our our morals judgements prejudices thoughts about being privileged and entitled righteousness arrogance anger erotic thoughts integrity ethics flexible andor rigid points of view profanity and crude language empty sex and frivolous fantasy vs conciliatory responsible choices Major and minor themes are all worthy of discussions with interesting charactersThe MilfDIRECTOR of the SENIOR CENTER DIVORCED a PORN HABIT attends night classes twice a week taking a Gender and Society class Eve FletcherThere is the college JOCK Brendan Fletcher Lacrosse player a lifetime jock since a child party guyA High School petite cheerleader Becca DilulioA model employee at the Senior Center works for Mrs Fletcher Amanda OlneyAmanda is covered with tattoos She has a cobra wrapped around her leg a grenade on her breast the anarchist bomb on her thigh and the meat cleaver the only one she truly regretted dripping blood on her upper armA feminist who was attracted to jocks Amber who was involved with an organization for Austism AwarenessA FUNNY SCENE I won't give it away is when Amanda takes a Bikram Yoga class I was laughing sooooo HARD Anybody who has taken years of Bikram Yoga is in for a treat TOM PERROTTA impressed the hell out of me from the class to the ladies locker room He not only knows 'details' of details about the 26 postures the chatter and looks in the ladies locker room about the front row yoga goddesses hey I was a front row Bikram girl does that make me a goddess toohaha but he knew precisely about the sweaty speedo mendripping like faucets throughout the 90 minute class I was in hysterics wondering if Tom Perrotta was one of these men? He could NOT have known 'women' any better if he 'were' a woman OH MY GOSH THIS BOOK IS A RIOT OF FUN the I think about it My husband was getting a little 'too' turned on with me describing a few of the naughty scenes ALL IN FUNbut a SERIOUS UNDERSCORE worth talking about?A transgender ProfessorA girl in a wheelchairA handsome black manA brilliant Indian College StudentA Bro' college roommateDuct tape and a Port A PottyWay too many Vodka shotspizza and beerA Fat guy thin college white girls in bikinis with long straight silky hairJulian Spitzer an 18 year old skateboarding guy who lusts after Mrs FletcherTed Mrs Fletcher's ex husband he has a wife and little boy Jon Jon with autismMore themes politics feminismracismrapistpeople with disabilitiesthe LGBT Community diversity of all types Amber for examplewas a passionate opponent for capitalism patriarchy racism homophobia transphobia rape culture bullying and micro aggression in all forms AMEN AMBERIn one scene I started singing Katy Perry's songI KISSED A GIRL then could not stop singing so I put on the music for a little singdance breakI LIKED IT Disarmingly bravetackles serious topics and is totally engagingThank You Scribner Netgalley and Tom Perrotta

