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    The year is 907 AD The Tang Dynasty is ending and life is hard in China Ava cares nothing for China at a young age she was kidnapped and sold to a brothel as a sex slave She hopes to save her children and escape the brothel Things don’t go as planned and she is left with little hopeWith things at their worst Ava gets a visit from Jigong the beggar god Jigong needs her help to save China Ava agrees to help but now she is breaking one of Heaven’s most sacred laws in conspiring with a god She is a fugitive to Heaven and China even though she is trying to save them both To make matters worse The most feared deity of them all Zhong Kui the hunter god is stalking herThe real horror in Dark Blossom by Vincent Stoia didn’t come from the demons and ghosts that are in China The true horror was watching Ava deal with the day to day real life horrors Some of the people in this story that she deals with were far scary than any supernatural beingDark Blossom has its human and supernatural monsters The people such as Liu the main villain and Shadow show they have a much greater capacity for evil than anything in the underworld In my favorite part of the book a vengeful demon comes into the Brothel where Ava lives and we get to hear what the demon thinks The demon can sense the evil in the brothel and wishes to leave Shadow who runs the brothel doesn’t see herself as evil but the demon does You could take the demons and ancient gods out of this book and still have an effective horror novelAnother thing that I enjoyed in this book was how the supernatural and the real world were connected All of the demons in Dark Blossom were once human and it was something tragic that happened to them that made them what they are One girl becomes a demon because her baby was killed and she cursed the village and came back as a demon Its hard not to feel sympathy for the evil spirits in this book In the beginning we here Zhong Kui’s story he was wronged by the Chinese government and went crazy killing people in the Imperial palace He comes back as a demon hunter who walks the earth to slay other demons and spirits that have escaped the underworld Despite the fact that he is a demon he still cares for humans As he walks the streets of a village and sees how poor the people are he wonders why the government wont help but he is doomed to protect the empire When he hears that his new mission is to hunt and destroy Ava he feels bad for what he must doAva is an excellent character in a time when women weren’t supposed to be strong she is tough caring and intelligent Life was always tough or Ava but she still manages to do the right thing and doesn’t lose hope even though there is a voice in the back of her head telling her life will never get better Two scenes that I loved in this book was when Ava grabs a sword and goes after the much bigger Liu and when she is in the underworld and uestions the gods Real life is scarier than anything supernatural and Ava has to deal with it all Dark Blossom brings Ancient China and Chinese mythology to life in one great horror novel that shouldn’t be missed

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    I'm a Greek and Celtic mythology type of girl so I found it fascinating to delve into the gods and deities of ancient China Learning about the minor gods and what they would and would not do to save their people was intriguing That said this book is chiefly about the crumbling of an empire and the lengths a mother will go to to save her children Ava's life is nothing short of awful A pleasure slave she exists at the whims of the house madam She has little to no freedom and she's learned to fade into the background and let the world happen around her Taken from her homeland as a child Ava doesn't believe in the Chinese gods so when she suddenly comes face to face with one her world is upendedBut a mother's got to do what a mother's got to do Despite her disbelief she hikes up her big girl panties and tried to save China from an emperor who is little than a petulant childAs intriguing as Ava's story is I really enjoyed seeing through the eyes of some of the other gods The tragedy that drove Zhong Kui to become the hunter god was both fascinating and repellant What was done to him was heartbreaking That he chose to defend his country and people against demons despite that made him a tragic heroOnce again Vincent Stoia offers us a dark look at ancient China and it was one I couldn't look away from Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    Dark Blossom was a joy to read I was interested in what was going to happen to the main characters from the start It was an unpredictable and exciting story Vincent Stoia’s second novel is a captivating tale of intrigue power and desperation in ancient ChinaIn the first half of the book there were some moments of pure horror There were scary ghosts that can do some damage especially if they are bent on revenge but in the latter half the story settles into an exploration of Chinese mythology and a wild trip through the underworld All the common religious beliefs and superstitions came to life as we get to explore the hidden realms of the godsIf you are familiar with ancient Chinese lore then you should enjoy reading about the old legends in such explicit detail If you are not familiar with Far Eastern culture then this is a good introduction We get to see the Chinese emperor and his ‘mandate of heaven’ We explore the practice of offering food to the gods and ancestors which is still very much the norm of religious life in modern China We get to see all of these practices from the perspective of a myriad of gods ghosts and ghoulsI like the fact that it is a tale told from the viewpoint of the common person The title character is a woman trapped into a life of prostitution So many stories are about kings ueens and rich people I often wonder what the regular people went through while the royalty were living the high life There is a backdrop to the novel of the injustices that ordinary people had to endure although the book was far from being preachy It makes you thinkDark Blossom is a novel that is hard to put down once you begin to read The author has a gift for telling riveting and complex stories I’m ready for the next one

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    Dark Blossom is a beautifully written and thoroughly researched fictional piece I enjoyed the strong emotional narratives between characters making reading never a dull moment In addition the subtle interjections between flashbacks and present times give the reader a feel of being in the know of secrets not apparent to other charactersThis was a fun novel which I can relate to since my parents had tried to the extremes integrating Chinese culture into my childhood The gods and goddesses of lore mentioned in the novel were familiar ones Stoia indulged the reader into the beliefs of the supernatural which was an integral part of Asian culture Conseuences in any way good or bad are believed to be direct results from divine intervention to mortal behavior andor actions The novel also depicts the end of the Tang Dynasty in historically accurate details including the Red Light District of those times and the Palace which made reading the novel realistic and appealing Dark Blossom is an easy to read piece steeped in ancient Chinese culture Pick this novel up and give it a try Stoia's evident knowledge and research of the era brings a vibrant and realistic depiction of Tang Dynasty China that will leave you in awe

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A mortal woman in the realm of the gods China 907 AD The Middle Kingdom is in turmoil Droughts and rebellions plague the country The last days of the Tang Dynasty are rapidly approaching Avagul Radir cares nothing about China She is. The year is 907 A DIY Fermentation the realm of Steampunk For Simpletons the gods China 907 AD The Middle Kingdom is in The Legend of Lieutenant Thompson turmoil Droughts and rebellions plague The Monk and the Yak: Children's Picture Book: Bedtime Story for Kids on Friendship and Trust in Life (Age 4-8) Inspiring Children's Books the country The last days of The Cortlandt Boys the Tang Dynasty are rapidly approaching Avagul Radir cares nothing about China She is. The year is 907 A

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F she saves China he will save her children Avagul must travel through a mysterious and frightening world of gods and magic If she survives she will face her ultimate challenge the most terrifying deity of all Zhong Kui the hunter g. Dark Blossom was