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Expectations But when she slips down a path that Bastian can’t follow she’ll find the treacherous climb back is littered with unimaginable truths and un. Psychocat Reads Review of SKYBOUND by Wendy BeckI was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewJust like yesterday's review of THE FORGOTTEN I'm inserting a disclaimer at the beginning of this review If you haven't read 9TH LIFE and THE FORGOTTEN stop now If you continue reading know that this review will spoil things for the previous books If you've read 9TH LIFE and THE FORGOTTEN make sure you take a deep breath before starting SKYBOUNDThe Book as Part of a Series As the third book in The Naming of Legends series SKYBOUND is well placed It continues to build on the story and characters I've been following since 9TH LIFE At the same time the level of intensity does not drop off at all If anything this third book has some of the highest stakes yet SKYBOUND ends in a place where the author could leave it or she could continue to build further stories around both the primary and secondary characters If you've read 9TH LIFE and THE FORGOTTEN make sure you take a deep breath before starting SKYBOUNDThe Characters Speaking of characters SKYBOUND and the rest of the series reminds me of the biggest reason I love books that come in trilogies or longer series Getting to spend so much extra time with characters I fell in love with during the first book is a delight Even better Wendy Beck did a great job of continuing to grow and develop characters including the secondary ones so they never got stale There are also a few new characters that make things exciting with this bookIt is adorable when Bastian has those moments of complete confusion because he's not used to human expressions It always reminds me of CapThe Relationships I'll let the guys and their gifs speak for me on this one When everything goes crazy will their bond be enough to keep Sky and Bastian together Will they fight for itYes This Just be prepared for this when you readEverybody wants a piece of the Kayaditi Too Perfect or Perfectly Flawed This No Seriously There are moments where you think the author is following Loki's demand to destroy everything Things in SKYBOUND are so jacked up that it creates a perfectly intense storyJen's Final Rating 5 STARS tart with 9TH LIFE and read all the way through SKYBOUND This uniue shifter series is packed full of intrigue action and feels that just don't let go They aren't super fast reads because of the depth of the story but they have my endorsementPsychocat's Final Rating 5 CLAWS This deranged feline is all about The Naming of Legends series and SKYBOUND was no exception Not only did it continue to feature the feline shifters in dominant roles but it also maintained a level of violence and intrigue that appeals to her

FREE DOWNLOAD Skybound The Naming of Legends #3

Acceptable solutions AUTHOR'S NOTE Skybound will not make sense without reading 9th Life and The Forgotten Sexual situations Some language Paranormal New Adu. The third and final book in The Naming of Legends trilogy is as superbly written as the first two 9th Life and The Forgotten All of the conflicts and promises from the series are fulfilled in the culmination of Sky and Bastian's journey The secondary character of Caleb is so well drawn that I can't help but hope that he has his own story one dayFast paced full of emotional conflict and elegant Skybound was a gripping and enjoyable read I loved the uniue aspect of the shape shifting world I won't go into any specific plot information because I don't want to accidentally slip in any spoilers for fans of the seriesI highly recommend Skybound to all New Adult Paranormal and Romance readers as well as anyone who just loves a good story

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You’ll be the death of him Word of the Kayaditi has spread and it seems everyone wants a piece of her Sky longs to change the Maarjaara to be free of their. I thought The Forgotten crushed me in the best of ways Then I read Skybound and I had to set a new bar for books that rip out your heart grind it to dust and then sprinkle you with the sparkles Or in one word awesomazingThe intensity of the action the height of the stakes the depth of emotions it all ratcheted up and left me holding my breath I swear my husband was close to giving me artificial respiration because I'm sure I forgot to breatheThe situations Skyler and Bastian get into in this last installment the problems they face the solutions they struggle to achieve and the way it all weaves together in the end are the culmination of a multi layered story that is ingenious in its coherent construction from the first book to the last Know that feeling toward the end of a story when all the pieces fall in the right place and you sit there ooohing and aaahing because everything you read before just makes that much sense Yeah this was one of those stories where I got thatAs the end of a trilogy this was book was simply epic

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New Adult Paranormal RomanceZookeeper turned author Wendy Beck is accustomed to wrestling gators than grammar She has a conservation biology degree from Oglethorpe University and learned a whole lot of hands on studying killer whales in Puget Sound loggerhead sea turtles on Cumberland Island and everything else at Noah’s Ark in Locust Grove She went on to serve as the animal caretaker for

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