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    I'd rate this 35 starsWith books like Election The Abstinence Teacher The Leftovers and Little Children Tom Perrotta has proven to be a master commentator on the foibles of society on people's attitudes toward love sex relationships religion parenthood and morality He has a wry wit and isn't afraid to expose his characters' flaws and he does so again in his newest novel Mrs FletcherA divorcee in her mid 40s Eve Fletcher is at a bit of a crossroads Her only son has left for college leaving her completely alone for the first time As she starts trying to figure out how to fill that loneliness she gets a random text one night from a number she doesn't recognize which tells her U R my MILF The text throws her for uite a loop and as she tries to figure out who might have sent it to her she suddenly finds herself on the internet following an interesting chain which leads her to milfateriacom a porn website she can't seem to tear herself away fromWhat that meant Eve realized was that you couldn't really say I'm not a MILF because a MILF was in the eye of the beholder The other thing she'd learned was that you shouldn't google the term if you didn't want to find yourself swimming in an ocean of pornAs Eve tries to fight her growing porn habit or is it an addiction? the videos she watches every day sends her mind into territory she had never thought about before territory which has the potential to make things difficult in her job as executive director of a local senior center as well as make her look at people and situations with a very different eye She isn't sure which end is up or with whom she wants to end upMeanwhile Eve's son Brendan a jock and uite simply a bit of a douchebag is having a tough time adjusting to college He's the type of guy who has multiple shirtless pictures of himself on his Facebook page because if you look good shirtless shouldn't you show your body off? Brendan had thought college would be an endless parade of parties drinking drugs and perhaps most importantly sex with a wide assortment of women But with his roommate mostly AWOL and most of his friends into their own things it turns out girls don't like it when you call them things like slut and bitch and college doesn't go so well when you barely concentrate on your classesEve and Brendan both find themselves confronting the after effects of mistakes they make mistakes which cause both of them to despair in very different ways Can Eve overcome her porn habit and find her way to a real relationship? Is college the right path for Brendan and if so will he find people who think the way he does or will he need to be the one who changes? Mrs Fletcher is a fascinating fairly explicit look at how our attitudes toward sex sexuality relationships and morality are formed and how they change It shows that when sex is all you think about and you think with your libido instead of your brain or your heart the direction you move in is probably going to get you in trouble It's also a book about finding happiness with yourself before you can find someone elseI love the way Perrotta combines humor with social commentary While his books have dealt with sexuality before this was a pretty frank book and it touched on some very interesting territory territory which may make some uncomfortable It's definitely very thought provokingThese characters particularly Brendan aren't particularly sympathetic—they make a lot of stupid mistakes and sometimes don't even realize they're doing so I found myself amazed at what Eve got herself into and how she thought but at the same time she wasn't willing to speak up to her son about the way he was behavingI enjoyed this book but I don't think this ranks up there among Perrotta's best Still he writes like very few other authors out there and it's always great to read his work NetGalley and Scribner provided me an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making this available See all of my reviews at

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    I have no clue how to rate this book I'm just gonna go straight down the line with a threeIt's one of those that have characters that you really don't likebut you cannot look away I wanted all the juicy dirt on themEva is sending off her son Brendan to college She is facing a empty nest since she was recently divorced and is unsure of what to do with herself She gets a text one night that says U R my MILFso she googles And ends up on a porn site called MILFateriacom that she promptly becomes addicted to watching every night You also get viewpoints of her son Brendan Who is a total little turdhead He has so much white privilege going that I just wanted to jump in this book and smack the snit out of him For example his teenage girl friend that he recently broke up with shows up the morning he leaves to go to college for a surprise blowy His mom over hears him saying suck it bitchamong other thingsNow if that triggers your feminist rantjust stay away from this book You ain't gonna be happy This book takes on all kinds of hot topics including one story line of a trans gendered professor She has became a woman after many years of denying who she really was She was one of the few characters in this book that I actually likedShe is very open about her transition and is open to talking about her experiences AND she faces some small minded flack because of it See that's something I see as real world I think that talking about this sort of thing makes it acceptable I'll get bashed for that I'm sure because a few years ago there was someone who was undergoing changes on frigging GR and if someone asked a uestion they got their internet hand smacked? I kept wondering why???? That's how people learn You can't ask uestionsit's all just supposed to be accepted from the get go even though the whole thing gets twisted and confusing They can talk about it but no uestions can be asked? I wonder about the world sometimes There probably needs to be a stamp that you get This book breaks some of those barriers about several subjects AND it does a good job of making you uestion your preconceived notions Even when some of them are sorta dumb and yes dumb happens in this book alsoThrow that shit to the wind and dive into this book Some of the stuff in it will make you cringe and some of it will make you think AND thinking ain't bad This was my first Tom Perrotta book and if this is how the guy writes line me up for some Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review

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    I'm not sure what it was about Mrs Fletcher but I found it completely satisfying It felt smart with a touch of humour dealing with real emotions and contemporary issues without being pretentious or condescending Mrs Fletcher Eve is 47 divorced and the mother 19 year old Brendan The story is told from a few points of view but mostly through Eve and Brendan's eyes Eve is a great character nice good looking on the outside but with an inner psychic and sexual restlessness that get her into complex situations Brendan is not so nice on the outside a bit nicer on the inside than he lets on and he too is having trouble finding his footing The end is a bit predictable but I found myself happily entertained by this one awed at how well Perrotta gets into all of his characters' heads Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy

