CHARACTERS ¿ My Mother Taught Me

  • Paperback
  • 196
  • My Mother Taught Me
  • Tor Kung
  • English
  • 01 September 2017
  • 9781596540064

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My Mother Taught Me


One of six novels to be published by the short lived Danish Olympia Press Girodias' legal troubles in the early '60s were horrendous so he tried his hand in Copenhagen briefly before emigrating to America My Mother Taught Me is a special. I have a policy or maybe a fetish about reading any book that was banned This book was banned Many banned books are uite good and some have been judged to be great literature This book is not even literature The fact that it is about sex or even about incest does not condemn it There are highly erotic pieces of literature that are well written and have a compelling story to telloh yeah they are also erotic Fanny Hill The education of a Maiden The Story of O are all in this category and they have survived and continue to be read My Mother Taught Me is an exploitive poorly written banal in the plot and predictableNot a good use of paper or of electrons

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Traveller's Companion title and ranks as the most reuested book we've ever received This is the tale of Lars a Swedish boy raised in an all male orphanage without ever seeing even pictures of women adopted into a new household with enth. 40 out of 5 stars Fair Warning This book is not for the majority May 11 2010This review is for My Mother Taught Me Kindle EditionFair Warning This book is not for the majority You must have an open mind and some may say low moral ground in order to enjoy this book LOL All jokes aside this work really is an acuired taste I myself thought it was a great book It was an excellent read I found it to be sexy and well written I loved the main character Lars His innocents appealed to me His growth as a character was complex and showed great depth Nilla's another of my favorite characters She had such abandon in the pursuit of pleasureIt was outstanding No judgments truly free of any preconceived notions This book covers several sensitive areas that may seem to some done in bad taste Some examples of these areas include a mild scene between the house hold pet several scenes including incestvery mild SM is also included in this book This book reminds me of some Victorian era works where none of the above mentioned would be significant enough to bat an eye at Reread it 02142015 I can understand why this book was banned I remember I originally read this book when I went through a phase of finding reading every banned book i could get my greedy hands on This being my absolute favorite Mostly bc it hit every single taboo a civilized society could have in 100 odd pages I can imagine the original author developed a check list systematically crossed off each item as he developed the corresponding plot It's really debouched but It's still incredibly well written for that reason I gave it 5 stars the second time around It's just an amazingly extensive taboo list he went through all while keeping the pace consistent achieving a lot in a short amount of time This book was originally translated to English published in the 60's Tor Kung is a nom de porn for poet Jack Gilbert Another banned erotica book I suggest is Forever Ecstasy same author

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Usiastic siblings and an energetic foster mother The immediacy of the writing here is perhaps unparalleled in erotic fiction with our Lars so earnestly describing every new sensation while the plotline itself is rather clever A must read. I came across a reference to this book in The Guardian and generally trusting the bulk of their judgement I picked it up and read it It very short at only 100 pages or so But believe me this is no ordinary bookIt is disgusting erotic pornographic revolting riveting taboo ridden cowboy style ridden filthy and well written Given that it was penned by non other than the famous American poet Jack Gilbert you can well understand the elouent styleNow to the content I guess if you have any real morals you will be upset about this book just as you no doubt are by the multiple murders daily portrayed on TV and things like poverty and hunger in real life Not to mention the unending wars And you will no doubt pen a mighty rebuke of this debauched excuse for a book as you no doubt do daily about the things mentioned aboveAlso if you were raised any of the sex phobic religions you will probably masturbate yourself silly and make a few notes before condemning this bookBeyond that I found it really refreshing In one scene the daughter explicitly shows her brother all the various sexual parts of her body and their names and in doing so she defines which terms are acceptable and which are not and why so This one scene really nails the underlying psychology of mainstream society when it comes to sex and womens' bodies Oh and she also explains what to do with all those parts and how to do it correctly so that the woman is pleasuredThere is definitely sex education in the first couple of chapters than I had in years of schooling and it re reminded me that the little sex education I had at school never once mentioned pleasure or the clitoris Can you imagine a treatise on soccer that never once mentioned the feetAnyway if I were you I'd really stay away from filth like this trust me I have read it thoroughly

About the Author: Tor Kung

Jack Gilbert and his co author Jean Maclean They wrote two erotic novels together which were both published by the short lived Danish Olympia Press; My mother taught me 1964 and Forever Ecstasy 1968