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    Perrota is whimsy and hard core realism in eual measure and I loved The Leftovers and Little Children but this slice of life story about a middle aged woman who seeks sex and companionship in all the wrong places after her self obsessed son goes off to college left me feeling unsettled It is as if the author discovered the acronym MILF found it hilarious and wanted to repeat it ad nauseum Poor Mrs Fletcher she deserves better because you know all women care about is their sons and getting a new husband Ugh

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    Find all of my reviews at started this book with my morning coffee on Saturday and uickly confirmed once again this about Perrotta This is the story of Eve Fletcher a woman who has just become an empty nester after dropping her son Brock Turner Brendan off at college After raising Brock Brendan as a single mother for a good portion of his life Mrs Fletcher worries that she won’t know how to cope with being alone But maybe all of her concern was for naught “It wasn’t even true that there was nothing new in her life For one thing she was taking a class in Gender Studies and actually learning something And oh yeah she’d also gone and gotten herself addicted to internet porn not that that was anything to brag about” It also turns out Mrs Fletcher is uite the And over the course of the book has a sort of sexual reawakening where she not only logs on to the intertubes every night in order to search out the latest offerings on milfateriacom but also dips her toe in the lady pond is courted by local meatheads and also becomes a modernized version of “You’ve given this some thought” she muttered Julian looked at her His face was serious full of adult longing It was like she could see right through the college boy to the man he would one day become “It’s all I fucking think about” If you can’t tell from the above this isn’t a book for everyone Perrotta definitely is a polarizing author and if your MO is to bitch about him and all of the offenses he commits in any given novel I have this to say to you Perrotta owns his shit He doesn’t write anything that’s warm and fuzzy He doesn’t even bother attempting to provide an “unreliable” narrator in order to pull his punches– he flat out gives you the worst of the worst And this time he a man gasp comes face to face with the subject of sexuality and gender and dares to write about it from both a male MC’s perspective as well as a female’s I have a feeling that simple fact alone will be what “triggers” various readers However that’s the exact thing that put him on my “favorite authors” list He’s not for everyone but he writes characters that feel genuine even with their many flaws If he’s not for you then he’s not for you Just don’t ruin everyone else’s reading experience with your tunnel vision point of view^^^The above paragraph was brought to you by ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you NetGalley

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    Mrs Fletcher by Tom Perrotta is a 2017 Scribner publication Suburbia at its most sardonic I haven’t read Tom Perrotta’s previous novels although I have seen the movie ‘Election’ so I was marginally familiar with the name Reading the blurb I had the impression this book was humorous maybe satirical and certainly offbeat It was all those things for me at least but I wasn’t prepared for the path the novel took me on Mrs Fletcher is Eve Fletcher a divorced single mother in her mid upper forties who is sending her only child Brenden off to college and finding herself at a crossroads in life she has not prepared herself for We hear the story from both Eve and Brendan’s perspectives exposing an ironic juxtaposition Eve goes through a sexual awakening of sorts after a crude text message inadvertently introduces her to amateur porn which turns into a mild addiction Meanwhile Brendan in contrast is obviously uite familiar with porn vernacular but finds college isn’t all it is cracked up to be when it becomes clear his attitudes do not match up with his fellow students on campus I don’t know how seriously we are supposed to take this novel but to me it was written in a satirical format and let’s be honest satire doesn’t work unless there is a ring of truth to itThe empty nest the boredom the search for a place to belong for connections and the almost blasé addition to porn into the average American’s life via the internet and technology which as become commonplace The novel explores a variety of suburban paradoxes and realities as well the effects of porn from Brenden’s horrific entitlement to his mother’s new realization there is an entire world of possibilities out there she has yet to explore or participate in While I perceived the humor the sarcasm and the peeling away of a carefully constructed veneer applied to suburban life I struggled with my personal feelings about the book Ultimately at the end of the day understanding the novel ‘getting’ the satirical tones did not translate into enjoyment of the book overall So while I appreciate what the author was going for I suppose it just wasn’t my cup of tea Thankfully the book is not all that long nor is it in any way ‘heavy’ reading so I breezed through it uickly I can’t say this book will remain in consciousness for too long but it worked as a diversion and palate cleanser if nothing else3 stars

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    Mrs Fletcher follows divorcée Eve Fletcher as she sends her only child Brendan off to college leaving her floundering with an empty nest and struggling to find a purpose She takes a class at the community college and meets a diverse group of people thus stumbling into some interesting potentials that slowly brighten her life It makes her realize that being middle aged doesn't need to be the start of a decline but rather the beginning of something new and excitingIt took me completely by surprise how much I enjoyed this book but looking back on it I shouldn't have been I've always found something appealing in the narrative of the sexual awakening of the older woman who has been worn down by work life and kids After all one of my favorite movies of all time is Something's Gotta Give in which a writer played by Diane Keaton has an energizing fling with a much younger handsome doctor played by Keanu ReevesThis book pretty much had me hooked from the first page I sympathized with Eve's hope that she can still go out there and make a connection as well as her need to be seen as a real person not just someone's mom I found the writing with a bit of satire and zing mixed in to be sharp and droll There were plenty of relevant and timely commentary on today's dating culture feminism gender identity and fluidity privilege and porn's prevalence in people's livesThe only parts I didn't find as compelling were the ones centered around her son Brendan He is clueless self centered and lacking in curiosity Every time the book turns to his point of view I found myself hoping to get back to reading about Eve I know Brendan's story provides a juxtaposition with Eve's with him being handed so many opportunities and and wasting it while she works hard to create opportunities for herself Thankfully his idiotic escapades did not eclipse the hopeful and heartening tenor of Eve's storyI don't think this book is for everyone and based on the mixed reviews a lot of readers found it to be underwhelming But for me this strikes at the heart of a fascination for me One day I will be a middle aged woman When that day comes I know I will still feel young at heart and want the same things I want today to have a sense of purpose to feel valued and to be loved That's why I found Eve and her story to be so riveting

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    Some thoughts1 Not what I expected2 Do NOT recommend3 ProblematicNot that I'm a prude I'm worse I'm a book snob And this book is just not that good1 star

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    So I read The Leftovers a while ago and I really enjoyed that book even than I expected to like it That’s how I knew about Tom Perrotta and that’s how I happened to stumble upon this book Uh this ain’t The Leftovers though Not even close But here I am recommending it to you Very uncomfortably awkwardly rating this four stars because man it gets pretty explicit right from the beginning So yeahhh on the surface it deals with pornography and sex and relationships and it does so with some very memorable characters It will take a while for my memory to forgot about these characters and some of these scenes They all represent a pretty big stereotype but they are all given some room to breathe and develop really well Some chapters dedicate a lot of time to minor characters so when they show up later their actions carry weight and you find yourself caring Plus they all tie together in different ways so it’s fun to bounce around to visit different characters as the book rolls on So that’s the surfacy stuff that gives the book some shock value and explicitness that can kind of catch you off guard in the beginning if you’re not looking for it If you’re reading this review though you’re looking for it so it won’t be as shocking Whatever Now to the less surfacy deeper themes playing out in the book At a deeper level the book tackles subjects like moving away from home and trying to figure out life on your own dealing with college when you’re not really prepared for it sexual identity and gender sexual orientation social issues autism trying to make your life matter and count for something the Internet distorting our view of reality bullying respecting women autism senior citizens and a whole bunch of other stuff I mean there is a lot going on here A lot Mrs Fletcher is kinda right in the middle of the action trying to figure out her life all alone when her son goes to college We get to meet all of the people she does as she takes her life in a new direction and another direction and another She takes you on some crazy turns and introduces you to some pretty lively characters Her son does the same while in college as part of the book is voiced from his perspective He’s kind ofa douchebag Sheepishly recommending this one and I am going to check out of Perrotta’s work This one made me feel uncomfortable a lot but also kept me turning the pages It was a light read with some heavy topics to deal with along the way Go for it

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